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How should I deal with withdrawals symptoms from my medications? 0 Answers People think I'm Bipolar when really I have two personalities. How can I explain to them that I'm not always myself, but I'm not dangerous? 0 Answers Do I have the right to be mourning a friend for longer than a year when someone closer to them is already doing much better? I feel like I don't have the right. 0 Answers If a dream is thinking in your sleep and you think 24-7 why do I sometimes not dream? 0 Answers My boyfriend keeps telling his mother things I tell him about my life. It's really awkard to talk to her, because she pretends she doesn't know. What do you do about this situation? 1 Answers I am trying to forgive this guy that I have been with off and on for almost 6 years for what he has done to me, I still love him with all my heart, but I how can I learn to forgive him? 1 Answers I think that I am transphobic even though I am trans myself and I don't know how to get over this. Any help? 0 Answers A friend is getting paranoid. I am exhausted of being accused of bad intentions. She thinks people are plotting against her. It's draining me. What should I do? 0 Answers I can't help but always say to people what I think they want to hear, even if it goes against my values or who I really am as a person. How do I stop? 0 Answers How do I admit to my boyfriend that I was suicidal but not anymore? 0 Answers Why does my ex keep watching my snapchat stories when he was the one that broke up with me? 0 Answers I've known I was transgender since I was 11 and my parents don't think I am... They support the LGBT but they said that they would have known at a younger age. Do I have to know at a young age? 1 Answers What are some amazing daily affirmations that can help move someone forward? 0 Answers How to talk to my teacher about my problems?. I am so scared and nervous I have never spoken to anyone before 0 Answers What to do when you feel trapped? 0 Answers What causes chronic pain? 0 Answers Am I in a rebound relationship? 0 Answers I'm not sure if I'm straight but I don't want to come out if I take it back in the future. What should I do? 1 Answers I am a male-to-female transgender but recently I have been feeling like I'm pretending when I am feminine and don't get upset when I am masculine... Is it possible that I'm not transgender after all? 1 Answers I graduated from art school 5 months ago, and ever since then I've barely created anything and art sounds like a chore. I used to be so passionate and now I'm just depressed. What do I do? 0 Answers
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