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I'm living in Dubai for a year for work and taking some time away from live chats as my schedule is more erratic. I'll still be checking and responding to messages, but unable to schedule anything live for the time being.  Take care, all! <3 


Hi all, I'm glad you've found my profile here! I truly love to listen and help others, and am particularly versed in eating disorders, work stress, and sexual assault, though happy to discuss anything, including sexual issues / sexuality. If you feel like you could use some extra support or help working through a problem, please reach out!

I'm a former ambassador and still happy to support listeners or offer a place to vent when needed even though I no longer hold any formal position beyond listener after stepping down from my leadership roles.

You can feel free to message me and we can message back and forth not live or set up a time to chat. I'm hard to catch sometimes, so plan to set up an appointment with me.  I'm also open to messaging back and forth not live, but more frequently, if that's preferable for you.

If you see me in the forums, you'll know I have a few favorite quotes around recovery and strength that I throw around all the time, so I'll share them here, too.

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

"Never forget you are worth more than the value you place on yourself."

"Every day might not be a good day but there is good in every day."

Much love to all,

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Number of Reviews: 147
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Languages English
Listener Since Feb 26, 2015
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Chats 7,135
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Feedback & Reviews
Anomalia is such a caring person. Just seeing I have a new message from her lifts my spirits as I know there's something good waiting for me.
Excellent listener. Good questions and never rushing things
Anomalia is one of the best listeners I ever had!
Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate you!
She was so patient and stuck with me through my frustrations, and guided me back to a calm state.
Very helpful listener. I had a question and Anomalia answered it right away! Thank you!
Love this listener she is the best
I read through all the long, glowing reviews on her account and feel like whatever I'm saying now will be inadequate, so I'll just say that yes, she deserves all the praises and accolades posted on here.
Wasn't afraid to engage with me on some really heavy stuff. She's brave and compassionate and patient.
Anomalia is a great listener who had always been there to answer my messages, asked insightful questions and listened to complex topics and life situations. Thank you for being there
I am glad to have learned (mostly) when Anomalia is joking and when she is serious. She was encouraging me today to take up my friend on his offer to help me learn to cook. It seems to me that (learning to cook) is harder or less desirable when the learner has an eating disorder. But I need to eat, so if I learn to cook (and/or become better) then I will have something Different! to eat. :) Thank you, Anomalia, for your encouragement today.
Anomalia is just exceptional. I can’t praise her enough. She’s so reliable, calming, and ultimately leaves me feeling stronger and more positive every time I chat with her. Super special lady.
She was very helpful.
I wrote this here in our conversation today: "@Laura ... my (L), @Anomalia, she just asked a very important question. Insightful!" (That was at 1:51 PM, our time - living in the same time zone helps a lot!) Anomalia is good at asking important questions - even if she knows they may be uncomfortable or that I might not want to answer that question just then. I think Anomalia and I have a good (L)/(M) relationship :) and for this, I am very thankful.
Anomalia is an Amazing Listener, She always finds a way to make time for a chat even if I ask in short notice. Thank you for all you do!
They're a great listener, they give excellent advice and are understanding even when I can't make sense of my own thoughts.
By far the best listener I've spoken to. Has the ability to hear and understand me clearly, read between the lines, show me things I have missed. She makes me feel heard and understood and gives Intelligent, meaningful feedback. A very mature listener. I'm very impressed.
Asked great questions, seemed to know what I meant when i was telling them stuff. Thankyou a ton for your time! Hope we can chat again! -Kat
I have chatted several times with Anomalia. She is a great listener because she takes it seriously. By that I mean, she sets aside time, she listens and then responds, often with very appropriate questions. I would say that she is not afraid to challenge me as a member - or at least help me to look at the situation from a different point of view. While that is hard at times, I do know that for some of my *stuff,* it is so very needed for me. Thank you, Anomalia, for hanging in there with me.
A very lovely person
Anomalia was helpful today in ... asking me what is important to talk about today. She mentioned that our last few chats seem to have been more chat like, rather than "I need to talk about this" type conversations. I am thankful she said this, for I was feeling that too, but I didn't know how to address it. Thank you, Anomalia, for being willing to discuss the hard and important things - as well as to "just talk" as needed.
Anomalia has been my listener for over a year now, despite her busy schedule she manages to check up on me. She has an excellent understanding of listening skills and is always more than empathetic, thank you for everything!
