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How do we forgive people that do not even know us personally but hate us or what we represent? 0 Answers How do we forgive people that mislead us maybe intentionally or by accident? 0 Answers How do I come to terms with things that other countries do to people? 0 Answers How do I release the past mistakes I made and stop blaming myself? 1 Answers How do we forgive those who oppose us and do not hold us in high regard if we are not highly religious? 0 Answers How can I forgive someone who is still hurting me? 0 Answers I obsess over people (one person at a time) and constantly want to be in contact with them and change myself do be just like them. I don't want to be with anyone else & can't focus on anything. Help? 0 Answers My psychiatrist of two years has had me on medication, but never once suggested therapy. Is this a problem? 0 Answers Can be internalized homophobia the cause of anxiety ? 1 Answers How do I deal with a narcissistic In-law? 0 Answers How do I get enough motivation to lose weight? 1 Answers How can I move on after an extremely difficult death? 0 Answers I'm afraid if I see a psychiatrist, I will be on medication all of my life. Please help with any advice? 1 Answers How Can I Determine if I Have PTSD without a Professional? 1 Answers I pick my elbows/head/feet- the skin until it bleed. I also bite inside of my cheek.It relaxes me and is a bit of an obsession. I don't want to hurt myself. Is it still self-harm? 1 Answers I constantly put myself down. I will never be good enough to satisfy myself. How can I fix this? 0 Answers Why am I able to focus very much in class and unable to study alone when I am in my flat? 0 Answers How does one reconcile themselves with a sexual fetish attraction that they only associate with negative things, and is at odds with their life? Is it possible fetish attractions can be changed? 1 Answers I have molested but no one believes me. What should I do? 0 Answers Is it normal to obsess over your mental illness? 0 Answers
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