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Dr StaceyO is motivated, passionate, kind and mature. I get the very real impression that she cares, but says what needs to be said, and provides positive balanced feedback.
Reviewed Nov 14, 2018
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My mother always take things negatively and start overthinking on rendom things and get mad. I'm worried about her. What do I do? 0 Answers is it normal to want to shut the door on family members and open it only to friends? 0 Answers How do I deal with the pain of breaking up with a coworker when it's impossible not to see him at work? 0 Answers Why do I feel like I'm dying for? 0 Answers My ex cheated on her new boyfriend with me. and she lend me to believe that we had something special, now she pushed me away so she can be with him and one more time she broke me. should i tell him? 1 Answers Is there a chance for me and my ex? 0 Answers Can someone be maybe older then 20 years old and never had a boyfriend? Is this normal? 2 Answers God put me here to do good deeds. Why can't I help other people? 0 Answers I think my friendship with my best friend is done, Their bpd has gotten so much worse, like BAD, to the point of idk if theyre able to keep up a friendship.. my mental health has gotten worse. I cant? 0 Answers Am I right to be angry? My mother-in-law whom I am looking after and do everything for has broken confidences and causing me trouble. I just like for her to respect me and appreciate what I do for her. I am really hurt over this. 1 Answers Blue line by self harm cut? I just self harmed and I noticed like a little blue ish line under it I cleaned it and put band aids on it? 0 Answers How does someone be okay after realizing they have gone through a traumatic experience? 0 Answers I was sexually assaulted, I can't forget what happened. I try to pretend it didn't happen but I'm struggling to cope! What do I do? 2 Answers I want somebody to sit down with me and listen to my problems. Not just anybody but someone who actually wants to. I don't know what to do? 2 Answers Why do I dream about her often after we broken up? It wasn't our choice. in the dreams we get back together. What does that mean ? 1 Answers I'm a 13 year old boy who lost my pets a month ago and lately I've been feeling a bit sick. Also I feel like I am dying and when they say I'm fine I don't believe them. On top of that I went to 7 doctors. Could this be all from losing my pets or is there something else wrong with me? 0 Answers i'm lonely and depressed & 18. i really want a boyfriend but i doubt i will ever get one. am i selfish for even having a bit of hope that one day I will? 1 Answers I was just wondering on something. Why does my mom only act like she has bipolar with me and no one else? 0 Answers For the past two weeks, I have this intrusive thought that women take advantage of men for intimacy and I can't shake it. I believe I am in a normal relationship so it's weird. Can someone please help me? 0 Answers I'd like an opinion on teaching my boyfriend a lesson or not? 0 Answers
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I still love my ex. Should I feel this way? 404 Answers Do I need to tell people that I'm depressed? 397 Answers What does depression feel like? 396 Answers How would you describe depression? 391 Answers How long does it take to get over someone? 384 Answers Why does breaking up hurt so much? 365 Answers Why do depressed people push loved ones away? 360 Answers How to get rid of self harm scars? 347 Answers My boyfriend or girlfriend wants to break up with me, how can I change their mind? 345 Answers How to get rid of depression? 344 Answers Can anxiety cause me to feel depressed? 343 Answers How do I know if I'm sad or depressed? 336 Answers Why do people hate me for no reason? 326 Answers How can I deal with feelings I can't find words to express? 319 Answers Sexual attraction: What's the difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction? 317 Answers My boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on me, should we break up? 316 Answers What should I do when my boyfriend ignores me? 314 Answers When I'm angry, why do I always feel the need to hurt myself? 308 Answers What do I do if my ex keeps contacting me? 307 Answers Do I have the right to feel depressed even if I'm privileged? 307 Answers Should I delete all pictures of my ex? 307 Answers How do you deal with depression after a breakup? 306 Answers I dreamt about kissing someone of the same-sex, what does it mean ? 304 Answers Is it normal to feel scared to go to college? 303 Answers Spying on ex's social media - since my breakup I can't stop from monitoring. Is that okay? 303 Answers