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Listener - Scholar 7

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Clients I take usually are people who, much like I did

* Dream about feeling passionate about life, yet feel lost, directionless, bored. Getting off bed in the morning for them is tough.

* Compare themselves to others. This has led them to doubt themselves constantly. They feel like an impostor and not good enough.

* Feel mad when others think they are lazy and they dislike advices. 

* Isolate from others, yet they long for closeness and feeling part of a group. 

* Despite saying they don't care what others think of them, they fear others would reject or exclude them.

* Spend their days feeling bored or overworking. They try hard.

* Struggle to concentrate. They often catch themselves mentally rehearsing future conversations, or recalling past events.

* Lately, only find solace in certain addictive pleasurable activities: food binging, shopping, sex, netflix, etc. They do not recall the last time they enjoyed something without guilt.

* Worry about the future & doubt about their next steps.

* Feel remorse about their current life situation, yet they've been procrastinating dealing with it. 

* Feel overwhelmed, cornered and tired of dealing with your emotions. There's no energy nor attention left to taking over other issues in their life.

* Feel alone, hostage of their emotions.

* Wonder if there's something wrong with them.

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Feedback & Reviews
Insightful and resourceful
The only professional I've seen here, excellent.
A very good listener. Would recommend to anyone.
AlanRY really helped me. When we started our chat I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and his practical method really helped me evaluate the process of why I was feeling bad in the first place and then helped transform it with really focused positive thinking exercises. Not to mention the patient and empathetic approach! Thank you!!!!
Great, awesome....listner
Alan is absolutely wonderful. He's helped me discover a newfound respect for myself, and has made me realize that taking care of my needs and wants is important for self-care. He's personable and professional, enthusiastic, and an excellent listener.
Very patient listener.
amazing listener,very helpful friendly and easy going
Alan is amazing. He helps me get through issues and sort out my thoughts, and provides excellent resources for me to use on my own. I can't express enough how spectacular it is to chat with him!
Alan is incredibly insightful and very helpful. He's professional while still being personable, and wonderful to chat with. I feel so much better after our chat!
Thank you so much for listening and helping me.
This listener has great insight and perspective. He made me think about things I didn't notice at first, but Im glad he helped me realized a lot of things. Thank you I really appreciate it.
Understanding and very good at problemsolving, helped me get back on track and focus a bit when I was having a hard time with that.
You've got to be willing to allow yourself time to tackle your problem, and I'm grateful to have Alan as a Listener while on the tightrope of recovery. I'd describe him as a knowledgeable and funny Listener who is with you for as long as you need him which is something I rarely received growing up. Feels good to be listened to and treated with the respect I deserve.
Thanks Alan!
Very understanding and was able to help me get back on the path I wanted to be on. Really fortunate to have had him answer my request.
He was great he helped me slow down and not panic over my thoughts and I have a better foundation from which to go from now!
i felt like a boulder was lifted off my chest.I could speak to him for hours.
Alan is a cool guy and keeps good company. He understood my problem (anxiety related) and even offered some solutions.
Thanks Alan
Very human. Very relatable. Provides good guidance with realistic approach.
He did a wonderful job at listening and paying attention to what i had to say, He asked great questions and stayed in tune the entire time.
Thank you for your support and kindness, Alan! Much gratitude :)
Talking to you feels good, thank you very much for your time, it's a pleasure to have a conversation with you.
helped a lot, very good listener and talker
Very understanding and nice! Also relatable :)
He asked such intelligent questions and his comprehension skills are excellent. Good listener!
Really supportive in my chat with what I needed, very greatful to have someone listen that's so nice and genuine but doesn't judge. Left me feeling better than when I started too, having only found 7cups a few hours previous to my first chat.
Thank you very much for giving your time to listen.
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