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Last Time Updated:16/Sep/2021.

آخِر تَعْدِيل:2021/سبتمبر-أيلول/16

Activity Statues:Inactive. I am currently not taking any chat requests. Sorry.. I almost drown in exams. Help.:')

 حَالَة النَّشَاط: غير نشط. إني حالياً لا أستلم أي طلبات لمحادثات. أسف.. أكاد أغرق في الإمتحانات، أرجو المساعدة.:')

The Link to find other Listners: الرابِط لإِيجاد مُسْتَمِعونَ آخَرونَ: .

(9/Sep/2021) The results..? Finished my second period exams and I had 98% so yay.. even the -2% was because of my marks in the Arabic and Psychology test[Literally the two subjects that I actually 'Should' have full marks on.:')] though I guess that's still consider as an A+ result in the English system.

Next is third period exams.. which is, in October.:') The world is starting a whole new school year I know but I am not in charge of this country's crazy ministry of education.:')

Known here as: Snow.

معروفٌ هُنا بلقبِ: Snow.

First things first; greetings and Intro:-

Hello, Hi. Salut, Bonjour, Bonsior. Hola. Óla. Ciao. Guten Tag, Hallo. مرحباً، أهلاً. Merhaba. Salam. नमस्ते, हलो. ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ. שלום. 你好. 안녕하세요, 안녕. こんにちわ. Ê, Nầy. Halo. Hai ada. Здравствуйте, Привет. Здрастуйте. Добры дзень. Salve, Ave. Përshëndetje, Tungjatjeta, Alo. Χαίρετε, Ακούσατε. Բարեւ Ձեզ, Ողջույն. გამარჯობა. Zdravo, Bok. Bonghjornu. Dzień dobry, Cześć. Dia dhuit. Helo, Hylo.

#HopeForHappyFeet.(For a wondrous Listener.) Hoping for the best in the future. After every misery there's salvation.❄ (Eng. / EN. / الإِنْجِليزيَّة)

нєℓℓσ яєα∂єя(ѕ). Here to help / support when needed / wanted. Sometimes all we need is to be listened to.. and it is not really a shameful thing to ask for it. It is saddening that this is not available to everyone in Real-Life.. this why this Place is made for.. whenever you need someone to listen. I am glad if you're willing to speak out your struggles / problems and getting help for them.^^

(AR. / العَرَبيَّة.)

أَهْلاً بِالْقارِئ / بِالْقُراء. هُنا لِلْمُساعَدةِ / لِلْدَعْمِ إِِذا إِحْتَجْتَ / أَرَدْتَ. أَحْيَاناً كُلُّ ما نَحْتَاجُ إِليهِ هُوَ أَنْ يُسْتَمَعَ إِلَيْنا.. وَ لَيْسَ مِنَّ الْمُخْزي أَنْ تَطْلُبَ ذَلِكَ. مِنَ المُحْزِن إِنَّ ذَلِكَ لِيْسَ مُتَاحاً لِلْجَمِيع في حَياتِهِم.. وَ ذَلِكَ ما قيمَ هَذا المَكان مِنْ اجْلِهِ.. كُلَما أَحْتَجْتَ لِمَن يَسْتَمَعْ إِلَيْكَ. أَنا مَسْرورٌ إِذا كُنْتَ راغِبٌ بِالْتَحَدِثِ عَنْ مَشَاكِلِكَ / تَحَدِياتِكَ وَ الْحُصُولِ عَلى الْمُساعَدةِ لَها.^^

I don't really have standards at categories here.. I try to be open to all.. though we all have some strong points in some topics and weak points in some others as it seems.

☆لَيْسَ لَدي مِعْيار مُحَدَّد لأَصْناف المَواضيع هُنا.. أَحاوِل أَنْ أَكُونَ مُنْفَتِحاً لِكُلِها.. إِلاَ إِنَنا كُلُنا لَدَيْنا نِقاطِ قُوة لِبَعْضِ المَواضيع و نِقاط ضِعِف في اخْرى عَلَى ما يَبْدو.

