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Listener - Marvel 2

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“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”
― Rumi


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Listener Since Oct 18, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
best guy hands down
Fantastic, gave me a broken down and step by step view of my situation. Extremely helpful.
Sventek is so very knowledgeable about relationship matters and attentive to you and your story. I really enjoyed our chat and I'm glad to know that he'll still be around!
He was very kind and helpful I would say. Provided me support . I appreciate their efforts and time they give here!
Sventek is an asset to 7 Cups, every time I talk to him I learn something new about myself.
I tried other sites but 7 Cups is awesome. This is exactly what I needed!
So helpful and direct to the point.
This made a huge difference in my life, thank you!
It was truly worth the effort and wait to find Sventek. Bless him and bless 7 Cups.
Extremely helpful in bringing clarity to a situation that had been confusing me for some time, despite consultations with several therapists and coaches. Honest, direct, sensible, and kind.
They were very helpful , understanding . I enjoyed my chat with them.
A great and insightful listener
I'm very pleased with how this turned out!
Sven is good news!! He asked me the right questions and made me think about my decisions and how they impact my life. Awesome Sauce!
They were nice and understanding , open minded and non judgmental . Wasn't expecting things to work out that well but they did. I am feeling a bit better getting things off my chest.
He figured it out, months I've been thinking about this. One chat was all it took. Where was this guy months ago???
Dealing with loss is not always easy. Thanks to you, I am in a much better spot. Thanks!
Words are not always easy for me, and I'm not good at putting them together for praise. While Sventek helped me realize a few things that I did not want to admit or acknowledge, I am thankful he took the time to spend with me to sort things out that have been bothering me for over five years. Bless him and 7 Cups.
He helped me with my business, even though he was helping me with my personal problem. Gracias Senior Sventek! Mucho Gusto!
He is THE absolute man.
Thank you again, Sventek, I'm a new man.
The help that I needed the most, when I needed it.
The rational, to the point advice that I needed in my difficult time. Thank you for everything, I appreciate it greatly
Thanks so much for taking the time for talking to me ! He answered all my questions, and made me understand my situation better :) Great listener !
This will be my last review and message on 7 Cups, but I leave with a newfound reason to move forward and embrace what life now has to offer. My journey is brighter and more possibilities lay before me thanks to the effort of the Listeners on 7 Cups.
It is nice to see that through all the effort I've put into 7 Cups, one Listener has outshined my other experiences tenfold. I'm deeply moved, thankful, and truly inspired.
I'm just getting started, but I can tell I love 7 Cups already and I might become a listener.
I've been to a few other sites, but none of them provided me with the level of understanding, depth, and support that I needed the most.
I've provided feedback before, but I've been thrilled with the level of professionalism that Sventek has displayed during our chats. Thanks to him, I'll continue using 7 Cups and find other listeners that are just as exceptional.
I appreciate Sventek being there for me by compassionately listening to me and showing that he cared when I was going through a difficult time. I wouldn't have been inspired to take the first steps toward getting better without his help. We need more listeners like you on this platform, Sventek.
Such an understanding listener. Understands deep psychological issues so well. Got my codependency issue and really gelped me talk through things. Thank you so much! Thanks for being here to help.
He's helpful and he's asking the real questions
Super helpful, honest, and clear. Was very empathetic, understanding, and gave great advice.
He is the most amazing guy in this website. He knows what he is talking about and he is capable of everything. This man is amazing
This was awesome!!!
The effort on milestones that we worked on together, worked in my relationship and even lightened my mood and depressive thoughts. Thank you!
I cannot afford in-person options, and I live far from the city. This was my first experience to try an online therapy and support website. I've finally found a place where I can be myself and speak my mind without fear of being judged. Sventek is the real deal!
This was exactly what I needed. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, Sven got me right away. He truly listens. Thanks 7 Cups! This was far better than any in-person counseling session I've ever had.
Very good listener. Offers good feedback and is nice without sugar coating things
I really really loved talking to this listener. One of the best listeners I have talked to in my whole life..
He seemed to truly want to help me. Thank you for listening to me, you're a great guy.
After going through several other listeners on here, Sventek was the only one that stuck with me and worked to actually "get me". Awesome.
Good Listener. Asks relevant questions. And is kind.
Really helpful and professional
Helped me deal with the loss of my friend, Sventek has provided me the kind of support that I needed. Thank you!
Very patient. Kind and funny!
This experience makes me very pleased that I chose 7 Cups. Thank you, Sventek!
Thank you, once again.
Can’t thank Sventek enough! It was like being advised by a professional love coach. Attentive, exhaustive, caring, encouraging and, most of all, honest.
Sventek is a really great listener. I really enjoyed talking. The chat was very useful for me.
