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Adsul |
Listener - Novice 4

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I am honored to have the opportunity to help you overcome the issues and concerns in your life. As a listener, I am here to assist you in any way that is needed and show you that there is always hope at the end of every dark tunnel. Thus, do not despair, help is always available.

I have a bachelor degree in psychology, and I am currently preparing to continue my education in Clinical Neusopsychology (PhD). I have a lot of research experience on the topic of suicide, and life/clinical experience interacting with individuals at risk. I love and value all life forms and preventive care; thus, I hope to focus my field work on children and child care.

I am here to listen, listen to YOU without judgments. I am here to treat you for what you are, a wonderful human being. I hope I get to touch your life in magnificent ways and get to help you overcome all that is burdening you.

Let's work today... together.... Shall we?

Your Friend.

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Empathic and helpful, thank you Adsul.
you have a beautiful soul
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