-Topics that I may not be the best to speak to about[Though you can still bring it up if you want.]: Alc*hol / Dr*g Ab*se, Br*ak-ups, LGBTQ+, Men's and Women's Issues, Realationships Stress, S*xual Health and s*xual related topics, DID / MPD, OSDD.(Due to stigma.) Schizophrenia and Parenting. I still try to progress in understanding these Topics.. along with other ones by reading.

-المَواضيع التي قَد أَكُون لَيسَ مِنْ الأَفْضَل التَكَلُمُ عَنْها[لاَ يَزال مَسْموحاً إِذا أَرَدْتَ.] Alcohol and Dr*g Ab*se (إِسْتِهْلاَكُ الخَمْرِ و المُخَدِرات.) Break-ups(إِنْهاء أو نِهاية العِلاقات الرومَنْسية.) +LGBTQ(المِثْلية.)Men's and Women's Issues(قَضايا الرِجال و النِساء.) Realtionship Stress(التَوَتُرات في العِلاقات الرومَنْسية.) S*xual   Health and s*xual related topics.(الصِحة الجِ*سية و ما يَتَعَلْق بِالمَواضيع الجِ*سية.) DID / MPD (إِضْطِراب الهُوِّية التفارُقي.) Schizophrenia(الفِصام أَو الشِيزوفِرينِيا.) Parenting(الأَبُوَّة.) ما زِلت أُحْرُزُ تَقَدُماً لِهَذِهِ المِواضيع و آخْرَيات عَن طَريقِ القِراءة.

-Some topics I have Real-Life experience with: General Mental Health, Student Life, Spirituality, Work Stress, Financial Stress, Self-Esteem, Parenting and Sleeping Well.

-بَعْضُ المَواضيع التي لَديَّ مِنْها تَجْرُبة حَياتِية: General Mental Health(الصِحة النَفْسِية العامة.) Student Life(الحَياة المَدْرَسية.) Spirituality(الروحانِية.) Work Stress (تَوَتُرات أَو ضَغْطُ العمل.) Financial Stress (التَوَتُر أَو الضَغْطُ المالي.) Self-Esteem(الثِّقة بِالنَفْس.) Parenting(الأَبُّوة.) Sleeping Well(النَومُ الحَسَن.).

Casual Chats, Religion and political talks are allowed.. just try to avoid unnecessary conflicts when it comes to religion or politics.

الدَرْدَشة و المُحادَثات المُتَعَلِقة بِالدِّين و السِياسة مَسْموحة.. فَقَط حاوِل تَجَنُّب المُنازَعات التي لاَ ضَرورة لَها في الدِّينِ أَو السِياسَةِ.

Time-Line / Time-Zone: Eastern European Time. GMT+1(Winter.) GMT+2(Summer.)

مَنْطِقَةِ-التَوْقيت: تَوْقيت شَرْق أُوروبا. مَتَقَدِمة بِساعة من خَط غرينتش(في الشِتاءِ.). بِساعَتَيْنِ(في الصَيْفِ.)

The Internet that I use is quite unstable.. so I may leave suddengly or reply slower sometimes.

خِدْمة الإِنْتِرْنِت التي أَسْتَخْدِمْها غِير مُسْتَقِرة.. لِذَلِكِ قَد أغادِرُ فِجْأَةً أَو أَرِدُّ بِسُرْعَةٍ أَبْطَأْ أَحْياناً.

