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Hello! I enjoy supporting anyone that is struggling in their life. I LOVE cooking, hiking, camping, reading, movies and listening to music. I appreciate the little things in life. I've overcome a lot of struggles in my life and would like to help by listening to you. If I'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect. I am Happy that you are here! :)

"The greatest gift that we possess is to bear the pain of others without breaking and it comes from our most human part, hope"

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You really help me a lot. I feel a lot better now. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to my troubles!
Appreciated your empathy Mr. Lu. :P
I've only had one chat with Andrew so far, and I look forward to the next and the next. He is a great listener. He is interesting to talk to, and actually was able to distract me for a bit (which is not easy for me). He comes up with ideas in order to move forward. And gives hope. He is wonderful.
I'm so glad I found Andrew. He is amazing, extremely understanding and supportive! Super helpful! Thank you for being my friend!
His positive attitude is contagious.
Hey was really understanding to me, he made me think he genuinely cared you know? and that felt great. I would recommend anyone to chat with him, because he is not only understanding, but he breaks down all areas of the situation and ask questions to bring awareness. Thats something i dont get much of from most listeners and he was one who did it and it was enlightening. Keep doing a great job! :) - MAI
helpful and understanding...
Very helpful and honest person! He let me know things from his perspective on my relationship and it really helped. He is a very kind soul with all the intentions to help you in any way. Thanks Andrew!
Amazing person! i don't know, but he always knows what to say, really helped me change my attitude towards life and has really helped me transform into a more positive person!
Not very fast at responding when busy(which is understandable but still.), however he is very professional and good at understanding what you are going through. WOuld come back to him again, except when he isn't busy!
He is truly amazing and seems genuinely interested in interacting and trying to help! great listener!
He is Amazing and he sincerely cares and patiently listens! He also relates so well and gives you an insight to the problem at hand and all the help and advice you need to solve the problem! Genuinely helpful :) Fun to talk to!
Andrew is awesome! He was so attentive and helpful . After talking to him I felt so much better about things overall. He is a Wonderful listener and so encouraging!
Andrew was extremely helpful in my time of need after a breakup. He was very empathetic and knew the experience well. He has been so gracious with his time. I appreciate it so much
Thanks andrew! For the life tips you've given me.. It was really nice of you to take time and listen to me. I will do whats best for me from now on... -a
He is very knowledgeable about a lot of things. He is open minded and will champion you thru any situation you're going through. He offers well thought out, practical advice. He surpasses the ratings in all areas. He's very positive and uplifting. A genuine good person.
Amazing listener!!! It's like having a personal therapist on your iPhone. I highly recommend this individual , he will brighten up your day
Andrew is awesome & he really listens & cares!
great listener and understanding, giving very positive help and support.
normally i dont feel comfy to be open and talk so much to anyone,
really enjoy talking to him though. truly appreciated.
his smile makes me smile back. A very friendly guy
Like an older brother, but way better.
Thanks Andrew
This is my new best friend right here. :p Super awesome dude, caring, easy to talk to. I have a feeling I'll be writing him often. ^_^
The questions he ask are very eye opening, and motivating. Honestly
Every time I speak to him, he always helps to lift my spirits up. =)
Great listener, really genuine advice. Feels like talking to a good friend who knows exactly what to say to help you help yourself.
he is a very sweet understanding and mature person. I really wish i had him as a friend in the real world.
He is open and generous with his time and will . Thank you. I am still in session
I feel much calmer and distracted from what was bothering me than before talking to him. I appreciate it soooo much.
Very Nice Person :)
He was super helpful and really cool about my problems. Thanks man really appreciated your time to help me out.
He seems to really listen and dissect each part of the problem so nothing goes unnoticed. Speaking to him today was really helpful in the sense that, although he told me things that I already knew, he was reassuring and took the time to listen to each part of my problem.
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