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Hi! I’m sorry that I’m rarely here lately. 😌 . There have been a number of unusual events. I had several bouts of extended bronchitis and pneumonia, which knocked me to bits. I had my first serious asthma attack, which was scary. . And I experienced two unexpected but deep loves that have been the most extraordinary of my life. A special baby /toddler I was caring for, and a lovely man who reawakened a part of me that I had buried long ago. . Also, after being one of the earliest listeners at 7 Cups (joining in August 2013), with many warm and wonderful times, I had some bad experiences. I pondered why it occurred, and the extent of my own responsibility. Very difficult. I became uncertain. And afraid, and the joy drained out of being a Listener.  Plus, I turned 66 years old in 2018. It feels unreal to keyboard that. Yet, from January through April 2019, I worked more than 60 hours per week at my three part-time jobs. (Yes, one of my weaknesses is being unable to say No when people express a need for help.) Anyway, in April 2019, I quit two of my jobs.  Time for Annie to reach out for her dreams.   .  I lived in France for three months in autumn 2019. I signed up for four cultural exchanges that provided room and meals in exchange for volunteer work like teaching. . It was AMAZING. . Then 2020, the year of Covid. I quietly returned to being a regular Listener at 7 Cups. Just 1 to 1 chats. It’s been lovely.  I’m very booked; I’m sorry I can’t accept more members. I will do my best. I hope you will understand when I must decline more commitments.

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Feedback & Reviews
Annie has been a great help to me in uncovering the traumatic memories that I have been having. She's supportive and genuine. I love her very much. She's a great asset to cups.
Annie is tough and this is good. I need someone who is not afraid to remind me that I’m not the enemy. She is so sweet and helpful for me during my grief and talking of my traumas
Annie is very sweet.
A very sweet listener
I don't know where I would be without Annie’s guidance. Sometimes it feels like near chance that I decided to come to this website on a whim in that random hotel room by myself when I felt so very alone after a break up. I don't know how much I’ve thanked her, or if I have ever, just...let this be a big thank you to Annie from me.
Oh Annie!? Where can I start!? Even if I start I won’t be able to end. Annie, you're a prove that kind souls still exist on this earth, you picked me up when I felt the whole world was against me. You showed me that after all darkness in life exists but we can’t allow ourselves to live in such darkness forever it can hurt us badly. You held my hand with love and patience and led me to the bright side of life. The bright pretty side of life I have been blind to, that no one ever encouraged me to see that side ever other than you. Thank you is not even enough to express how grateful I am for all your love, support, patience and the endless mountain of positivity you offered me! Stay awesome the way you’re Annie, we need more kind souls like you on this earth! :)
She's so positive and intelligent. May she always be the light! God's love and blessings to you !
Annie is such a delightful and considerate person. We have been talking for almost a yr and half and i grateful for her.
I have been supported by Annie for a fairly long time and with out her open honest and caring support i would have struggled a lot longer than i have. I have had counselling from others but having Annie there whenever I needed to ‘talk’ kept me a float when i felt like i was sinking. She has never been judgemental, she is kind, respectful and has great empathy.
I am so glad i connected with her on 7cups.
one of the kindest, sweetest listeners here.
Amazing person truly helpful kind hearted truly cares 4 people good at what she does
such a beautiful soul, love this girl! :D
There are times in life when you don't know what you need or where to find it. Sometimes that need is contact with a compassionate and loving angel. Someone who has walked a similar road and can truly empathize with your journey. Someone who chooses to show up for you and to be both loving and consistent. Annie has been that for me. I will forever be grateful for the understanding and gentleness. And for so much more that I don't know how to articulate .
Annie has been an angel for me.... Responsive, supportive, down-to-earth and just very pleasant and kind. Highly recommended!
I couldn't have asked for a better listener. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sometimes someone comes into your life at just the right time, says just the right thing, and supports you in just the right way. That person is Annie.
Annie, you are amazingly kind and awesomely awesome! I appreciate your time and attention. Thanks heaps and bunches!
Very lovely
Thank you
Annie has been a valuable caring listener to me during a long and sad time in my life. She doesnt judge and has open and honest words to help me sort out my life. I am so glad she was there.
