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Free Online Mental Health Test (PH-Q-9/GAD-7)

Mental health wellness encompasses your psychological and emotional well-being, as well as how much stress you're experiencing. 7 Cups uses the clinical PHQ-9 and GAD-7 mental health exams given by researchers and professionals to gauge mental wellness and give you feedback on your depression, anxiety and stress levels.

In this 3-minute quiz, we'll ask you questions about how you're feeling and issues you may be having. After you receive your score, we'll suggest a custom growth plan that will help you overcome these challenges.

You may retake the test every 2 weeks to monitor your growth and progress. Results are strictly anonymous and confidential. Many people find it helpful to share their results with a free 7 Cups listener or with one of our affordable online therapists.

Knowledge is power - your online mental health test scores will give you the insight you need on your wellness journey!

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