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Abandonment issues can develop early in childhood or adulthood and may result in physical or emotional trauma. If you suffer from a fear of abandonment, you may experience feelings of rejection, insecurity, or have self-sabotaging behaviors. You may also be more prone to struggle with mood swings, depression, codependency, or other mental health problems. 7 Cups offers online counseling for abandonment issues, so you can find relief from these symptoms and move forward with your life.

How abandonment issues develop

Abandonment issues are most often rooted in traumatic childhood experiences, such as losing a parent, being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, or having needs that are unmet. A fear of abandonment may also develop later in adulthood as a result of homelessness, rejection, physical assault, or the death of a loved one. Emotional abandonment is another common problem, and it may occur when emotional needs like being valued, accepted, and nurtured are ignored.

Signs and symptoms of abandonment issues

Feelings of abandonment can lead to intimacy issues and relationship problems. You may not even realize that you're struggling with abandonment, but you may feel hopeless or believe no one will ever accept you or love you. You may also have difficulties trusting other people, lack self-esteem, or feel the need to control and manipulate your significant other out of fear of being deserted. People who struggle with the fear of abandonment also often feel angry, which can drive away friends, loved ones, and significant others.

Speaking with an online therapist about abandonment issues

A fear of abandonment affects the way we view ourselves, can destroy our relationships, and holds us back from reaching our full potential. Our caring and experienced therapists at 7 Cups will help you work through the deeply rooted causes of your abandonment issues so you can finally find healing and hope. Begin online counseling for coping with abandonment today.

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