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Hello! I would love to talk to you, because I have dealt with many of the issues you are going through. I know multiple people with eating disorders, I have anxiety, depression, am LGBTQ+, and used to self-harm myself, and I hope these experiences can help you.
Even if I'm not online, please leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP! Sometimes I'm online even when 7cups says I'm not.

My schedule (All EST) (Green are the times I'll be here to give you my full attention! Orange is when my responses might be delayed!):
6:15am-7am; 9:10am-9:45am; 12:35pm-1:15pm; 3:30pm-4:30pm; 4:30pm-5:30pm; 5:30pm-9pm
Tuesday- 6:30am-7:30am; 9:10am-9:45am; 12:35pm-1:15pm; 3:30pm-5pm; 8pm-9pm
Wednesday- 6:15am-7am; 9:10am-9:45am; 12:35pm-1:15pm; 3:30pm-4:30pm; 4:30pm-8pm; 8pm-9pm
Thursday- 6:30am-7:30am; 9:10am-9:45am; 12:35pm-1:15pm; 3:30pm-5pm; 5pm-6pm; 6pm-9pm
Friday- 6:30am-7:30am; 9:10am-9:45am; 12:35pm-1:15pm; 3:30pm-6pm; 6pm-9pm
Saturday and Sunday is whenever I can be on!
Like I said before, please message me even when I'm not online! I might respond, just don't expect immediate responses.
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So wonderful! Before talking to them, I was restless but after talking i felt really peaceful and content.
Could not recommend this enough, kept a long term chat with me, absolutely love it!
They are without a doubt the best Listener I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to. They offered long term support, and I was more comfortable speaking to them than anyone else. I was able to be honest and speak my mind without restraint, and felt safe and comfortable.
Always there for me
she was very patient and understanding with me. she listened to everything I had to say and asked very pertinent questions to help me with my outcome
They’re really understanding and sweet
really kind and honest
They were amazing, and were really thoughtful
Kind Sir with positive intent to help, and replies quickly, or as fast as possible.
Very helpful and calm collected and mostly intel
Very kind and helpful. Thanks and may God bless.
Very Awsome and thoughtful! ❤️
So kind and nice to talk to
Shes really good and kind! Helped me a lot.
Amazing. So inviting and really listens
She is such a wonderful person.!!!!
Love this chat i would recommend this to you
Most helpful...lifts ur spirit when u need it. Loved our chat!
Really Helpful and seems to answer everything quickly
been as understanding as they can
Listens really well and doesn’t judge anything I say. They gave me tips and really helped.
A very nice person and they seem like they really care about you.
You have helped me find one of my places on earth. you have also made me more comfy arounf my frinds when thay talk about their love lifes.
They're amazing!! Really helpful.
This person is so nice,helpful and understanding
This person chatted to me and talked to me where I was getting the answers to my own questions out of myself without even realising. :)
She is really supportive and listens really well thank you
You have really helped me find I but more of who I am. Thank you
BEST LISTENER EVER!!! Nice, helpful, honest, caring, asked amazing questions and helped me so much! 1000% recommend😊
Loved it! I got a lot of help!
kind and helpful :)
The best listener I've ever had on here. Asks amazing and helpful questions, quick and helpful replies, spent all day helping me and is just a generally nice person. 100% recommend!😊
Really good listener, i loved our conversation :)
They are very helpful and ask thoughtful and thought provoking questions. Overall a very amazing and mature listener.
Good at listening and very helpful.
friendly and sweet, understanding and helpful
Great for my first 7Cups experience. Would definitely recommend.
Very kind and supportive ask very good questions to help me feel more confident in speaking about the issue
Great chat so far. Can't wait to talk again soon.
:) really good listener and responded kindly
Great listener, kind polite generous, and just down to earth. Totally recommend her any day to any one. She will brighten your day!!!
supportive enough,liked the person
Was really helpful and understanding
responses are fast and not hard to process.
Great person and lovely to talk to :)
She was very fun to talk with and is very understanding. She even helped make a new pronoun for they/them pronouns! Highly recommend her
They are a really good listener but seems a bit pointless the fact the listeners aren’t suppose to give advice.... like that’s what I care here for
Loved it she's helpfula Nd smart she can help me
very relatable and helpful
Very understanding and paitient
Helpful, and sounds trustworthy.
an amazing listener! made me feel a lot more calm, and like someone truly cared to hear my thoughts. good advice as well!
Really helpfull
Very helpful and professional.
She or he's responses very quickly and asks the important questions to get to the root of the problem. He/She shows empathy with every response. And I thank he/she so much. And I've only had her for a little while. Thank you.
Real chill
Really helpful kept me company so I did not cut for about an hour and I am so thankful for that!! I don't even know how to explain how thankful I am
This person was really great and she really helped me figure out a problem I had and she was really helpful
Great job, really helpful
Was really nice and knew what I was going through. Very Supportive and kind. She listens and does not judge. I really like talking to her.
Very nice and helpful. Also really supportive
They helped me realize something, after I been struggling with it for several years. It feels good to talk to someone who understands xxx ;)
Great listener, not afraid to admit when they don't know something. One of the best listeners I've had in a while.
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