Anomalia is absolutely great. She's mature, very supportive and wise. What she says is very meaningful and makes a huge difference to me. I am extremely grateful for her.
I was nervous to connect with a listener. I have anxiety talking to people and trust issues. Anomalia is great and lets chat move at my pace. I have been able to share things that I never thought I'd be able to. I appreciate her and the time she takes to send thoughtful responses.
Thank you so much!
I appreciate how Anomalia is sensitive - not only to what I say, but to what is possibly underneath what I'm saying. The "reading between the lines" sort of thing. She seems very knowledgeable on a variety of topics and I'm learning to trust that stuff I talk about stays between her and me - only. I look forward to talking with her again.
great listener! rearranged her schedule to work with me, was understanding and able to help me with a number of topics. would go to her for help again
A very nice caring person who I can talk to at all times if I needed thank you I recommend her for anyone
I have nothing but the highest praise for Anomalía. She is so so kind and compassionate and her experience lends to extremely helpful insight and wisdom about getting help and seeking healthier conditions. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me, I am beyond grateful for your compassion and advice! ~Abby
Anomalia has been a great listener from a long time, most listeners end up not taking chat after a while as they bit busy but she still listens despite her listener roles and I really appreciate that!
There’s something about Anomalia that feels safe, comfortable and reassuring. She never fails to find the right words, and always leaves me feeling genuinely cared for.
Helped me to find on this webpage what I was looking for!
Anomalia helped me feel supported. She allowed me to talk about how I was feeling and is by far the best person I have connected with1
Thank you Anomalia for your kind help. It made me feel better to speak with you and share the latest news. Thanks for your interest in listening to me, for the questions that help plan for the next steps, and for your care.
Anomalia really helped me in just one hour session. I look forward to our next session
perfect listener, attentive, understanding, nice and easy to talk to.
Anomalia, Means so much to me. She has been there for me since I first came to get help from 7 cup. When I grow up I hope to be Just like her! She believes in me when I don't even believe in myself... She really cares for me and still is By my side every step of the way... I think of her as My ONLINE MOM :) I love you and thanks for never giving up on me... -The one and only Payton- xoxoxoxo
Anomalia, thank you for helping me to think 'outside of me' today. Meaning I feel confused on this situation - thank you for giving me another viewpoint or helping me to see it in another way. That was helpful.
Patient in dealing with my issues
Honest in what she say
they are nice
I really feel blessed that Anomalia agreed to connect with me once a week even if she is busy in site and in the real life. This listener is something wonderful, someone that can truly get me and address all my needs and feelings. I love to set goals with her and I love that she helps me to reflect my therapy sessions. Shortly, no matter what your issue is, if it's listed or not in her topics - you should totally try her. You will not regret that!
Anomalia is Wonderful and very patient. Thank You for always being there to support me even with your busy schedule you find time to send a quick reply back. You are a great asset to this community. Thank you for being here!
Anomalia is wonderful. Really listens and is able to give some very helpful support. I would recommend her to anyone that is struggling and looking for a great listener.
Very enjoyable chats!
Very very amazing listener!
Anomilia Has been there for me since day one. She is such a great person and I am so glad to have her in my life... I know I wouldnt still be fighting everyday if I didnt have her... She Means so much to me and I am greatful she believes in me more than I believe in myself... She helps me to want to keep fighting... Shes Amasing person...
Anomalia, took the time to listen. She is kind and considerate, responded quickly, was on time for our chat, she was understanding and related well. I would recommend her a listener to everyone. Thank you for being here!
Anomalia is so Kind and Caring. She always takes time out of her week to talk to me when I ask. Thanks for all that you do!
She was awesome listener. We talked about serious topic, the one I am really not ready to talk yet and she was supportive and have me space, told me that all my feelings are valid and her messages was so supportive that i felt like i talk with a pro
Takes awhile to respond, but super amazing when she does. Writes long, thoughtful messages that rly help
Anomalia is amazingly supportive and caring, she knows just want to say to make things seem so much more manageable and she really understands. She didn't judge me and made me feel like what I had to say mattered and that I was worth her time. Such a kind, caring and compassionate person.
Anomalia, thank you for not being afraid of certain subjects (like those that I've hinted at) but instead somehow encouraging me to talk about them. It's scary, but it's okay. Thank you for your help in that!
She is awesome at listening and I'm do glad I could find someone like her to help.
Lovely human being. I am so glad I found Anomalia here. She is very skilled at listening and has a big kind heart. Thank you Anomalia for having used your time to help me through low moments. Take care ❤
Thank you Anomalia! You are so kind, I shared a lot of stuff about me I wasn't expecting. I feel so comfortable chatting with you. Thank you!!