I currently have school.. so I won't be On-Line during School hours. From 07:00 to 12:00.(GMT) So it does not mean I am ignoring anyone who speaks to me during that time or after that period; I am just in school and I also may be busy with schoolwork.😅

أنا في الوقت الحالي أذهبُ إلى المدرسةِ.. ولذلك لن متواجداً خلال فترة المدرسية، من الساعة 07:00 إلى 12:00.(بتوقيت جرينتش) وذلك يعني أني لا أتجاهلُ أي أحد حدث أن يكلِّمني خلال تلك الفترة أو ما بعدها، أنا في المدرسة وحسب وقد أكونُ مُنشغلاً بالواجبات المدرسية.😅

---(Your possible questions and thier answers are in the last section bellow.)---

------(What you have read so far is enough.. the rest is optional.)-------

Oh wait.. in 'Normal' inroductions you should say names and all that right..? My mistake."😂"

[First things first; Greeting and i̸n̸t̸r̸o̸ essential listener info*.]

Second things secound; Introduction(?):-

Alright then. I am usually known around here as Snow[That's obviously from the User-Name.].. the English name I have given to myself for this place is Logan if you prefer.. you can call me something else if you want to. As it seems.. I am not considered quite an open person nor have a good sense of humour I guess. I still try my best to support / help."❤"

Okay that was the worst introduction ever to exist.. I need to think this over for some more time.

~(Few weeks later...)~.[Actually.. that's true. I left this section for weeks."😂"]

Hello again.. strangely you're still reading this but okay.. there we go..~!

Greetings to everyone reading this. I am a Listener in this place.. and I dictate some time to listen to others stories or shares when they need / want. Usually people tend to refer me here as Snow.. also can be refered as Logan; which is an English name I choosed for myself to make it more comfortable for most people here when speaking to me. I am 17-Years-Old currently and a High-School Senior(12TH-Grade.) I always try to be courteous, apporiate and improve my listening. Probably now as you can see.. I am terrible at introducing myself.. so now you know one thing about this being right here."😂" "What do you like to do..?"[Questions seems to be really help regarding this issue.] Some Hobbies I think. "Which are..?Reading for one.. Music is great too.. except for the fact that I don't have earphones or headphones but it still counts. :') other things as well. "Favourite Colour / Color..?All colours sound fine.. every single one of them can give some beauty to an object. What about a Rainbow..?(*Possible Trigger for people with an ED{Eating Disorder} ahead.)

"Favorite food..?" I am not really a big fan of food.. I don't really favourite one.. every type has it's specialty and it is considered important for your health Of-Course. I guess I am going to go for Macaroni as I was told before that I really used to like.. and yes it's good I thank. "Which time of the day is your favourite..?" Why is it hard to favourite things..?:')[At least that's for me.]I notice that I wake up at dawn a lot if I get to sleep. So I guess Dawn.. and Evenfall seems awesome too. "Favourite Music..?" All types are good.. it depends in it's lyrics in it and the meaning for me if it's not instrumental. "What made you volunteer as a Listener..?" I was asked a similar question to this in one of my Listener tests.. but it doesn't seem my answer is considered as 'Right' though I was told to be honest.. so I guess I am never passing this.[Or probably there's some sort of a glitch.] A little of what I said is that I was I wanted to be helpful.. also as a former Member here I wanted to see how's this in a Listener's perspective.. and it's great to be part of this community.. even though I wasn't helped myself but it's not thier fault.. you made a really great place for people here to connect with each other and it's a pleasure to allow me to have the chance to be part of this so Thank-You.^ "How would you describe yourself in a sentence..?" Erm.. An indecisive being who is trying to be more social.(?):'). I guess this is all for now.. sorry for any disappointments.


Third things third; Additional information:-

About Categories: I don't really have specific.. even if I had Life-Experience with some of them.. I don't think that really makes me a master in those topics. All of them are welcome in my PMs space.

 About schedule / times when I am active: I don't really have a specific time.. often it's somewhere between 2:00A.M and 8:00A.M(GMT.).. I may come here at random times too.

About Reviews and Ratings: They're not forced upon you to do.. you can leave one if you want. You can point out things that are fixable or can be improved. All types are welcome.. I am still learning."❤"

About weekends: In Home-Town the weekend is Friday and Saturday..[In some Work-Places and Schools.. Saturday may be cancelled.] unlike many other countries which has it Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless / Though that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be active at these days.

