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Recent Reviews

“Very responsive and a very good listener. Shows empathy and compassion. Very well versed in meditation. Thanks Halayma it's great always talking to you! Thanks for your help!”

Received: July 27th
Therapist: @HalaymaKhatunDiplomaCounselor

“SHE READS MY SOUL. lol. It's only been a few days, but she is really insightful and does a great job asking the tough questions in a way that makes me feel comfortable answering. This is exactly what I needed. ”

Received: July 27th
Therapist: @AmandaWigintonLMFT

“Savanna has been nothing but helpful, courteous and understanding of my situation. She has been very empathetic and I have felt at ease talking to her about subject matters I would never discuss with even my closest friends or family. Her answer and responses are not only helpful, but encouraging and thought provoking. Savanna would be my first recommendation to any one I knew should I ever have to recommend a therapist to anyone!”

Received: July 27th
Therapist: @SavannaKeatorLMHC