Thank you, Anomalia, you really helped me :D
An incredible listener with her heart on the right spot! Thank you so much Anomalia
Anomalia is very kind and compassionate. Always takes time to listen to me and I appreciate it. Thank you!
Thank you for the availability and kindness Anomalia! You helped me to think about how to move on in the best way, and you let me express my pain. It was lovely to chat with you. Take care
Thank you for listening to me Anomalia. It was helpful that you let me speak about what I wanted and you didn't judge my feelings or situation. Thank you :-)
I have been struggling in silence for a good chuck of my life now, and 7 Cups has now become that support system I needed. My journey towards recovery began here. Anomalia was able to take the twisted knots of my struggles, and untangle what looked impossible to me. They have shown me the greatest support out of every single listener I have connected with. Though busy with their life, they still manage to write the most heart warming, loving, compassionate, empathetic and understanding responses. Anomalia has helped me, and continues to help me to this day in bring perspective into my life; they have made a huge mountain of an obstacle look like a mere hill to cross over. Through their beautifully phrased sentences, Anomalia has guided me into identifying those holes in life, which need to be filled using positive coping strategies. The questions they have asked are open-ended and truly get me reflecting. I have started understanding my struggles better now because of them. I assure you, they have never judged me, and they have never said I was wrong; they have only been giving unconditional love, while actively listening to me. I feel heard, I feel cared for because of them. Ever since the first day I started speaking to them, I immediately knew I could trust them, I never hesitated speaking my thoughts and emotions, and only felt comfortable through out each conversation. Anomalia, continue to put their efforts on 7 Cups, and I appreciate every ounce of support they have given me. It’s safe to say, they will always be my best listener, and I have no regrets in connecting with them. Thank you so much for everything you do.
Great listener. Best I have come across here yet. Wonderful, compassionate, attentive, kind,
Very professional and understanding. We spoke about work stress, and I felt Anomalia understood my situation and choices really well. Thank you so much Anomalia!! Take care
Anomalia is great! She's very empathetic and guides the conversation to help me find ways to make myself feel better. We agreed at the beginning that messaging back and forth over a long period of time would be better than an instant message chat as our schedules don't really line up, but she always gets back to me in a timely manner.
Excellent, very kind and helpful. Helped calm me down after stressful scenarios.
Anomalia is a wonderful listener. She has helped me through some of the hardest times and doesn't walk away. Thank you
Anomalia was very kind and listened with a lot of attention. She helped me explore different things I could do about a tricky work situation. And she completely understood my feelings about things from the past that were heavy. My whole day had been miserable and I felt a lot better after speaking with her. Thank you Anomalia!
Thank you Anomalia for your support and messages. I am so grateful for your help. Thank you!
It is not easy for me to open up but Anomalia did a great job of talking me through things. Despite being a minor issue she never downplayed my words. Thanks Anomalia. You are such a great listener :-)
Anomalia was so supportive and helpful. I really appreciated talking things through
Thank you for helping me to talk about things I don't want to talk about. You are good at reassuring me and helpful in getting me to open up with you in a non-threatening way. Thank you. Some of this I've never told anyone, ever - so it's scary, even to type it. Thank you for understanding.
Anomalia has been a huge support via chat and then offline messages. Thank you for your kindness Anomalia
Anomalia was very helpful today in helping me look for the pros and cons of a future conversation that I really don't want to have. She is caring and sensitive. Thank you, Anomalia!
Anomalia was really insightful and nonjudgmental. I really appreciated her thoughtful replies. She validated me without sounding like she was feeding me a line. She is a truly natural and lovely listener, and I'm so glad I had the chance to chat with her.
She is great
Im looking forward to talk to Her more
Anomalia is lovely, a really kind human being. Thank you for listening to me Anomalia, and for being here.
You're absolutely lovely!!! Thank you so much for the chat. You're incredible!! Keep up the good work!!! :)
so so understanding and helpful, everything i needed. definitely recommend :)
A really really kind listener thank you for all of your time 💙
She is who she is of course it was good
Anomalia was really kind and empathetic. I spoke about more than I thought I would. She is really understanding.
I love her... shes awsome
Very professional and analytic. Definitely worth chatting with.
Anomalia is a wonderful, caring and empathetic listener. She allowed me to tell my story, and listened. You can feel a real geniuine care from her when she talks to you, and that really heals half of the pain. Thank you so much, you are awesome. Julia
Anomalia is not only the most compassionate and understanding listener I've found on 7 Cups, but full stop one of the most understanding and empathetic people that I've ever come across. She heard me, she actually heard what I was saying, which wasn't what I was articulating in words, she helped me explore my situation in a way that my frazzled mind is no longer capable of doing.