About Listener's spoken Languages:The languages that I speak is English and Arabic.. my typing speed is faster in English actually. I still learn other languages.. though I don't think I am fluent enough in them yet.

-I know the Official / Standard Arabic well.. but I have troubles with understanding the Arabian-Dialects.

About the usage of Caps / Capitalised Letters: I understand that some use as an outlet for thier frustrations or to express excitement or astonishment. I allow them in my PMs space.[Do Not use in the Group-Rooms though.]

About Crises: I can't really help from here if you're planning to and attentionally putting yourself in crisis.. sorry. Here is a link for Crisis-Resources in countries who officially has them: . Hope your country is listed. If not.. try to call someone you trust if possible.. keep yourself safe and distract by putting your attention in something else.

Texting Service if it works: . Many here found this helpful and I hope does for you too."❤"

About Listener's Origins: Okay.. now I just want to say that if you con hatred for that and something like Islamophobia.. or some sort an embranchment of xenophobia like 'Arabiophobia'[I actually made this up.. it seems this sort of thing exist honestly.:')] or 'Libyophobia'.. okay I am taking this too far.:') The main concept of this is I want to say if you feel any inconvenience or uncomfortablity because of this.. You can go to Browse Listeners page ( .) use the filters if you want.. and I hope the next Listener would be better for you.^ No need to create unnecessary conflicts or critisiments. Problem solved..![*Case Closed*."😂"]


Fourth things fourth; Listener usual style of Listening, Colours of Activity / Availability, Roles & Relations:-

Listening Style:-

1-I usually take General-Requests(To Member: It's when you press 'Connect Now'.. Listeners call that a 'General Request'.) when I assure I would have Internet on and no work to do for at least an 30mins to an hour and change my activity to 'Busy'. If there was no response for about 5-10mins.. I make sure if the Member is still there and if there's no response I tell that they can always respond later. May then take another Request.

2-I don't take more then one request.. if I do it's like you're speaking to multiple people in Real-Life talking about thier problems in the same time and it sounds uncaring and limits concentration.

3-Know that I am here to listen.. but I wouldn't really know how to solve your problems.. even if I had experience; yours may differ.. so you knowledge your situation much better then myself. You're the one who can change your future.. I wouldn't force you to make specific choices. I can't make a miracle happen and make all these problems / struggles dissipate. Think them over and you may find the answer."❤"

4-I do Check-Ins after about a week to a fortnight after the last chat with Members. Sometimes after few days.. it can depend. If I am not around here for long..[Ex. For weeks.] I won't.. maybe after I come back if requested.

Colours of Activity / Availability:- (That alighted circle beside the Profile-Picture.)

1-Green('On-Line'): I am taking new Chats / Personal-Requests. Would usually respond instantly or in a few minutes as a max.

2-Orange('Busy'): I am now busy with another chat or something else in Real-Life or somewhere around the Site / App. Probably would respond after 10-30mins if I am still in here.

3-Red('Off-Line'): I am not in the Site / App currently.. I usually wouldn't set it if I am still around here. I'll respond as soon as possible when I come back.


I don't have any roles here nor planning to take ones so far.


I don't have Listener Twins, Mentors or Besties.. I would probably do Shout-outs for some here but I think that would take permission and would be creepy.:')

Shout-out for all Listeners! Welcome to 7-Cups if you're new. Thank-You for joining and lending an ear for others and your efforts and dictation. Don't forget to take breaks when needed.^^

Shout-out to all Members! Welcome to 7-Cups if you're new. It can hard to request for help[At least for many people.] I am glad you're considering it.. I hope you find a Listener that is fit for you.^^

Fifth things fifth; Other~!:



Some Tips for other Listeners:-

1-Many might worry when they find that thier Members were gone suddengly. It's okay.. it happens. If you want to check if they're still there.. type down '' and type down your Member's User-Name(Including the numbers if there was any.) ahead of the '@'. Actually.. this way can also be used by Members too to check thier Listeners.

