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Variation of mood during the day is normal, no one can stay in the same mood all the time, or we'd be robots and not humans. However, if your mood is wildly varied throughout the day, or if you go from one intense mood to another, sometimes quickly, you may be experiencing mood swings. But, don't worry. You're not alone, and the online counselors at 7 Cups are here to help.

Why Am I Having Mood Swings?

There are a variety of different reasons you may be experiencing mood swings. In more serious cases, it can be chemical imbalances in the brain. Typically, mood swings of this nature might be a symptom of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or several other mental health issues.

Other times, mood swings may simply be due to a lack of diet regulation, irregular sleep, or a side effect of certain medications. Sometimes all you need to do to regulate your mood swings is make a change in your lifestyle. In any case, it helps to speak with a counselor and find out the source of your mood swings so you can discover how to cope with them in a way that works best for you.

Managing Mood Swings

After finding the reason for your mood swings, it's easier to create a treatment to help you manage them. If your mood swings derive from a mental health issue, it's important to get therapy and possibly medication to help you better manage these range of emotions. If a lifestyle change is also needed, it's beneficial to create a plan so that the change is as seamless and easy as possible. Having a normal schedule, sleeping enough, and getting the right nutrition can all help combat mood swings.

Online Counseling with 7 Cups

Keep in mind, sometimes mood swings can be indicative of a more serious issue. If you've been experiencing dramatic mood swings, make sure to seek help. The online counselors at 7 Cups are always ready to listen and help with whatever issue you may be dealing with.

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