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One of the most overlooked aspects of overall health is getting a good night's sleep. But for millions of people, that goal is evasive as they toss and turn, lie awake, or find that the sleep they are getting is not restful and rejuvenating. 7 Cups offers online counseling for sleep disorders for anyone struggling through the frustration of such an experience.

The Role of Sleep

Much research has been conducted on the role of sleep in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Studies have shown that the brain is active at night, storing memories and creating the neural network that will help you get through the next day. Sleep deficiency can lead to everything from poor concentration to emotional instability. Physically, lack of good sleep can put an individual at risk for obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Types of Sleep Disorders

Insomnia, or difficulty falling asleep, is the most commonly known and understood types of sleep disturbance, but there is a range of other disorders that can affect a person's rest. Hypersomnia results in excessive sleepiness at inappropriate times and circadian rhythm disorders mean an individual's sleep schedule deviates from the norm. There are also categories of disorders based on physical issues like sleep movement and breathing disorders that will disrupt a healthy night's rest.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Sleep isn't something we think much about until we can't get enough of it. Then it can become the most important thing in our world. Pinpointing the source of a sleep disorder can be an important step that leads to healing. 7 Cups is ready to assist and support anyone working to find the path to a full night's rest with qualified therapists and an understanding, listening ear.

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