2-If you're having your first chats.. it may be hard at first but you'll sure going to handle it eventually.. try to read some information in the topic before taking a request regarding it if possible.. it is helpful especially when you don't have experience.

3-I suggest to search and read more about Listening.

4-You don't have to be.. as it is said; 'Robotic' add some of your speaking style too.^

5-If needed; Here's the Link with the Trainings and Certifications: . And the Link for the Self-Help Guides which is also accessible by Members: .


Abbreviations & Lines meanings:-

1-7C: 7 Cups of Tea.

2-TL: Teen Listeners.. also referring to Teen Listeners Group-Room.

3-ATL: Adult-Teen Listener

4-SR: Group support Chat Room.

5-TCR: Teen Community Room.

6-CES: Current Events Support Group-Room.

7-SC: Sharing Circle.

8- PM / DM: Private / Personal Message. Direct Message. The private space between a Listener and another or a Member with a Listener.

9-'Spill the Tea!': Vent; Talk it out.

10-'Teen Side': Teen Age Group.

11-'Adult Sude': Adult Age Group.

12-TOZ: Teen-Only Zone.(Forum.)

13-SH / S-H: Self-H*rm.

14-LGBTQ+: Lesbian, Genderfluid, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer.(Community.)

15-ED: Eating Disorder.

16-AS: Anxiety Support.(Forum or Pop-up Room.)

17-DS: Depression Support.(Forum or Pop-up Room.)

18-TS: Teen Support.(Forum or Pop-up Room.)


Song of the Week:-

Here are some songs I'll put here weekly if I am still active at these times:

20TH/DEC/2020. Week 1: . .(With Lyrics.) "Hold on" by Extreme Music.(English.)

28TH/DEC/2020. Week 2: . "Va, Va, Vie" / "Go, Go, Live" by Florina.(French / Françias.)

8TH/JAN/2021. Week 3: . "Regenbogenfarben" / "Colours of the Rainbow" by Kersten Ott.(German / Deutsch.) I didn't find a video with the English translation.. but you can find a translation when you use Google search.

19TH/JAN/2021. Week 4: . "Never Give Up" by Sia. (English.[American.]) 

18TH/FEB/2021. Week 5: . "Katyusha" / "Катюша" Mikhail Isavosky / Михаи́л Исако́вский(Songwriter) Matvey Blanter / Матве́й Бла́нтер.(Composer) (Russain / Русский.) I've noticed there's many versions of it. As well other translations if you search about it.

Week 6: . "Snow Sound" by Alexandros.(Japanese / 日本語 & English.) There's a translation when you search in the Internet.

Week 7: .(Original Broadcast.) .(Lyrics) "Waving Through A Window" by the Dear Evan Hansen.(English.)

Week 8: . "Astronomia" by Vicetone & Tony Igy.(Instrumental.)

27TH/FEB/2021. Week 9: . "Waltz"(No. 2) by Dmitri Shostakovich / Дми́трий Шостако́вич. (Instrumental.)

5TH/MAR/2021. Week 10: . "To My Youth" / "나의 사춘기에게" by Bolbbalgan4 / 볼빨간 사춘기.(Korean / 한국어 / 조선말.)

12TH/MAR/2021. Week 11: . "Fight Song" by Rachael Platten.(English.)

19TH/MAR/2021. Week 12: . "Courage to Change" by Sia.(English.)

26TH/MAR/2021. Week 13: . "Live It Up" by Maher Zain / ماهِر زَيْن & Lenny Martinez.(English & Spanish / Español.)

3RD/MAY/2021. Week 14: . "Light Up the Sky" by Rodge & Joe Kellington.(English.)

