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Zed786 |
Listener - Epitome 19

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Apologies, I'm no longer around to take your chat. Please use the browse listeners facility to find a suitable listener. Stay well, stay safe and i hope you find love, light and peace to guide your way 🖖🏼
Number of Ratings: 798
Number of Reviews: 326
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 12, 2015
Last Active in last week
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 683
Cheers 1,177,695
People Helped 1,156
Chats 14,231
Group Support Chats 4,673
Listener Group Chats 3,921
Forum Posts 227
Forum Upvotes 360
Feedback & Reviews
Incredibly empathetic and compassionate,such a great active listener and very willing to help find a resolution to an issue
Amazing listener down to chat about anything
He’s an extremely good listener and very helpful! Also very kind and caring! Would definitely recommend 100%!
Very helpful. Understanding. Best Listener I've had that was based on trauma-related things. So, thank you! I really appreciate it and you were honestly so helpful to me and to understand my own mind! Highly recommend!
Nice listener. Listened actively and was keen to help.
The conversation went great. Wonderful listener, tried helping with me his full heart.
Generous with his time and his encouragement.
He was very calm and caring.
That guy is great!
My favorite buddy
Top bloke! listened and responded thoughtfully!
Very good at helping you work through what you need to work through without dwelling on it, so helpful!
Zed is a kind, friendly person who helps alot with listening but also with giving an advice.
Zed786. Is such a wonderful person and listener. He is very kind and helped me a lot with my problems. He went out of his way to provide me with useful and meaningful links and tools to pull me through a very rough night. He is a true gem.
kind and funny
Relatable and good listener.
helpful and knowledgable
He gave me a number of super helpful resources to better understand and cope with my anxiety! Great listener.
Zed786 is an excellent listener. Reach out to Zed!
Amazing listener. Gave lots of logical advice. Responded really quickly. And really understood everything
Really great person. Gave me a lot of time and passion. Lovely.
My favourite person on 7cups! Always so kind and supportive of me. Thanks so much Zed
Simply the nicest person I've ever met here, understanding and caring too. All the hugs go to Zed!
Awesome, listened to me talk shit about a book for ages and never once got angry, Very good listener and enjoyed their company.
He helped a lot
very helpful and caring.
Very nice and fun to talk to
Fantastic listener like talking to a real counselor
ZED IS THE BESTESTEST LISTENER YOU WOULD EVER MEET OR FIND ON THIS SITE, But first he ain't only a listener. He would never make you feel that he is the listener or someone you don't know, He is your friend. He will guide you like a guarding angel. I want to learn alot from him. ^=^ He is Great. I really hope the best for you, Zed. I hope everything goes alright for someone having pure heart as you.
The best person I've ever met, a kind heart and soft soul
Made me feel so much better as always. Thank you Zed
Fantastic, gives the right advice, has the experience to help with the situation at hand.
Zed is the man!
A warm and compassionate human being. So sweet and encouraging. He's an excellent listener and with him, you'll be in great company. He's also witty and I love his play on words as well :D
Really friendly and supportive
Down to earth and very helpful. Also has a great voice :p
zedyy is da best, a friend and a listener, legend! also gives out great advice/ sources for anxiety:) love ya zedyy
Dear Zed....thank you =)
So lucky to have found him. Amazing person. Not generic
So helpful and insightful, great listener
Good Listener, quick response
Really helpful, and a really good at understanding your problem.
Very nice and helpful
Helpfull kind polite
Very caring
You couldn't ask for a better listener....I'm in tears not because I'm said..but he gave me a purpose for the moment ❤️
Very good listner!!
This guy has really helped me do some soul searching. I'm blessed to have found him and this site
Zed786 is an attentive and kind listener :) a good person to talk to or just have a general natter with if you need cheering up*****
Exactly what I needed. Someone to hear me out and care. Someone to make me take the time to breathe
Zed provided some good info, but we didn't chat for long
Amazing! Like a magician with feelings! He magically made me feel better! Zed is The BEST!!!
was there for me when i was having anxiety from worrying about the future
Very kind and willing to help, prompt response and entirely selfless.
Zed was really helpful and shared loads of useful resources with me
He’s cool. Helpful. Responsive. Attentive.
Thank you so much for helping me tonight.
He’s very caring and attentive and empathetic and can sense when you are in pain. Angelic.
Genuinely lovely and empathetic person- has helped me no end. Knew that things were bothering me even when I was trying to put on a brave face. Absolute pleasure to talk to :)
Zed is really empathetic and caring. He knows how to help people and calm them. He is an easy to talk to guy and does all he can to support you and make you feel welcome. One of the most amazing people I have come across.
He’s awsome
Best listener ever
I'm so glad we reconnected again after so many years!! Thank you for remembering me! And I wish you only the best Zedd xx Love you long time
He really helped me.
Zed went out of their way to make sure I did not feel alone
great listener
Really warm, friendly and sweet
I felt so relaxed after a chat with that beautiful mind. That person has a lot of knowledge and compassion. If you are suffering of depression or anxiety, that person will give you a good guidance.
Such a sweet guy. He's very helpful with resources to help outside 1on1 session.
very caring and joking at the same time :)
❤❤❤❤❤just giving 5 stars explains that zed is the best person to talk to. Never ever makes anyone feel uncomfortable n all suggests the best, Great work😊
Really understanding & caring. highly recommend zed! 1 of the best listners ive had so far
So kind and supportive. I really appreciate all you've done for me. Thank you ❤
Very helpful. Brought me to realizing a few things about myself that I knew but never thought of. Offered me some reading and video material. Very personable, fun and easy to talk to. Very pleased to have had time with him.
Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety and making me realise I need to actually give life a chance. You're one in a billion and I can't thank you enough.
Best person ive ever met.
He's the best person to talk to, mature n funny an awesome combination ❤❤
I'm so grateful to have met Zed. I'm a total closed book & find it so difficult to open up to anyone, but somehow Zed makes me feel so at ease & sharing my problems with him just comes so naturally. Zed never judges me & he is so relaxed, kind & patient. He also makes me laugh a lot which always helps :).
The best listener on 7 cups. I feel like I can tell him absolutely anything and he won't judge me.
The cute oldy (thats a name i gave him bcz am very young then him) he's very good, nice to talk to, funny n cute😊😊😊😊
I am thankful❤
Zed is a total professional. He instantly made me feel so comfortable and opening up to him is so easy. It feels like Zed really cares about what I'm going through and he's helped me so much. I'd recommend him as a listener to anyone.
Feels like a brother. Warm, compassionate, gives his time to you, thanks
Thank you for everything
Thank you for being so caring.
Zed is the kindest, warmest person I've ever spoken to online. It feels like he really understands what you're going though and is so helpful.
Hes extremely helpful and friendly, and he made me feel comfortable instead of guilty, which is a first with listeners.
Perfect help, thank you for your kindness!
so helpful made me feel so much better
thank you
thank you :)
Thanks for listening! I felt less alone and more at peace. You won’t regret this chat!
Helpful listener and great to talk to!
Not many are capable of being as down to earth as he is. Love him :3
very helpful
Such a great listener, really recommended!
Always helpful. Provides concrete examples, links, ideas and encouragement.
he is a good listener :D
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