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Feedback & Reviews
Had compassion, replied fast, and took time to talk.
Great listener. He just know how to listen!
Very good listener
Let me rant out feelings
Genuinely nice person, very good listener and will take you seriously and make you laugh in the same sentence. Awesome person
I thought Alecto was really nice. I asked a technical question and I thought they were helpful.
Just good to speak to people who have been and are going through similar things
Feels like youre talking to a friend
Very helpful and great listener
Very helpful and kind person. Always willing to listen what you have to say.
Polite, fast response
The light I needed at the end of the tunnel today. Thank you! Alecto!! I feel so much lighter, just because of your kind heart. Thank you!
amazing listener
Great so far. Very much enjoying the service
Had a nice chat, would 10/10 chat again
Great listener.
Nice and kind chat
Very sweet and kind
Very helpful. Alecto totally calmed me down when I was feeling really anxious. So nice and comforting.
good and kind empathetic listened to me and is aware of what is going on
He's awesome and caring. Always want to help.
Really nice and listens very well
Listened pretty well.
Very helpful and responsive. Engaged in the convo and feels like they are actively listening
really good listener. could tell he was experienced. easy to talk to.
Thanks for the listening ear. Appreciate your supportive nature and willingness to engage in clarification with kindness and interest.
Very down-to-Earth
Good conversation and nice
quick responses and genuinely interested in helping me x
Was listening intently on my problems even though they could not relate. A great listener with a good attitude.
Amazing listener with a calm and soothing energy. An absolute joy to talk to and incredibly smart.
Good communication
he was very kind and understanding and talked to me about anything i wanted to talk about and non-judgemental. very good listener.
Alecto is best boy
Attentive. Listened well. Made me feel safe. No longer felt alone
Great at listening and hearing you out
Engaged and actively listens to you. Amazing.
They let me vent and vent, and didn't make me feel like i was annoying or anything. i left the chat relaxed and smiling
thank you for helping the avocado issue
Great listener really makes me think about things
Emotionally intelligent, it's as if he can see through my thoughts and provide the most relevant words at the right time
Really great listener
Great listener so far!
He is an awesome person all around. Didn't judge me at all and really made me feel like he genuinely cared about what i had to say. The sweetest person i have talked to on here. Funny too!
Very good listener, listens very patiently and questioning skill in incredible
Intelligent listener, had a good chat.
Friendly, very understanding, funny and genuine. It was truly great to talk with him, I felt like talking to a close friend :)
Really nice, helped me a lot! Also really funny
Great convo, even shared a little humor which I needed. Thank you.
Really great at asking questions
Attentive, down to earth, gave me lots of time to talk. As weird as what I said was he was still there to listen.
Awesome so far!
amazing person, knows what to do
honestly, the most helpful and understanding conversation I've ever had. The person seemed to sincerely care and said exactly the perfect things. This was such a blessing, it made me feel way better than speaking to my friends ever did. I'm so grateful!
REALLY COOL PERSON, great conversationalist, down-to-earth but also curious and not afraid to explore, great question-asker, knows what to say!!!!! Great listener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First time using 7 Cups, wanted to see what it was all about! I will be back!
He was friendly.
Alecto, was such a great, patient, non judgemental listener. He had some great empathy and communication skills and showed great understanding of how I was feeling.

Great insight - Alecto was very helpful in assisting me to workout what was at the core of my own feelings so I could understand them with a better perception. This enabled me to accept my own feelings and find the solution or peace of mind I needed.

Would highly recommend anyone reaching out to Alecto in their time of need.

Thanks Alecto 😊
really nice.
He listens really well and never judges what you say
Thank goodness for people like this.
so sweet and kind, incredibly helpful, a great listener and all around great human being
Such a nice guy, would love to sit down in person and talk more, 10/10!
Alecto is very cordial, and takes his time listening to you without judgment. I strongly recommend.
Nice person
Good Listerner
Amazing listener, so caring and fun to talk to. Would recommend him to anyone!
Really helped me connect my thoughts on how to handle my situation.
super nice person, thanks for the feedback. God bless!
Alecto was a great listener. He made me feel lighter and helped me figure out the goals I have to set.
Alecto is so amazing. I felt like he was a friend and I've know him forever.
He was great to talk to. Not only had good advice but was good to just let me talk. This was my first experience with 7 cups and I will definitely recommend it to others
nice listener
very great, caring, and empathetic guy :) thank you so much!!!!!
An AMAZING REAl Chat :-)! Thank you😊‼️
Really kind, and took the lead from me and what I was needing, and the support I was looking for. Alecto was very attentive and responded quickly and with empathy and care. Was helpful and so very easy to talk to. A real caring soul.
Really easy to talk to , makes you feel like you are one of his friends. He really does care about your problem, and would spend a lot of time with you to talk about whatever you want to talk about. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to find a truthful listener.
Alecto is very personable and easy to talk to. I felt like I could unfold without judgement. As you're scrolling through Listeners that you would like to chat with, I would strongly suggest you choose Alecto. I'm sure you would feel like you find a new friend in no time!
he is wonderful help i recomend him to anyone
Very nice and helpful. Made me feel better and more peaceful.
He was really nice c:
He really helped and was a great listener
Alecto was wonderful and caring, with big things brewing for the future! Truly inspiring.
Great person
Have never felt better and more alive. Thanks a lot Odel.
You were great to talk to!
Was very compassionate. Didn't push me to talk, very patient. Understanding
Listens well. Is good at finding out what's wrong
Chatting with ODEL was one of the most honest convos i have had in years. I was encouraged to just be honest and say what i needed, and it was a lot. ODEL was able to keep up despite how much info I had given. It started with other listeners having me open up a little and explore what i wanted to explore. Facing those little issues i had, culminated in me opening up in a way to ODEL that i don't know if i have ever been able to in my life. I was primed to be ready for complete self honesty and ODEL was prepared to listen to my new found self awareness and offer me encouragement to keep it going. It is sometimes hard to trust a change when it doesn't feel natural, but i was glad i had ODEL telling me that it could do it.
Great, helped a lot and friendly.
Pretty neat. Thanks for your time, Odel.
Thanks, ODEL, for reminding me of that which I forgot.

So friendly :3. God bless you
Great listener, really tried to understand what I was going through. I appreciate his helpfulness and his empathy.
Odel is a very sweet listener. He's really there with you.
A great person.
So funny and fast! He gave me a lot of helpful advice. Thanks so much!
I really liked him- he gave good advice and great response time, which I think is really important in a listener.
This listener has the love of Christ in them and very recommended.
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