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Hi. I often find condensing a person into a paragraph is difficult as you cannot expect another to do the same. So all I can say is that I am here to talk. That is all.

However, I won't get away with that on the web so I'll expand a bit more o(^▽^)o

I've dealt with anxiety and panic attacks, angry, bullying, going mad and near enough most by products of worry for most of my teenage life. I have thankfully been brought to a place where I am (mostly) aware of my self. I think the Zen monks call it Satori but I'll digress on that point.

I'm in training to be a psychotherapist and have already c0mpleted two foundation course in counselling. I won't go into the usual stuff of saying that I'm a good listener and so on, only to say that I know through dealing with friends, family and enemies what it is like to bring someone back from the Styx because I have been there.

It has always been my belief that the foremost important person in life is the person right in front of you. You can help someone who is having a bad day, you can make an impact in their life. You may fail but that is a part of life.
As mentioned above ,I am a somewhat confused Buddhist, so I can't say that I can help you on that...though if you want to talk about Buddhism I would ask that you do not, unless there is a topic on the forums etc.

I like life and I like writing, water colours, gym work and so on.

Another than that I am a bemused Irish man, and human being. And I rather enjoy that.
Feel free to chat, most evenings and Friday mornings.
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