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Very helpful and quick to act when new patients come on. Kind and compassionate with a soft writing tone.
Reviewed Apr 24, 2018
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Why do I have bad habits when I'm anxious. I pick at my lips, bite and pick at my nails and now I scratch myself, I wear my binder too long, and I always have headaches, what is wrong with me?? 0 Answers I've started to develop really strong feelings for a girl in my class. I get nervous and happy when talking to her. I've never felt this way about a girl before. What should i do? 1 Answers I’m feeling suicidal, but I have no one to talk to. I can’t call any hotlines or anything like that because of my severe social phobia and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can chat to someone. Where can I get some help and feel safe doing this? 3 Answers He said the distance made him lose feelings, what does this mean? 1 Answers Why do I like my friends more than my family? 2 Answers It’s been 6/7 years but i’m still not over my first love. I find myself wanting to see him and thinking of him when intimate with my life partner. What should I do? 0 Answers Has anyone had experience getting an Emotional support animal? I live in a no pet apartment and need a small dog but I don't know how to go about this. I of course will ask my therapist 1 Answers Is it normal to look towards my parents and have an utter feeling of disgust of even being related to them? 0 Answers How to get over a 4 year relationship? 0 Answers 8 years ago I got into a car accident and haven't driven since. How do I overcome my fear of driving? 0 Answers How can i control my ADHD at times? 1 Answers I have worked very hard for my exam but things arent turning out the way they should. what should i do? 0 Answers I don't know what to say actually. I'm feeling my dyas are running out. Is that okay to feel? 0 Answers Why is queer an okay slur but the others aren't? I don't like the word and I consider it an insult. 0 Answers How do I tell my parents the emotional impact of being raped has had on me? They think I am over it But it was not that long ago and I am not 1 Answers My girlfriend of 18 months broke up with me by email. It’s been a year and I’m still angry. Should I tell her how angry I am? 1 Answers I’m pretty sure I have border line personality disorder. Could it be possible I’m bipolar as well? 1 Answers Am I worthless? I'm 21 and I feel like such as disappointment to my family 1 Answers My mom doesn't clean the house and it's driving me insane. What can I do? 0 Answers Why does the skin around my cuts get gray blotches sometimes? 0 Answers
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