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Hey there! I am 32. I am from Panama. I love music... Let's chat!

Welcome to my profile, glad you found me. 

Listener twins:  charmingTime (not available anymore), WatchingOverYou (, CherishedBlossom (left the site at least for now) and another amazing twin is PetiteSouris ( and the most recent.... Anna! ( woot woot =) =P

I am a verified listenerpeer supporter, and peer buddy. laughwink

Also, just for you to know I am comfortable listening any of the topics, it's just that there are some that I still need some training so I'd rather let other listener trained in the topic to speak to you for better attention. I am working on that =)   I'll let you know if I'm not that informed about the topic, please have me patience if that's the case. 

Please not sexting, not flirting for this is not a place for this. If you are struggling with, for instance, incest or obsession with pornography or something like that is sexual related but it's a real problem that affects your every-day life or just want to vent about it, you have a lending ear in me. 

If you need someone to listen to you more often that is out of my possibilities, please consider looking another listener at:

Also, you can look for a long-term listener or a therapist. It's completely up to you, you know best what do you need and what suits you better. 

Right now I am not accepting long-term members, sorryyy but it's really hard for me. I'll make, however, follow-ups from time to time  

All ratings and reviews are appreciated =)   no pressure though

Thanks for understanding.  heartheartheart     

By the way.. the display picture was idea of SparkyGizmo

Note: I take weekends off. I prefer offline messaging but I am open to schedule a session. 

thanks for reading until the end. =) 
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Feedback & Reviews
good listener, very helpful
Really supportive and listens carefully!
Kind and patient, great listener !!!
Very helpful and undetstanding
Really good and awesome person
Mr coconut is a really helpful guy , I will suggest you to talk with Mr coconut ?
She is the nicest listener I had the chance to talk to, a very active listener and really patient
An incredible listener. I felt so comfortable talking to them :)))
The best listener, so kind and empathetic
When I kept being late at her sessions, she didn't blame me or judge me. She comforted me when I got depressed over being late to her sessions and when I kept saying negative things about myself over being late to her sessions.
Compassionate listener and helpful.
Very good listener, I feel calmed just speaking to her after 5 minutes
very understanding
Awesome chat!!
shes a great listener and helpful!! bilingual too!!!!
Thank you ever so much
Empathetic and good listener.
She’s the best listener you’ll ever have and found in the entire site. She’s such an amazing and incredible listener that you’ll trust enough to talk about your problems. She’s incredible and empathetic and kind
When I was down and needed help she was there for me and listened to l my problems. She even asked me questions which normally would be really hard to answer for me. But she made these so comfortable that I didn't feel like it was such a bad thing
She was able to talk with me at very short notice which I am very thankful for. Was able to help me sort out some thoughts and come up with a plan for going forward.
she's amazing !!
They are very patient and don't interrupt you. They are kind
A good listener thus far.
good person who listens well
Incredibly helpful, I was having some concerns about my relationship and she was really good at explaining everything and putting things into perspective, and giving me good advice. Talking to her was an absolute blessing
So kind listener I have ever seen on 7 cups... Absolutely loved talking to them.
Very nice person
loved it! she’s just great! Great listening ability. she made me feel great ! And she’s really good at drawing too. But I still think I’m better then her at tennis! but for real i really felt good with her. @tellmejdj
i had a good talk. She did everything she could.
Very understanding.
Very good, caring, considerate and helpful made me feel good
Muy buena oyente. Cercana y empática.
Great chat, always listens and acknowledges your feelings
is a good person and very very sweet
listened really well about a difficult topic definitely a good and compassionate listener
Patient, understanding and kind. Doesn’t judge. Keeps a logical mind while being empathetic. I enjoyed the conversation, really helped me clear up my mind and all the thoughts I had tangled. Would recommend to anyone in need of an open mind and wonderful heart to listen to. :)
A very patient listener, tries to empathize and is an overall positive person.
actually understanding of eating disorders, validating, when I called them out on some mildly ignorant slip up they validated my anger, apologized, and moved on. they really understand that intent does not come before impact-meaning they get that if they hurt me that is more important than whether they MEANT to hurt me or not. thank you.
Thanks so much for your time, Marie. :)
Very helpful and kind!
Very helpful listener. Gives great advice and feedback!
Sin juicios, comprensión, calidez, la retroalimentación fortaleció mi seguridad, esa para decir, me equivoqué, pero no se ha acabado.
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