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Listener - Marvel 1

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5.0 star rating

Note: I have stepped down from all my leadership roles due to personal reasons and I will be inactive on 7cups soon so I am unavailable to provide any listening support. You can check out other wonderful listeners Here ❤️


Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my profile. I am Star. 


People/Circumstances may create undesirable experiences,

these experiences may make you feel low, doubtful, upset, angry or frustrated


You Have The Power To Choose Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions 

You can choose to be non-reactive or respond in an empowered way

What you feel and think becomes your reality. That's how powerful you are!

We all are powerful enough to rise above any situations & create our own destiny,

Be very gentle, patient and kind with yourself because you totally deserve to have all the good!

 Please Remember: We Are Powerful Beings 


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Number of Ratings: 73
Number of Reviews: 52
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 14, 2016
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 550
Cheers 258,755
People Helped 165
Chats 2,841
Group Support Chats 1,218
Listener Group Chats 245
Forum Posts 1,750
Forum Upvotes 2,961
Feedback & Reviews
awesome listener honest dedicated be kind as they are kind thank you
Star is the kindest soul. They checked up on me when I needed the most, they made me feel heard, they were so understanding and calm to listen to me. I felt that they actually care. I am so so thankful to them.❤
Star, I don't have words to describe how awesome you are. There are so many things about you that are really admirable, from your caring nature, to your friendly and positive vibes, your willingness to understand and help and your genuine and thoughtful responses. I truly appreciate the time you take out to not only just listen but to also make sure that the person you are listening to feels understood and safe. In a galaxy full of stars I'm sure you shine the brightest
Very helpful, kind, and considerate. Loved talking to her.
thank you so much Star for listening to me today! ❤️ I really can't believe how much of an amazing listener you are, like you're just so good! I hope you know that I felt really supported and appreciate you so much for taking out time for me. thanks for giving me the space to vent and feel so validated and okay. you make me feel so much better than I've felt for weeks now! just knowing a person (someone who I actually respect so much) understands me, it's all one needs! so I want you to know that you're awesome and you do so much for everyone here. we appreciate you more than we can ever express! thanks for everything, truly! you've helped me more than you would know. ❤️ *hugs*
So kind and helpful! Best host ever too!
Starmedia answers questions politely and gently in details. Moreover, this listener understand differences and respect them, even shares with me what makes us similar and thus makes me feel less alone.
Great listener, and is extremely nice.
They were very attentive and caring
Great listener! Can't ask for anything better.
Star, they are so special. They have helped me so much so far. They are so nice, caring, understanding, and they validate so well. I love their listening style. It's like you are talking to a close friend. I am so thankful I met Star. They are so marvelous.
Great listener, truly sweet, and truly caring.
They are really amazing. They are so supportive and helpful, I can't describe how fantastic they are. Their listening style is wonderful
star is a great listener. she understands me well. i feel valid about my feelings and emotions after talking to this person. she is one of the greatest listener ever.
Star is truly a star. I appreciate them being around and being so helpful and kind and awesome and caring! Thank you
They really helped me realize what I really wanted and what I was feeling.
They were very supportive. They are able to understand and relate. I would recommend. If you want to be heard they will listen.
Awesome I love the fact that starmedia reached out to me makes me feel important
Very good example and a great Friend an incredible listener and I appericate this chatter and therapist
She is really kind and understanding and also a good friend
Star is a great listener. They made me feel like I matter and validated my feelings, and perspectives. I felt better after speaking to this person. They asked me questions which was great. I felt more connected to the conversation. It felt like they were a friend.
Listens without judgeing and was very nice gave me great ideas and solutions
Gave great thought; Showed so much empathy and kindness; Was very helpful and encouraged me a lot! Star Shines Like a Candle in the Dark!
loved it awesome man he is.
She is articulate and very effective listener here. Well I could write a detailed page but I guess I would summerize it by saying that Starmedia is indeed desrve a honest appreciation and I wish her best.
really good listener and understands what you are talking about
Lovely person!
This listener deserves a medal of niceness and care Listens carefully … Helpful … Friendly Like a diamond in the sky :)
very empathetic and encouraging.
She really listened to me and my concerns and helped guide me in such a way that helped me feel UNDERSTOOD and heard and she asked questions that really made me think.
Quote ( like a diamond in the sky ) … :) Honestly so friendly and understanding
She is an Angel Listener! So much of calmness, humility, and very impressive. Thanks a lot, may God bless you!
Wonderful, great and understanding listener. Helped me think straight, and it became very easy to make decisions.
Great listener!!!
Excellent listener with great thoughts
Best listener ever!! She was soo helpful and kind
It was great! Just talked it out until I was able to shut my feelings off!
Really good with empathizing with people
Talking to light was my happiness!
Gave great perspective
Very amazing person to talk to
So good to talk to you...thank you for being there
Really helpful, thank you so much!
very kind and good listener
hey listener, thank you so much for connecting with me. thanks for helping me with my routines. you're a great listener as well as awesome teacher. please don't stop what you're doing.

just perfect. If you need help, this is the right person for you!
She is great. What a flow of thouhgts. Great respects
thank you so much for being my listener.. You are awesome -stay blessed-
I enjoyed this conversation so much, thanks for being patient and talking through my issues with me. You're an angel
Really helped clear my head and made decision making easier. Very wonderful and understanding!
really really helpful and a great listener!
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