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Listener - Specialist 8

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Hello! My name is Syn (she/her) and I am a volunteer active listener, safety patroller, forum supporter, and peer supporter

Non-Profit/Government-Vetted Emergency Crisis Lines
Crisis Text Line (USA): Text HOME to 741741
Crisis Text Line/SHOUT (UK): Text 85258
Crisis Text Line/Kids Help Phone (CAN): Text CONNECT to 686868 
Government of Canada (CAN): Mental Health Repository 

Non-Profit/Government-Vetted Mental Health Apps 
MindshiftCBT - Anxiety/rumination management
Clear Fear - Anxiety management 
SuperBetterApp - General self-care management
Calm Harm - Self-harm management
Pixel Thoughts - Stress Management & mindfulness
Daylio - Journal management 

Worksheet Resources/Tools for Aspiring Counsellors & Curious Minds
The Counselling Teacher 
Therapist Aid 
Positive Psychology 
Psychology Tools 
Get Self Help

Number of Ratings: 54
Number of Reviews: 52
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Sep 28, 2019
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Progress Path Step 866
Cheers 55,654
People Helped 57
Chats 1,161
Group Support Chats 38
Listener Group Chats 224
Forum Posts 1,167
Forum Upvotes 1,465
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Feedback & Reviews
She's a good person to chat with across a long period of time. She can be very validating at times.
It was a great chat, let's talk some more. You're a nice person.
Thank you for chatting with me. You're a really great volunteer listener. =)
I can tell that she has a plethora of knowledge across many topics. Sometimes I like discussing decisions with her, weighing out the pros and cons. It's nice to meet someone very receptive.
She's very nice to talk to and gives very thoughtful responses. Sometimes she lets me ramble for a bit and allows me to brainstorm new ideas too. We need more listeners like her.
Excellent and skilled listener!
Good person to sometimes talk to. I wish them the best of luck ahead. Keep on going, don't stop learning, continue to be the best person you can be.
A very kind and empathetic human indeed. I wish her success in the years ahead.
She's very nice to talk to and is comforting at times. Thank you.
Syn is one of the best on this site, she's more than willing to talk to you across a long period of time and is very sweet.
Keep it up, keep being positive with others.
She's very nice, keep it up.
She's quite nice and easy to talk to. Very open-minded.
SynSavory, the best listener on 7cups! She will make a great professional in the future! Very attentive and know what to say. If you are having a difficult day, she will stay on a little longer just for you! =)
She is validating!@
It's great that I can sound boarding ideas here. She can be pretty busy, so I appreciate that she sometimes checks in.
Friendly and empathetic. Would recommend.
She's nice. She doesn't interject personal opinions into the narrative. She lets me talk. It's nice.
She's nice to me and it's awesome.
Syn was quite nice to me. I hope this review finds its way to her. I like venting to her. She makes me feel valued and respected.
She sometimes asks me some very open-minded questions and it allows me to think critically about the things going on in my life. I feel she is nice and helpful.
Another lovely chat with the amazing Syn. She's insightful and helpful.
he was really helpful and supportive
I feel validated and not judged. I hope a lot of good things happen to Syn in the future. Wishing her the best!
Wonderful Listener, understands you and ask questions.
I'm glad that Syn checks in with me. It's also very calming talking to her as I don't feel like I'm being judged.
I feel validated. It's good to have someone to talk to sometimes.
Very knowledgeable and kind!!@!
Syn is really nice to talk to. I wish her the best of luck in her future dreams and goals. She's one of the best on this website.
I quite like talking to Syn. She is very good at listening, validates how I feel, and ensures that I am very much of a sound mind. Awesome chat.
She's nice to talk to. She would make a great future therapist!!
Syn sounds quite knowledgeable and open-minded
She is a good person to talk to. She lets me vent.
She's very sweet and she follows up on me.
Syn gives me the space to vent my heart out and I feel better when I do. She is very validating.
We sometimes chat about many different things. She's good as a long term support. Very kind and human.
Syn seems pretty open-minded, which is great. Highly recommend.
Syn is relatively easy-going. She makes me feel okay with how I feel, which is really nice.
I'm finding that she really understands how I feel most of the time. Sometimes I wish I could talk to her more often!
She's very nice and kind. I wish I could talk to her all the time! :D
I appreciate chatting with SynSavory. She comes across as very open-minded and empathetic. It would be amazing to see her flourish in the years ahead.
SynSavory is a very knowledgeable scholar with a penchant for wit. It sounds like she is willing to go the extra mile when talking to you. Would recommend.
She is very good knowledges
Very thoughtful and helpful, one of the best on the site.
Extremely helpful. Best person on the site.
Very nice listener!
Great listener, therapist in training
Very kind and patient. One of the best listeners I have ever met, wish her the best with everything
Excellent and caring listener. Even checked in later to make sure I was alright. Would highly recommend!
Great! I really felt like I was talking to someone real and honest, which is exactly what I needed
I am new to apps, or anything like this. While sort of overwhelming and strange to find someone to talk with, SynSavory is wonderful to talk with. I have talked with, or tried to talk with about 10 people. None has been helpful, but SynSavory has been great. Beneficial. Not just what I want to hear either. I wanted to find another person's perspective on things, and have found it. I'm very thankful and would recommend to anyone
Great listener!!!@
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