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Anyone who's tried to lose weight knows it can be a frustrating experience. Not only are there nutritional considerations and lifestyle changes to tackle, but some poor eating habits are rooted in emotional issues. Whether someone is trying to lose weight for health or fitness, it's a journey that requires focus, discipline and support. 7 Cups offersonline weight loss therapy and treatment resources to help anyone working to change their diet and lose weight.

What impacts weight loss?

Whether trying to lose a significant amount of weight or a few pounds gained over the holidays, the principles of weight loss remain the same: consume less calories than the body burns. While that seems simple enough, it's actually affected by a wide range of factors – from our environment and learned habits to our personal metabolism and ability to exercise. Trying to manage all that goes into weight loss can feel overwhelming, leading to a vicious cycle of emotional eating. 7 Cups is here to help release the pressure valve and maintain a healthy perspective on the process through our online weight loss therapy.

The Genetic Factor

While it's nice to think that sheer willpower is all that's required for weight loss, it's widely recognized that there are genetic components to the way bodies store and burn calories. According to Harvard Medical School , genes can account for anywhere from 25 to 80 percent of a person's predisposition to gain or keep weight on. For some people, consultation with a doctor may be an important step toward weight loss.

Online Weight Loss Therapy with 7 Cups

7 Cups is available to help process the complex emotions that happen during the process of weight loss. Our therapists can offer impactful advice along with a listening and understanding ear.

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“Very smart, she helps me see things in a whole other light, and helps me cope with things I can’t control.”

Received: May 4th
Therapist: @NathalieDramisDiploma

“Very helpful during a difficult time! Honest and dependable, she helped me to consider different prospectives and taught me valuable techniques. She offered great resources beyond our chat so that I could work some on my own. Excellent therapist and a very good experience!”

Received: May 1st
Therapist: @CynthiaSLCSWLICSW

“Very helpful and helped me gain materials and tools to improve my mental health. Very helpful”

Received: April 30th
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