7 Cups Teen Safety

Last updated: May 4, 2019

Welcome to 7 Cups!

7 Cups offers anonymous emotional support to anyone aged 13 and up through a volunteer base of active listeners, community resources, and self help. 7 Cups has specialized supports for its teen user base of 13-17 year olds.

We take the safety of our teen population very seriously with a series of processes and protocols in place to support this mission and differentially handle topics including general safety, reporting of sexual abuse, crisis, and crime reporting.

Our supports span

In product support

7 Cups helps individuals in situations where people need to talk about a genuine problem and manage related emotions.

Offensive content

In instances where issues reported are inappropriate or offensive, 7 Cups has blocking capabilities to block the offender and end the chat immediately


Sometimes a person needs more help than just listening. In these cases, we refer them to appropriate resources externally.


When child abuse, sexual assault, minor abuse is brought up - If the member/ help seeker reports they are a harm to themselves or others, the listener is trained to refer to crisis resources (or any other relevant/ related resources) and professionally end the chat.

General crisis referral resources

Partner-recommended resources

Our formal partner organizations have custom referral resources to county mental health services and other specialized services for screening, assessment, referral and crisis counseling by phone.

Training resources