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Kate Mallow

Kate Mallow is currently the Social Media Manager for the National Council for Behavioral Health, has personal mental health experience and previously managed group support and the teen community on 7 Cups. She is passionate about mental health and was named one of The Mighty’s Mental Health Heros of 2018. Kate has experience working on crisis and suicide prevention hotlines and working with national mental health nonprofit organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness and This Is My Brave. She lives in the Washington DC area.

Articles by Kate Mallow

The Unique Stigma of Losing a Loved One to Suicide

How losing a loved one to suicide feels differently than other kinds of loss, and how you can support those who are grieving
Posted 10 September 2019

When Emojis Speak Louder Than Words

How incorporating bite-sized graphics into your conversation can help connect us more to others who may not be feeling :)
Posted 09 July 2019

"I'm so OCD" - Unless You Actually Are, Stop Saying It. Here's Why

How pop-culture's misuse of mental health condition terms can reinforce misconceptions
Posted 19 April 2019