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Dr. Kapil is excellent with her communication and feedback. She really takes your information into account and provides relevant and helpful strategies. I love Dr. Kapil's approach, which is a solution oriented style. This helps me to feel empowered in my growth and healing process, which is what I'm looking for.
Reviewed Sep 23, 2018
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My husband has cheated in the past and I can’t seem to get over it? I try to let go but no matter what I do it’s not working.. any advice? 1 Answers My bf has problem with one of my good friend . I dont have any personal issues with that friend but my bf doesn’t like it if i talk to her what cn i do in this situation? I tried explaining my bf too 0 Answers I like the look of guys, but not sexually... Yet I like girls sexually but not I don’t look at them like it. Like I have a really strong emotional attraction to guys, but no sexual real sexual drive ? 0 Answers I work in a small laundromat and a coworker is somewhat harassing me because I'm the new girl. What should I do? 0 Answers I'm in love with my ex. But I know there's no point going back to him cause I'm leaving the country. I really want him. What are some things I can do to accept this reality better for myself? 0 Answers How do I politely decline a weekend away with my mum? 1 Answers I'm female, but I don't feel female. I feel more non-binary, outside male or female but my parents don't see it as a real gender. I want to choose one for personal reasons. But which? 0 Answers I'm in a relationship for over a year and i was at a concert recently and kissed someone else. It felt really natural but idk how to feel about the whole situation. does anyone have any advice? 0 Answers I found it hard to get out of my house and I think I don't have social anxiety, plus I do really enjoy my time when I am out. Any tips out there where I can slowly get back outside? 0 Answers I work with a gay man and he uses the women's restroom instead of the men's. Does he maybe identify himself as a man or as a woman? 1 Answers I'm polyamorous & I recently had a bad experience with someone & now I'm apprehensive about getting intimate with anyone. How do I explain this to my partner (who is ok with us being non-monogamous)? 1 Answers I have a Sudanese boyfriend, he seems perfect but I’ve been told to be careful and that he may just want me to marry him for a passport. Can someone please give me some advice? 0 Answers How do I deal with a passive-aggressive people? What are some skills or boundaries I can place in and practice? 0 Answers I'm lonely at school, I have troubles with making friends. As soon as I get home i want to hurt myself to stop feeling lonely. I punch walls but now I want to cut myself. What should I do? 1 Answers I started to cry uncontrollably, followed by intense shaking, dizziness, lightheadedness, inability to breathe and nauseated. What happened to me? 1 Answers I was wondering, does anyone have some good break-up tips/skills to head me in the direction on feeling better? 1 Answers We’ve broken up three times and im not sure what to do anymore? Should I just move on? We seem so great together but anytime we seem to be annoyed with each other he leaves. 0 Answers What's the best way to make sure a previous addict doesn't relapse or become addicted to something else? 1 Answers How can I tell someone that I love him? What are the appropriate steps I can do? 0 Answers My ex broke up with me out of the blue. He was struggling with mental health issues and refusing to get help so I let him leave. Now he's seeking help and really seems to be changing and wants me back. Any suggestions on what I should do? 0 Answers
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