She let me know that I wasn't alone, that there's hope for me, that there's a way ahead for me, and helped me cast aside a lot of my whirlwind thoughts. Even though I was crying through most of our chat, she made me smile, and see that there was a way through, and gave me hope that I can make the right decision no matter what happens.

You're a truly special person, Anomalia, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thankyou for listening and for not shouting and for explaining it's ok for me to cry.
She really helped me a lot. And she gave me a wonderful insight on how to define myself. A great personality . She will respond to you always . Thank you . :-)
The best I found! Thanks a lot💋
Thanks for listening to me.
I was able to talk about a lot of stuff that is bugging me and stresses me out.
An helped me a lot in my trouble and it guided me to learning an important lesson in life. I won't be able to thank her enough, and more than a listener I consider her my friend! Thanks so much! :)
made me feel listened too thankyou
Anomalia is truly a professional listener with a lot of heart and tactfulness.
Your words are very helpful to open up. You seem to understand my feelings. You show eagerness to listen and help.
I highly appreciate the effort... Keeps on checking up on me despite being on a tight schedule.
The BEST you'll ever come across! Just too brilliant and compassionate!
Anomalia is one of the busiest people on 7cups. They are always working to improve upon people's experiences on the site and is a tireless contributor to the members and listeners of 7cups. However, in spite of the MASSIVE workload they have, you won't find a better listener! Anomalia is compassionate, friendly, insightful and just an overall amazing person. If you're looking for someone who just "gets it", without feeling the need to fix you but rather seeks for the answer deep inside of you, this is your person! Thank you, Anomalia for all that you do.
Anomalia is very warm, inviting and easy to talk to. She never makes me feel like something I said is silly. I never feel judged. She explains things and put things into perspective in a way that helps me understand and feel better. She makes me feel understood and heard. Really shows empathy in a way that is convincing and not robot-like. I feel very fortunate to have found her.
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