10TH/MAY/2021. Week 15: . "Your Answer" / "你的答案" by A Rong / 阿冗.(Chinese / 汉语 / 漢語.)

17TH/MAY/2021. Week 16: . "Walk With Me" by Bella Thorne.(English.)

24TH/MAY/2021. Week 17: . "We Go Where No-One Goes" by Jónsi & John Powell.(English.)

1ST/JUN/2021. Week 18: . "Wandern" / "Walk" by Nena.(German / Deutsch.)

8TH/JUN/2021. . "For a Better Day" by Avicii & Alex Ebert.(English.)

16TH/JUN/2021. . "I Autumans" / "In Autuman" by Evard Grieg.(Instrumental.) ---------------------

Inspiring / Humorous Qoutes, Proverbs & Lines:-

1-"Yell, shout, scream..~ just don't be silent forever." -7-Cupser.

2-"Catch not at the shadow and lose the substance." -Unknown(1579-1855.)

3-"Better a devil you know then s devil you don't know." -Unknown(1576-1857.)

4-"A little learning / knowledge is a dangerous thing." -From 'Essay on Criticism' by Alexander Pope.

5-"Very few of us are what we seem" -Agatha Christie.(British novelist.)

6-"The best time to plan a book is while you're doing the dishes." '😂'-Agatha Christie.

7-"The young people think the old people are fools, but the old people know the young people are fools." '😂'-Agatha Christie.

8-"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive; but in finding something to live for." -Fyodor Dostoevsky / Фёдор Достоевский.(Russian novelist.)

9-"You are free, and that is why you are lost." -Franz Kafka.(Austrian novelist and Short-Stories writer.)

10-"Don't ask what can your country do for you; ask what you can do for your country." -Gibran Khalil Gibran / جَبْران خَليل جَبْران.(Lebanese-American writer.)

11-"Peril is a harsh but a great teacher." -Unknown.

12-"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill.(British Prime-Minister, army officer and writer.)

13-"Who am I in the eyes of most people? A nobody.. a non entity.. an unpleasant person. Someone who has not, and never will have a position in society. In short, the lowest of the low. Well then even if that was absolutely true, then one day I will have to show by my work what this nobody; this non entity has in his heart." -From a letter written by Vincent van Gogh(Dutch artist.)

14-"When you hear a voice within you say 'You can't paint', then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." -Vincent van Gogh.

15-“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.(French writer.)

16-"Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day and here's why: because today at least you're you, and that's enough." -From 'Final' from the 'Dear Evan Hansen'.

17-"From error to error one discovers the entire truth." -Sigmund Freud.(Austrian neurologist.)

18-"A great wind is blowing and that either gives you imagination... or a headache." '😂' -Catherine II / The Great.(Empress of Russia.)

19-"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree." -Albert Einstein.(German physician.)

20-"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." -Helen Keller.(American Author.)

21-"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover." -Mark Twain.(British novelist.)

22-"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop." -Confucius / 孔夫子.(Chinese Philosopher.)

23-"Life is not fair, Get used to it!" '😂' -Bill Gates.(American business magnate.)

24-"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."(Mother/-) Mary Teresa / Anjezë Bojaxhiu.(Albanian saint.)

25-"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." -Pericles / Περικλῆς .(Greek statesman.)

26-"We think we need words because it is in our nature to define, to decode, to try to understand by piecing things apart and labeling them, like specimens in a museum." -Frances de Pontes.(Brazilian novelist.)

27-"Education is a right as water and air." -Taha Hussein / طَهَ حَسين.(Egyptian writer.)

28-"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be." J. K. Rowling.(British Author.)


Celebrations & Events:-


In the memory of:-




~And all who was gone but not listed.

It sure is hard to for you all to go.. but you had to and it's No-one's fault. Thank-You for joining everyone here and your gracing presence.. you may be gone now but now free and we all glad if you found your happiness in the other side. You'll always be remembered."❤"


Possible Questions / Enquiries & thier Answers:-

Q1-"Why you're not verified even though you have the requirement?"

