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HI. My name is Marty and I a child of a Holocaust Survivor or Seceond Generation as we call it. The emotional damage cause by the trauma of the Holocaust has wounde my Mother Emotionally and thus also me. I have tried to deal with the pain by writing poetry about the the 2 gen experience and by using poetry to create some sort of narrative that I can connect to

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Feedback & Reviews
A very wise individual who helped me immensely and calmed me down in my most angst filled time. Showed me how to be vulnerable and happy.
Marty and I have known each other for quite sometime but this was the first instance when he listened to me. I have been going through bereavement for quite some time and I had been having a hard time finding someone who could relate and understand. I am thankful that Marty was here today. He is a very wise man and his outlook and understanding about this world is full of wisdom and new prospective. His words were very soothing and I connected quite well with him and I could now say, I finally found a great listener.

Thank you Marty for being a friend and an awesome human being!
Really empathetic.
Caring, considerate, empathetic. Really made me feel comfortable and cared for. A great listener, I would really recommend them.
Practical great tips - thank you :)
wonderful really kind person
2genpoet's simple responses with empathy allowed me to voice my feelings with complete acceptance. Definitely a top notch listener.
Thank you for your support.
2genpoet was very prompt in his response times, and listened to my problems without any judgment. It was hard to get out what I was feeling to a stranger, but 2genpoet made it very easy for me. I definitely recommend him if you want someone who is low-key, and will let you vent without interrupting or giving unsolicited advice. Overall, very professional!
2genpoet understands loss and suffering that only one who has gone through much suffering of his own will be able to get. I have not connected in a very long time with a listener as well as I have with him. I was able to be vulnerable and real and was held gently. Thank you for your warmth and kindness. The world is so much more beautiful with people like you in it. Highly recommend.
Kind and gentle. Empathises and understands... Patient and non-judgmental
Thank you
There is an intense fecundity to the fields of this listener's understanding. The fruits are so sweet.
I was in a very difficult situation and needed to talk to a counsellor. 2genpoet was absolutely fantastic. He asked good questions and gave me great insights on my situation. Thank you!
There is a careful and elegant style of discovery used by this listener. A gentle coaxing of information, letting you open your self to saying things you didn't realize you needed to say.
He was so understanding and dedicated. He really tried his best to help me and was sucsseful and created and personal conection whilst remaining very professional. I'm extremely impressed.
They were amazing... They help a lot and yeeee
You are awesome. Thank you so much.
There is a great caring heart in this listener. A safe place to leave heartache and bitterness. When there is so little else of hope or beauty to be seen, somehow he brings up hiden joys and possibilities that keep you moving, always in a forward direction. The gentle combination of faith in us, faith in beauty, and solid roots of comfort make this listener a joy to connect with, no matter the trouble. Here is peace, when it seemed no peace existed. Many thanks.
his words are healing . All the pain vents out like carrying something with it. The anger, frustration, insecurities and what remains is a loving hand which loves you unconditionally.
This level of empathy and kindness is so rare. An open and accepting heart with no reservations, no criticisms. How much a blessing to have one's broken pieces gathered up with care. It is difficult to know how the compassion and acceptance that I needed years ago could come across the sea so many many years later. It is not too late to help. I am blessed to have found this listener. Thank you Mr. Marty.
Super patient and lets me vent. Kind.
kind and caring as ever
Marty is an amazing listener. He is not afraid of holding the core of the issue. He was willing to hold my hand and take me deep for me to get to the crux of my problem, which I was unable to see or unwilling to accept. I was able to open up to him, to trust him with my issues. And then he was able to ally my fears and actually make me feel good about myself. He is truly what this site stands for - empathy, kindness, compassion and hope. Thank you for being such a anchor for me. Thank you for being there for me.
Thanks for listening, appreciate your insights.
Thank you,for being here always. I hope you realize how amazing you are. And I really appreciate the affection you shower along with the wise talk.
Stay amazing ❤
Really compassionate. Get's to the root of the issue that you may not have even seen beforehand, or may not have even thought of yourself to find the main cause of all of it.
amazingly sweet and will do anything to help. I highly recommend he will respond quickly and is just so nice and caring. The best person ive ever talked to on here!
This really helped me. It was just a quick conversation but I really enjoyed chatting on this as I felt like their was someone actually listening. I'm so happy to have found this! When I get upset I always want to talk to someone but never no who so now I'm happy to have found this 😊
helped me a lot.thanks
A very thoughtful person who doesn't give rigid advices and leaves you with open-ended options that are realistic.
she is nice
Marty asked me to keep up with him, and I messaged him about two weeks after our first conversation and he remembered what we spoke about, and was there for me like he said he would be. It means the world to actually KNOW that someone is there for you.
Very understanding and calming
I'm so pleased i met you!!! You have given me some incite into things i never knew and your links were fantastic to help me understand and in time resolve my issues you may well have helped to save my marriage and for that i will be eternally grateful! Thanks again and i wish you all the best :)
Quick response and very helpful and listening! Great guy to talk with.
One of the fantastic listeners on site! Empathetic, understanding and supportive. Stay safe and amazing!
Thank u Marty, for helping me go through the though time. U are a great listener and ur responses are very professional and on time. I feel much better and I hope i talk to u more often. Again thank u
Great Listener and very supportive.
Big thank you, 2genpoet
this person in actually LISTENING to me :)
2genpoet is very helpful and insightful. Really there for you. I recommend him to everyone with a bad family history.
A very great and caring man. He takes the time to hear what you have to say and encourages people.
He made me cry harder than I have in a long time, but he understood... he got the underlying issue. He made me feel safe. This was more than I could have asked for in a listener.
Really nice, calm, considerate and helpful person. Talking was a pleasure
One incredible listener. Without doubt the most kind and helpful person I've ever confided in!
Amazing listener- a heart of gold :)
experienced, sharp, good advice
This is my first time here but I found 2genpoet to be very understanding, compassionate, thoughtful and helpful. Excellent listener!
damn he is good !!
Marty was a profound help to me, and a blessing. He's very patient, kind, honest, and genuine.
Marty helped see a painful and confusing situation in a different light, and shared some reading materials to help make a decision.
Thank you ❤
What a brilliant, caring listener, thank you so much.
The conversation was easy going, felt really nice.. let me speak my mind, and being there for me, so greatly appreciated.
Intelligent and great listener. I truly enjoyed talking to him.
Marty is so nice and is so patient. Listened to me so calmly and helped me figure out what is best for me in life. Excellent listener!
Very helpful and understanding. Offered some great resources relevant to my situation. Thank you Marty.
Thank you.
My guardian angel
He was really helpful, kind, understood my problems, did know what I had, and things that I didn't know myself. I am really thankful for his help.
helpful and kind
An awesome human being. Very helpful and kind.
Listeners who oriented the conversation by asking the right questions and pointing out some issues that I haven't noticed, I will definitly recontact again if needed.
Helpful listener. I will definitly contact again if needed
Marty is an excellent listener. I really just needed a space to vent and I was provided with that, very welcoming individual as well. Reflected really well and was supportive. The conversation left me very relieved and I'm thankful for it. Thank you for everything :)
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