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For many young adults, school is synonymous with stress. Fears of failing tests, being rejected by college admissions, or handling the pressure of never-ending homework assignments can prove to be overwhelming for a lot of students. And understandably so! School stress can have negative effects on the physical, emotional, and psychological health of students of all ages, so it's important to seek help when it's needed.

School Stress Affects All Ages

School stress doesn't just start in college. Students often develop stress in middle school and high school as they experience pressure from teachers, parents, and peers to achieve certain standardized test scores or get accepted in certain colleges, all while balancing extracurricular activities. Once in college, the pressure increases even further as a student has to learn how to live life on their own. Seeking the help of a therapist during this time can help a student learn good coping skills to handle all the new stressors being in college brings.

The Lasting Harm of School Stress

School stress may seem like a passing phase, but the truth is, it can have an impact on your emotional, psychical and psychological well being. Consistently worrying about academic performance or what comes next can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety, worry, and depression. Students that are struggling to find balance in life may not know how to deal with the stress they feel, which can potentially lead to unhealthy and harmful behaviors.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Online therapy for school stress with 7 Cups is affordable and anonymous for those who need it most. Therapy can help students understand the impact of school stress and learn how to strike a balance that affords both productivity and well-being. A caring counselor is available now to connect with students at their own convenience and in the comfort of their own homes.

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