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Please Read Red Text Below Before Requesting To Chat

For the most part, I only take Teen chats. If you are an adult and would like to request, please be aware that there are few topics that I am able to assist with. There is a list of topics I am not experienced with for teens and a list of topics I am experienced with for adults at the very bottom of the page.

Let's Begin with My Introduction

I'm glad you found me on 7 cups of tea. I'm Andrew and I am an 18 year old male who is starting his freshman year of college. I am here to listen to you. Every problem is significant, no matter the size of it, everybody deserves the chance to have their story heard. I am able to support you and try to relate to your situation as I do not judge people and I show utmost respect. You are allowed to feel the emotions you feel, you are never wrong for that. I believe that positive thinking is the key to happiness and that everything will pan out as it should.


A Bit About My Personal Interests

I LOVE working out, I enjoy listening to music, especially metalcore and alternative rock, playing video games on my PS4, hanging out with my close friends, and being active in online communities. I've overcome quite a bit in life and would like to do my best to help by listening to you. I personally have overcome a lengthy history of mental disorders and other mental issues giving me a level of experience and making me better able to support you in these areas!


Now Onto How I Can Help

♫ADHD♫Anxiety♫Breakups♫Bullying♫Depression♫Eating disorders

♫Family Stress♫Managing Emotions♫Panic Attacks

♫Relationship Stress♫Self-harm♫Sleeping Well


How to Contact Me

If I am Online: Please feel free to start a chat!

If I am Offline: Send me a message and I will reply ASAP!


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Additional Information

If you feel actively suicidal (meaning you are suicidal at this point in time), there are a couple resources available to you. I ask that you please keep an open mind to using these resources to your advantage because they are incredibley useful and easy, as I can tell you from personal past experience.

U.S.A Suicide Help Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Outside the U.S.A. Resource: Visit the non-profit suicide prevention website here where you can find suicide hotlines for your country.


I am glad you are choosing to seek out help and I hope you have a wonderful day! Rock on!


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Common Topics in Which I Have Little Experience for Teens: 

LGBTQ+ and Loneliness

Common Topics in Which I Have Some Experience for Adults: 

BDSM Relationships, Finishing High School, and College Stress

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Feedback & Reviews
no room for improvement, it was very helpful talking with him
He is a nice person to help me
Very helpful!
Easy to get along with like a great friend. he was really able to relate to what I was going through. Thanks for your help!
He surprised me. I will definitely look for this listener again.
Very nice.
Really helpful listener. Thanks for listening to me and helping me sort through my thoughts!
Thank you very much! You helped me in calming down and more!
Amazing person.
He is just amazing. I don't have any words to describe him. I loved talking to him as his words are really very soothing. Thankyou so much. May god bless you.
Very nice
all i can say is Thank you soo much :)
Thank you! So much
He was very good at listening,very kind!
It was great to getting good help
Absolut3 said everythign i needed to hear and was very reasuring
Absolut3Zero sat through the convo and gave feed back that really improved my life situation and allowed me to know if my choices where correct and would help me with my future.
He is really nice and gave me great advice when he could.
It was great talking to him and it did help a bit.
If you have any problems that he can respond appropriately to, I'd go to him since he tries to understand.
I had a pretty great chat! Thanks for the help!
He was very helpful and gave great advice. Thanks Absolut3Zer0
Thanks for listening and being patient with me :)
Super hepful
He's amazing he is smart and he's excellent at helping a+
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