So insightful, thank you!
Really good help :) Thank you
Helpful, informative and reassuring. It felt like he cared, and it was nice to have someone who listened and understood.
Thank you for your help.
He was incredibly helpful and kind. So easy to talk to. Looking forward to following up.
Sventek is a great listener, and offers very straightforward advice. I found our conversation extremely helpful, and I feel like I have a clearer path towards resolving my issue.
Good listener. Very interactive. Was very straight forward with his opinion which is nice to have sometimes. You can choose to to believe it or not but it does give you an outside perspective.
Extremely wise and knowledgeable
Great listener and great insight
Sventek speaks the truth, not always pretty, but things that I realized that I needed to hear to make the necessary changes in my life. Thank you!
very helpful and straightforward
More than I could have asked for in the time I needed someone.
Asked good questions and was very encouraging
Great listener, very honest. Highly recommend A++++
Good guy, wise, good to talk to
Thank you! It was good to talk things through...and to get a clearer picture of what is going on. Thank you for being so clear and specific and helping me find resources. One of the best listeners here. Got me right away!
An excellent and respectful listener who is engaging and gives relevant feedback and things to think about. Also is a straight talker.
Straight shooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! I couldn't have done this without your guidance.
He is everything that a Listener on 7 Cups should be. He's patient, understanding, thoughtful, thought provoking, honest, a bit blunt, but awesome to work with. A lot of my problems were not as big as I had made them out to be within my own mind. He helped me see that. For that, I am grateful.
Awesome listener
I can't say enough about my time with them. They ask the right questions and provide insight , which for me, was bang on. They had such a true understanding of my situation. I will be reading and re-reading our chat over again so that it will give me the positivity I need to help me move in the right direction. Thank you so much!!
Very good listener. Really committed to helping you understand your own situation. Appreciate the help so thank you.
A very intelligent, thought provoking guy. Gave me a lot to think about. Logical, and doesn't let feelings get in the way of facts, which people need sometimes
He's very knowledgeable, professional, and generous with his time. Our conversation helped address the issues I needed to talk about, and at the same time presented others that I hadn't given much thought to,
Sventek is great listener and shows great undestanding. Really appreciate talk we had.
All I can say is thank you!
Easy to talk to
A very professional listener who took an active approach in helping me solve my current stagnation in life. Understood everything.
Very understanding
Sventek is such an awesome listener. My being able to open up in ways I never have before really helped is work through one major issue. Since she is going to school for this type of stuff it makes her def worth the time! Thanks for volunteering your awesomeness.
Great listener! Very empathetic and explains things clearly using helpful anecdotes. Provides great support and helpful and much needed advice (even if it can be tough to hear sometimes). Has a super positive outlook!
Words fail me. He is absolutely amazing. The best by far.
Wonderful feedback!!!
Thank you for your insight. You are a very perceptive person. Anyone who needs a well rounded, well educated, spiritually advanced, honest, helpful person I would suggest contacting this listener. You can chat with people who have no idea what they are doing or you can build a wonderful connection with someone who will truly guide you, even if your journey to brighter tomorrows involves hearing some honest facts in order to get you from where you are now to where you should be. As Einstein said: "If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor." You will be helped, just be willing to be open and honest with yourself. You can never fix a problem unless you acknowledge it first. If you are one of those people who are willing to commit, to take steps, to change, to grow - he will guide you towards success.
Thank you, Sventek, for understanding my situation and for explaining what is going on and what for me to avoid as well as making some helpful suggestions how to continue in the situation I am in. Talking to you put me at ease about what is going on and normalized things as well as helped me see my situation from a different perspective. Thank you for supporting, analyzing and giving so much of your time!
My conversation with Sventek was more valuable and insightful than the professional counseling I have received in the past. So much to think about and significant progress in one session. Amazing.
Very pleasant person to speak to, one of the best, highly recommended.
Sventek was the best listener I've ever encountered. Fast replies, thoughtfulness, questions that made me see things from another perspective. He took the time to listen to everything i had to say and give smart opinions. Really great!
Amazing listener actually, he is professional and rationalistic, Also kind :)
I will always remember your words, they were so helpful, thank you for your time and effort, I will be glad to talk again
Incredibly insightful, efficient, and helpful. Thank you and best wishes to you Sven
Thankyou Sven, vast appreciated, your time, and concern, and indeed help, Peace , Love, Understanding
Good man, I only just met. Recommended
Very professional. Direct, but kind. Brought important things to my attention. Very, very helpful talk.
Great help
Just perfect. I don't know what to say, I feel like a whole new being. I owe him so much ! Most recommended.
Very empathetic! Understands and listens to what you are going through.
awesome! patient, helpful, supportive. thank you!
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