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Why do people seek therapy?

Therapy isn't only for the 1 out of 5 people who have a mental health condition; it’s helpful for anyone wanting to lead their best life.Therapy gives you access to someone objective who is trained to help you with the challenges you’re experiencing. People seek therapy when they need to talk to someone they can trust, who will listen to their thoughts and offer nonjudgmental support, teach coping skills, methods and strategies, give honest feedback, and instill hope for a more peaceful life.

Common reasons people seek therapy are to get help with:

  • Overcoming trauma or abuse
  • Handling life transitionssuch as finding a career path, choosing a partner, having a baby, and dealing with aging
  • Recovering from grief and loss such as going through a breakup, job loss or a loved one’s death
  • Navigating difficult situations like estrangement from family members or a challenging boss
  • Identifying unhealthy behavior patterns and providing tools to create healthier habits and relationships
  • Lowering the frequency and severity of symptoms associated with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD

What is online therapy?

Online therapy, sometimes referred to as e-therapy, distance therapy, internet therapy, web therapy, or teletherapy means that you work with a therapist virtually via the internet versus in-person at an office. With online therapy, you work with a therapist continuously throughout the week instead of one session at a time.

Benefits of Online Therapy Over Traditional Therapy

Online therapy is proven to be just as effective as traditional therapy. Especially for those new to therapy, online therapy can be an easy way to get the support you need without the inconvenience of meeting someone in person.

Our clients love online therapy because of:

  • Comfort
    • Feeling comfortable at home in relaxing clothes creates a more open exchange
    • For those with anxiety going outside the house, there is less risk of getting triggered
  • Ease of communication — Some people find online interactions easier than being face-to-face
  • Writing as therapy — Writing is therapeutic in itself, and some express themselves better this way
  • Written recommendations — Having your therapist’s guidance in written format means you can refer back to it
  • Best match — It’s easier to find the perfect therapist for you. You don’t have to spend time asking friends, which you may not be comfortable doing, or Googling. You aren’t limited to providers within a specific health plan. Plus, if it’s not the right fit you can easily change to someone else
  • Works just as well! Studies show that online therapy is just as effective as in-person

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Does online therapy work?

Definitely! Many studies have proven that the outcomes of online therapy mirror those of in-person work. Some include:

Why online therapy with 7 Cups?

As the largest mental health platform in the world, we are uniquely poised to offer you the highest quality, most well-rounded mental health and emotional support services.

Some ways we’re different than the rest:

  • One of the most affordable therapy choices
  • Psychologist-founded
  • Over 39 million people have come to us for support
  • We’re experts in emotional support worldwide, with over 340,000 volunteer active listeners in 189 countries
  • We started the nonprofit to create mental health change globally
  • It’s our mission to make the world a caring, more empathetic place, and our staff lives and breathes this every day
  • We don’t just offer therapy, we provide multiple other support services to supplement your treatment, like self-help guides, growth paths, community, and free listeners available any time of day or night

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“So far so good! Great chatting so far.”

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Received: September 8th
Therapist: @LisaGroeszPhD

“Great communication and very helpful no matter what the issue may be!”

Received: September 5th
Therapist: @annapaviacounselor

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