Was nice to talk to someone who understood my frustration and sources of anxiety
Very quick to respond and very caring. Tries to help you in any way she can and shares relevant life experiences to show she can relate. I'm so thankful to have met her.
She is great😊
Annie is great to talk to!
If this site was to ever hire anyone to be on their team here, i would highly suggest Annie, I have been going through so much and she is a real blessing.
Annie was very quick to respond and provided me with some heartfelt, good advice! I am extremely appreciative!
Annie is very lovely to talk to, completely understanding, and knows just the right words to say, i feel much better and feel like a weight has been lifted just talking with her
The sparkliest star of my life deserves no less than the best brilliance of all. You are such an adorably sweet spirit that it's hard to remember that you're, in fact, human. I don't think you realise just how much you affect my life. Your generous compassion, wonderful words, beautiful soul -- everything about you just screams awesome! You are honestly one of the sole reasons I can smile and a reason to keep going, a firm reminder of how much good there is in this world. I will hug you. Forever. Seriously! It is SUCH a joy to talk with you and oh my gosh, you certainly have a way of effortlessly bringing a smile to others' faces despite how they may be feeling. Never lost that gift of yours please. I constantly constantly thank the day I met you because I gained such a wonderful person as a good friend, and practically a sister. You are amazing, please don't ever forget it. #AnnieIsAwesome
Thank you annie. I would like to resume the coversation soon
Annie has helped me more in a few months than my therapist has in a year. She helps me put things in context, rather than in absolutes and I always feel stronger after having talked to her.
Annie is such a great and kind listener. She really tries her best to listen and help people. She truly has a great gift for this with such a kind a soul. Thank you so much
Annie is the sweetest most reliable listener I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. She is insightful, sweet, and all around wonderful.
Annie has a very positive attitude and just being able to talk to her give me joy and the passion to continue on this journey called life. I have new hope and new strength.
Annie has been a valuable caring support. She has always been there and has given open and considered words when needed. The world needs more people like Annie.
She was definitely helpful :)
Always helpful and tries to help you learn how to underway abd cope with what has brought you to 7 cups :)
Very good
It was great to have what felt like a really nice and genuine person. Can't say that for many on here
Really kind and sweet Listener
Very polite and accomidating
Extremely helpful :)very pleasant to talk to about anything on your mind :)
Amazing, great advice. Makes me feel better every time!
Annie was a really, really good help for me. I was feeling very bad, nearly crying every few seconds, and she helped calm me down and kept me talking. She helped me make a big decision to go get help, and she was one of the best listeners I've talked to on this site so far
Annie is ridiculously intuitive.
Annie is the best
Annie seemed great to me. Got me talking right away made me feel pretty good. Gave good advice and someone I will return to and talk again to
Annie is the greatest. She was empathetic, understanding, and real. She made me feel so much better and actually normal. I pay a ton of money for therapy each week but honestly, Annie is better.
Thank you so much for your help
Annie was one of the best people I've ever spoken with and she helped so much. I hope to speak to her about other issues soon.
I was having a really bad day with all my problems and talk with Annie really helped a lot!
Great listener, very supportive.
A great listener and very complimenting!
Thank you so much Annie! You have made my first experience with 7 cups of tea that much more easier, you've helped me come to terms with what has happened and the options that I have. Thank you again
Seriously the most helpful listener ever-here & in real life. Helped me through some stuff I felt like no one would understand. Sees what's really going on behind the words on the screen. Gave me a whole new perspective. I feel so relieved just after talking w/ her. I'm serious. Lol if someone online can change your life it's her :)
I am so grateful to Annie. She has been helpful, kind and supportive.
Totally amazing, sensible and warmhearted person. Can highly recommend.
Really thorough and insightful, super sweet. I felt kinda lost & Annie helped me feel a lot better and think realistically. She really goes the extra mile to help people & really cares :)
Annie, was amazing. So supportive and empathetic. I feel lucky to have had her answer my message

Thank you!
Amazing interaction and support!
Annie is a great listener. Really helping me to talk about my problems and what's happening
helped me reach the end of my thought process. excellent guide.
Annie helped me. She listened and responded with care and understanding
She's really great! She totally understood what I was going through and drew on her own experiences to help! Highly recommend!
Annie does a good job of making you feel cared about and empathizing with your needs, while at the same time, getting individuals to hold themselves to healthier and better standards.
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