Safety on 7 Cups

Last updated: May 4, 2019

Individual and Community Safety on 7 Cups

7 Cups aims to be a safe, trusted resource for giving and receiving emotional support. We take matters of confidentiality, privacy, safety and all forms of harassment very seriously. We have a series of policies, procedures, and programs in place to ensure safety across the platform.

The following Terms and Policies govern our site:

Users are first made aware of and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the sign up process. They permanently live on the footer of our website, and are persistent in our community. They are updated as necessary; users are alerted and required to agree to updates.

7 Cups employs a sophisticated and mature set of safety measures informed by the experience of mental health professionals, and aligned with online best practices for building safety into social environments that address the needs of vulnerable user populations.

What happens when a user reports another user?

  1. Green - Text Reviews are approved to display on the Listener's profile
  2. Yellow/Orange - A Listener who criticizes or provides advice instead of being empathetic will automatically receive feedback when flagged. Five+ flags at this level will result in rejection from site
  3. Red flag - Sexual and flirtatious content, harassment, bullying, racist or hate speech, false reports of age group (e.g. teen with an adult account) results in immediate rejection from the community. When a user is flagged for these behaviors they are blocked from engaging until subsequent human review.

Sanctions for reports in order of escalation:

Additional interventions:

Machine Learning/AI Efforts:

We also deploy computational linguistic models of user behaviors that are likely to distinguish between banned and non-banned members, rejected and non-rejected active listeners. We use this as a means of monitoring the level of potentially unsafe language throughout the platform to guide awareness of overall activity.