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Community Guidelines

The Short

We want 7 Cups to continue to be an authentic, safe and compassionate space for seeking and providing emotional support. Help us foster a healthy and caring community. Be considerate & inclusive of everyone’s thoughts and experiences. Don’t disrespect or contribute to an unsupportive environment.

The Long

7 Cups is a diverse community with a goal & mission:

“to build a support system, a web, that can hold every member of our world. We believe that we can fill that love gap for every person in the world, either because they are an active member of our community or because they are touched personally by someone who has been empowered by 7 Cups of Tea.

We created the Community Guidelines so that you can help us foster, thrive and protect this community to provide a safe home to share and get support. By using 7 Cups you agree to these guidelines & our Privacy Policy & Terms of Services. We are committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Overstepping or violation of any guidelines may result in behavioral points, warnings account suspensions or other restrictions as per Safety Factsheet or need.

The Community Guidelines are segmented into broad and specific categories to ensure every detail is listed in order to promote a safe, warm, comfortable, inviting, and supportive atmosphere for those seeking support and those who provide it.

General Guidelines Forum Guidelines Listener Chatroom Guidelines Member Chatroom Guidelines Teen Community Guidelines Leadership Guidelines Safety & Reporting 7 Cups Behavioral Points System

For more information, take a look at our Help Center

Thank you for helping us create one of the most compassionate & supportive communities in the world.

7 Cups Team

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