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Laura Berger, PCC, CEBC

Laura is a certified executive coach and founder of Berdéo Group. She received her Evidence Based Coaching graduate degree from Fielding Graduate University in 2012. She utilizes evidence-based techniques such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence (EQ-i) and hightouch, informative behavioral interviews providing insight into clients' strengths and opportunities. She is a C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence) Enhanced Skills Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence- EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 B-Level Qualified Practitioner, Pearman Personality Integrator Qualified Practitioner, Professional Certified Coach and The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles Practitioner.

Articles by Laura Berger, PCC, CEBC

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Do These Three Things Now

In this high-pressure world, here's how to deal with piling projects, deadlines and duties
Posted 01 August 2019

3 Ways to Calm Anxiety and Worry Less

How the three "P's" of anxiety affect us and specific anti-stress solutions to create more peace in your body
Posted 28 March 2019