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caringCam04 |
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Hey there guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!! I'm Cam. My pronouns are They/Them and I am Genderfluid as well as Queer. I have been a listener here for quite awhile. I personally have my own struggles with depression, anxiety, (undiagnosed but possibly) ADHD, struggles with gender identity, and a whole other lot of things. I'm quite the empathetic and understanding person and I can handle listening to just about anything--I've had friends come to me about eating disorders, mental health issues, s3xual abuse, LGBTQ+ related matters, relationship stress, loss of a loved one, you name it. Although I do have personal boundaries; if things get too uncomfortable or hit too close to home I will most likely refer you to another kind and willing listener. We all have our limits :) And lets be honest, nothing has to be formal or proper or whatever you want to name it. I'll try my best to act more as a close friend or family figure-- sometimes it's just more comfortable that way. (But hey if you want me to act more proffesional that's totally ok too!! Whatever you are most comfortable with) So anyways if you're feeling lonely and need someone to word vomit on I'm here for you. It's very brave to reach out and you're all stronger than you know!! (One last thing, I do *not* do role-play!!!!)

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Feedback & Reviews
theyre nice and i like them
She helped me so much dealing with loss. Thank you!
very polite and good listener
Really listened with care. Thank you
Loved it she was amazing ❤️
She was helpful
Sweet and understands.
She was so kind and she asked questions that showed me that she really cares.
Loved it!! Awesome chat!!
helpful kind great
super helpful and friendly
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