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Listener - Genius 9

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*I will ask if you have read this intro before starting our chat*

-->My main focus is on relationships & focus on finding practical solutions to the issues. I ONLY work with current romantic relationships and current friendships (purely platonic NOT crushes or friends with benefits). I DO NOT work with work/family relationships, crushes or breakups. I DO NOT work with sexual issues/fetishes/sex chats.
-->My other focus is weightloss and exercise (I DO NOT work with eating disorders or self-esteem issues). I have personal experience with both and happy to offer some helpful tips on how to workout and eating healthier.
-->If you don't want to discuss any issues- just want a friendly/chill chat, feel free to message me :)
-->If you have multiple topics you want to discuss please make sure they fall under relationship stress, exercise motivation or weight management as those are the ONLY topics I work with.
I'm sorry if I do not work with your topic. Please go to general chat to connect with a listener or go to browse listeners to find a listener that works with your topic(s). Thank you for reading this and hope to chat with you soon :)
Number of Ratings: 925
Number of Reviews: 428
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Listener Since Sep 13, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
She’s been helpful
Kind and receptive listener
You are patient and helpful. Thank you very much
Kind and simple
Truly caring soul ... :)
She understands
Was very honest, exactly what I needed
Good listener, objective
she is good listener
Clear explanation and answers are to the point.
Good chatter and friend
Patient but we had technical issues so weren't able to communicate
Listener looks like she really intend to help which is rare here
Supportive and caring, had a great chat
really sweet and patient
Good advice, will contact her if I need again.
honestly very helpful and the situation and the steps I need to take and much clearer after talking to her.
Good listener and really helped calm my mind.
You are so friendly and kind... Thank you.
good, very helpful
An amazingly friendly listener.
It's really amazing how cleaver is talking about your issues. Thank you.
Thank you for help.
Very well spoken
Very thoughtful and patience
Good communication
She is very helpful in her comments.
okay good thanks
She was super easy to talk to
helpful insightful
She helped alot it really worked so happy i met her! :D
She's very friendly,love chatting with her
Awesome listener
Very knowledgeable, knows what to say
Very hopeful and good listener.
Great listener....
Good listener.
best of all the listeners so far. Very professional
She is quite a good talker
she is very friendly and nice person
So kind, would love to talk again😊
She is so nice and helped me identify problems
It a blessing to have come across those motivating words and thanks a lot for the time and kind words.
Very helpful and understanding
Very straightforward and understanding. Super easy to talk to.
Really helpful, helped me get through my issues, and reassured me when I was feeling anxious!
She’s so nice. Feels like I’m talking to a friend
Awesomely great
Very professional and gives great advice
Helpful very much caring supported
It was so amazing talking to her! She truly was listening to everything and really knew how to help! I really recommend her for breakups/relationship trouble or just needing to talk about it! Would love to talk again :)
She's Nice and sincere
very good listener and very helpful!! Thank you so much
She was compassionate, caring, and wonderful to talk to. She let me explain my situation, and she didn't judge me for anything that I had done. Instead, she listened to me like a friend and offered support and guidance. I really liked how she understood my situation at once. I didn't even have to elaborate too much. I was panicking about my situation before talking to her, but I left feeling more at ease and with a plan forward. Best at her craft, and she totally deserves all this appreciation. I cannot thank her enough. :)
She was careful, respectful and a good listener
Very kind person
Lovely :) great listenrr
A really good listener. Stays on track and focuses on how the person is feeling. Shows empathy and makes me feel like she cares.
Fast reply, got some clarity, thank you!
She's very helpful.
Thank you! She provided helpful suggestions for sleep hygiene.
She was very helpful!
she was amazing. very helpful and understanding. i really appreciated her.
No one has helped clear my mind enough as much as them
Amazing, kind listener, who knows a lot about weight management and is able to motivate you. Thank you a lot!
She's really nice, caring and reasonable. :)
She was a great listener. And gave good feedback
A thoroughly good listener, very professional, caring and helpful.
Too good solving problem.
a really good listener
Loved it! Awesome chat!
very attentive and helpful!
She listened actively and helped me focus on the issue and what can be done. She's great!
She really helped me to find ways to improve my condition, eating habits and stay motivated.
Straight to the point. Loved our convo.
Very kind and a great listener
She's amazing, very clever and honest. I'm glad I got in touch with her. She understands everything so well, and is helping me by giving me her insights.
She took my issue seriously and gave me practical non influenced tipps on what I can do. Can only reccomend her.
A very good listener
Thanks for being a good listener and kind !
Reaching out to them was the best choice. They understood my situation and were humble enough to say they aren't the best person to help with my specific issue. Instead of leaving it at that, they identified my needs and directed me to a listener that was a perfect fit. Completely changed my day. Thank you!
She is really good
Very understanding and lovely person who knows just where your coming from and puts so much effort into helping!
she is very calm and polite .. nice to chat with
She was so sweet. I love her
Very thoughtful chat. Tha
Very understanding & open
great listener and helped a great deal
Great help, looking forward to chatting again
sweet, lovely and kind
She was bang on, very helpful.
Thank You! It was to the point and practical :)
Very nice listener, understanding and caring
This chat helped me a lot
Nice experience
she is a really good listener
She's very direct and honest.
Great listener, caring and takes the time to actually see things through whilst being extremely helpful.
Very good listener!
Good listener, Thank you
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