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Listener - Discoverer 6

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NOTE: For specific trigger purposes, I DO NOT take chats on general sexual topics/sexual abuse.

“Crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how things made you broken.” 

Hey, YOU reading this. Things are hard right now aren’t they?

It’s hard to get out of bed. 

It’s hard to cope. 

It’s hard to socialize. 

It’s hard to feel so alone, so empty. 

It’s hard to not feel a thing. 

It’s hard to feel so much. 

It’s hard to resist. 

It’s hard to stay clean. 

It’s hard to feel so unaccepted, so unloved. 

It’s hard to endure the memories.

It’s hard feeling trapped with the pain. 

It’s hard not being able to forgive. 

It’s hard to feel so ugly, so worthless. 

It’s hard to put it down. 

It’s hard to open up, and talk. 

It’s hard to just keep breathing. 

It’s hard wishing you weren’t here. 

It's hard wishing someone would understand.

You’re right. It is hard. So hard.

You've made it this far. Things have been hard. We know. But, you're here, you're strong. You're fighting. You should be so PROUD.

It might feel like you’re not making progress. It might feel like you aren’t doing anything. It might feel like you’re stuck in the same spot. Guess what? 

You're reading this? Right. Now. And do you know how much that means? 

So, so, so, so, SO much. 

Just look at how far you’ve come? It’s been hard, but you’re doing it. Don’t give up now. 

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Bob Marley


“With the gift of listening, comes the gift of healing.”

You can call me Alexia, and I’m here to help and be there as best as I can. That’s why you’re here right? So someone can be there? A listening ear, to support you, to care, and embrace you. See you for who you are and understand you to the best of their ability. Feel free to send me a personal request, or message and we can set up a time for us to talk.

Green means I'm online and available for chats or any personal requests. Any pm's will be answered in a timely manner. 

Orange means I'm online, but busy, and not able to respond to chats/accept personal requests at this point in time. 

Red means I'm currently offline/indefinitely preoccupied on the site. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Here are some of the areas where I’ve struggled most/still deal with today: 

-Body Dysmorphia 

-Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa) 


-Self Harm 

-Social Anxiety 

-Family Stress 

If I’m unavailable, you can find a list of other wonderful listeners here: click me!


Here are the roles I’m currently involved in on 7 Cups:

  • On-spot Sharing Circle Host 

  • On-spot Listener Check-In Host 

  • On-spot Listener Sharing Circle Host 

  • Pop-up Discussion Host 

  • Discussion Leader 

-Relationships Guided Discussions

-Depression Guided Discussions 

  • Chat Room Moderator 

-Student Support 

-Newbie Hub/27/7 Support Room 

-Self Harm Recovery Room 

  • Project Agent 

-Care Team 

-Listener Verifier Team 

-Self Harm Recovery Subcommunity 

-Support Plus Subcommunity 

-Listener Sharing Circle 

-Academy, Alumni Track 

  • Forum Supporter 

-General Support Subcommunity 

-Listener Learning and Journey Subcommunity 

  • Peer Supporter 

  • Listener Room Supporter 

Number of Ratings: 22
Number of Reviews: 21
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since May 4, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 311
Cheers 30,871
People Helped 82
Chats 229
Group Support Chats 109
Listener Group Chats 108
Forum Posts 222
Forum Upvotes 288
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Feedback & Reviews
they were an absolutely amazing listener. one of the best listeners i've ever had. it meant so much to me to feel understood.
Beebos is so sweet and a supportive bubs xoxo
She is a very good listener and of excellent quality.
Bee is a lovely human being and a great listener. It was great chatting with her.
Very helpful, considerate, thoughtful, encouraging. Just overall a great listener and person to talk with.
Good listener and very empathetic ❤️
Good listener and responds very fast wich is good
Easy to talk to
Kind supportive and very smart
super supportive and genuinely interested in what you have to say, thank you for your time💖
Helped me organize my thoughts and get a clear picture of my situation. Very helpful!
An amazingly kind, caring, non judgemental and helpful person, thank you
Great girl who listens to your issues
Very good communication skills. I felt heard and understood, very cool listener. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍👍
very kind and supportive, a good listener
Very polite, respectful, and awesome conversation
Alexia helped me a lot, and I suppose I found things. Thanks.
I've been searching for a human being who would talk to me like to a regular person, not to a patient. Changed so many Listeners and now I know who to text when I'm not at my best mental state. RECOMMENDED!
Awesome person. Great to talk to.
Some situations are difficult to tell, but a listener like her can made easy to share and feel burden-less. A genuine listener..!!
they were so understanding, compassionate, loving and caring. would recommend to anyone!
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