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At the moment I'm not doing chats with any new members anymore. It's an honor you're trying to contact me and ask if we could talk, but currently I'd like to focus on what I'm already involved in on here. And I'm sure I'm not the only capable listener around wink... so feel free to browse listeners to find someone else. kissheart Thanks guys!

About me: 
I'm cis, straight, demiromantic and demisexual, kind of a loner, and kind of independent I guess. Old enough to have finished school, college, uni, gain some years of work experience... However, I'd like to think I'm not like your average superficial narrow-minded adult ;P. Worst case would probably be that I type / talk quicker than my brain needs to properly think things through, so I tend to be a tad impulsive or too straight forward sometimes. 
Basically I believe that everyone got their mindset or their point of view for a reason and so all povs are valid and equal and I'm in no position to judge you or tell you guys what's right or wrong.^^
Other than that, in my free-time I'm doing Kung Fu and horse riding, in winter I enjoy skiing. I've got a younger brother and a mom ;), but I don't live with them, I got my own cozy little place.

Ach und für den Fall, dass jemand lieber auf Deutsch chatten / mich anschreiben mag, wollte ich zur Sicherheit mal erwähnen, dass ich aus Deutschland bin und somit auch deutsch kann ;). Da das hier halt in erster Linie so'n internationales Ding ist, ergibt es sich nur meistens, dass ich auf Englisch schreib'. cheeky
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Feedback & Reviews
Very kind and caring, the conversation flows naturally.
she gives hope to tired hearts
great lady, great advice
I haven't talked to her a lot, but she's quite lovely.
Awesome chat! Really helped me getting rid off a bad day I was having. Great listener.
Very sympathetic and patient Listener. Thank you so much, you saved me
This listener is the best listener I have had, at least one of the best, and I love the responses, and that this listener is very honest and understanding.
She's a true gem. I'm so lucky I found her. She's got great insights, is kind, pleasant, understanding, able to concentrate on ongoing issues, but also able to cheer you up. She's so considerate of member's feelings. I have no words good enough to describe her. Five stars and highly recommended. And a big thank you!
Sehr nett:) very nice
Nice person!
my favorite german
You will not regret talking to her. She is one of the listener whom you can chat up easily and would show empathy to your situation. She is very kind , caring and would follow up to make sure that you are okay.
Thank you , you gave me little hope in my hardest time 💞
Very helpful! Invests a lot of time to help. Much empathy. Thank you very much!:)
Honestly, everything someone would hope for in a listener, she completely understands your situation and helps you out genuinely, she's the best❤️
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