A1-I don't think I am ready yet..:') along with other reasons relating with the network quality that I use.

Q2-"Wait.. weren't you From the UK as the flag indicated before?"

A2-Well.. About that.:') I am not really British nor living there currently.. I just used that to avoid conflicts I had with the people here related to Home-Town.

-"Okay.. why you choosed the UK?"

-Because it's close to Home-Town's Time-Line and in the same time England is where I was born.

Q3-"Why you use the " "(Quotation-Mark.)?"

A3-I put to indicate that there's an Emoji in the space in between in case in it glitches. Probably it grew as habit more like.:')

Q4-"Why you don't take some roles?"

A4-I don't think I can take the responsibility.:')

Q5-"Would you become an ATL(Adult-Teen Listener.) next year?"

A5-I don't think so.. but that's a thing to decide in the future and my future self may have another opinion.

Q6-"Isn't 2 A.M in GMT night for you?*You got caught*'😈'."

A6-"😂".. well that's actually Dawn and I am what you say in idiomatic English.. an Early Bird.[Kind-of a Night Owl too.]

Q7-"What do you do around here aside of Listening?"

A7-I may welcome new members when free or respond to forums that needs a response.

Q8-"What's your personality type?"

A8-You mean as in the famous On-Line test..? I guess though On-Line tests aren't really accurate about who you are exactly.. and even until today, there's a lot of mysteries that are still not unravel in this topic and the human mind and mentality in general.

Alright just going to take and let's see what will it be.

*Takes the Test*.

The result was: INFJ.

"An Advocate (INFJ) is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. Their inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled version of humanism guide them in all things. Advocates are the rarest personality types of all. Still, Advocates leave their mark on the world. They have a deep sense of idealism and integrity, but they aren’t idle dreamers – they take concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting impact. Advocates’ unique combination of personality traits makes them complex and quite versatile. For example, Advocates can speak with great passion and conviction, especially when standing up for their ideals. At other times, however, they may choose to be soft-spoken and understated, preferring to keep the peace rather than challenge others."

Okay.."😅" I am not sure about the usage of the word Advocate here.. it is used for referring to the people who support a cause or those who help people to voice thier thoughts or an intercessor. I guess I happen to be imaginative, creative and uh.. sensitive so yay.(?)[Okay it's an On-Line test afterall so it doesn't necessary comply to everything.:')]

Q9-"يعني أنت عربي ولا إنجليزي؟" / "Then you're Arab or English?"

A9- إختار الِّي يعجبك.(': / Choose what you want.:')

Q-"كيف؟ مش عارف؟🤣" / " How come? Do you not know?🤣"

A-مش بالزَّبط ولكن القصَّة طويلة عريضة..  ماتخلِّيني نبدأ. / Not exactly but it is a long story.. don't get me started."🤣"

Q10-"Sooo you support the GNA or-"

No no no. Don't get me invovled with that.*Runs away*:')

Q-"Lol. What about the next elections for your country at least?"

A-Well.. considering that it was delayed many times and every government and departments either It's people are corrupt and just looking for authority to collect(aka steal) as much as they can using that control then.. literally leave thier country behind and live thier "Happy Ever After" lives after putting thier people's money in thier pockets- Oh well this will go on forever."😅"

Let this Picture I happened to find in Cyberspace speak instead.

Q11-"Betihki lebnani?" / "Do you speak the Lebanese dialect?"

La2..? walla 2la alaqal mish kteer. Iza baddak tihki lebnani 2adi lakin momkin mish ni2dar nofham kil eli to2ouloh. / No..? Or at least not not much. If you want to speak with the Lebanese dialect, it's okay but I may not understand all what you say.

----(Thank-You for checking the profile. Try to Take-Care and Stay-Safe.^)----

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