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 I am very glad to be back and want to thank everyone. No matter how strong we are, support increases our strength. It is like a sip of fresh air when troubles fall upon us and do not allow us to breathe. I am so grateful for everyone's support and care. I am sure your prayers kept me safe and I can not tell you how much I appreciate you all. I always will remember your kindness and will be grateful for the friends I have here. Stay safe💜 with love, Aria 

Hello, Thank You for checking my profile! (IMPORTANT if you are having anxiety, panic attack Now and I am offline please scroll to the bottom of this text to the section marked:  🐬; Unfortunately, I'm not able to take any chat requests from members at the moment. Please feel free to connect with the other >listeners<.)

I am Aria, nice to virtually meet You. 

For me, it is significant that You feel comfortable and safe talking with me. I will be more than happy to do anything I can for us to talk in a friendly and trustful atmosphere.

My purpose in 7Cups:
I am here to listen to You because what you feel and think matters, support You to the best of my ability,  be with You so You do not feel like You are alone and assist with figuring out steps in your situation. 

(I will try to tell you the basic things about me which could be decisive for You to know before You start talking to someone)

My personality: 
I am a rational,  optimistic, and open-minded person. I do not have a 'judgment bone' :)  For me talking things out is often helpful in getting clarity and identifying the best next step with any issue. 

Do you know what is your Personality Type?  You might enjoy finding it out > 
here<. I would love it if you drop me a line about what you have found out and how did it make you feel.

My personality type is Protagonist A

  „…Protagonists take a genuine interest in other people, approaching them with warm sociability and a helpful earnestness. They are valued for the capacity for insightful and inspiring communication and sensitivity to the needs of others.’’(

My Experience:
I had a lot of challenging events in my life including health issues, relocation to another country, meaningful relationships, school/work troubles. All resulted in me being personally acquainted with anxiety, panic attacks, sleep troubles, and personal crises. Those events transformed my life drastically, I became braver and changed my path.

Me Now:
 I am checking the box 25-30 years old. I am a working student pursuing a totally new career, so I can help people. I am interested in being productive and healthy, so I enjoy learning about self-development a lot. Also, I love philosophy, psychology, communication, and business literature. In my self-care time, I enjoy listening to jazz or rock. 

Thank You so much for reading until this point, You are a very carrying soul!


(I trust my Tweens are able to support you with issues that are out of my range)

  @alwaysindigo is my generous, devoted, and very gifted Tea Twin.  They are so electrifying and knowledgeable,  thanks to them I am on my way to speaking a new language.  Indigo has experience helping with eating disorders,  self-harm bullying, exercise motivation,  forgiveness,  sleeping well and others.

@jovialButterfly6752 is my brain mirror image, sometimes it seems we absolutely, can communicate telepathically. Jovi is a tireless innovator and the most efficient leader. They are  Global Community Mentor, Quality Mentor and Listener Coach, so you can reach them if you want to boost your skills.

@kindLemonade is my incredible Multipotentialite Twin. With their kaleidoscopic abilities, they challenge me to be better every day. 

@mentalspace7cup is my talented Listener Twin. A very kind, loving and caring person. They can support with issues like depression, loneliness, eating disorder,  and others. 

@SparkyGizmo is my kind friend. Honorary recipient of Aria's Biggest Heart Award. One of the most encouraging and supportive people here on 7Cups.



🐬 I am so sorry you are going through severe anxiety right now. I know it is very scary and even physically hurtful sometimes, but You will be Ok. It is not a physical failure it is just your brain got scared because of some trigger. A panic attack usually lasts between 5 and 20 minutes, rarely up to an hour ( but It Will Pass, it always does. 
Please if you have the ability to reach people who can support you it might be a good idea to do so.

The most important thing is to get in control of your breathing, it might calm down your brain. 

1) Diaphragm breathing helps when you have difficulties breathing and will help to calm down, here is the link to a video guide >
Breathing<   If you need it urgently, the direct instructions about breathing start at 00.43 (You can come back to my profile to try other steps after checking the link) 

2) It is possible to use the gif to regulate the birthing rhythm. Just breathe in when the flower opens and out when it closes >
Gif to breath with<.
You are doing well! You will calm down soon.

3) To calm the anxiety it is important that we Ground ourselves there are many techniques to do it including Bilateral stimulation. Here is one of them, it is simple and can be done in any situation:
Butterfly<  If you need it urgently, the direct instructions start at  00.17

You might search for 'grounding technique’, 'bilateral stimulation’, 'dissociation for fear/thoughts’, 'cognitive defusion techniques’ to find more mechanisms that can help you to calm your anxiety.

4) Defusion, separation from fear. Anxiety usually circles a scary thought in your mind, you feel afraid. Please instead of saying 'I am anxious about… or I am afraid of… ' try to use this templet out-loud:

1*st say: I am feeling fear about….. 
after saying that  2*say: I have a thought that I am feeling fear about…
after go for 3*saying: I have noticed a thought that I am feeling fear about…

5) I am so proud of you for helping yourself and seeking support! 

If you feel like it please connect with another Listener. You might benefit from getting in touch with the listener, who has personal experience with Anxiety, to do it click "More filters” -> „Topic” -> „Anxiety" and you will see the list with listeners. Browse for listeners here

You are amazing and so strong for coping with anxiety! ❤️ >My love< and care are with you! I hope you will feel better as soon as it is only possible.

(Please,  write to me few lines about how are you feeling after the crisis or when you are feeling like it because I am worried about you. I will answer as soon as I see it)

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Feedback & Reviews
ariadne IS A GREAT LISTNER xd banna
Good examples felt heard my question and concern.
Such a wonderful person. So kind, so caring, so understanding to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have to say❤️ I recommend Aria. Such a lovely lady
Very Kind and understanding
thoughtful and caring person
Great supporter!
So caring and so kind . Really loved her
AriadneLove shows individual attention and generosity. This listener and mod has a very positive and encouraging style of conversation. AriadneLove notices when someone in chat may benefit from chatting with a listener. Very attentive and inclusive.
I reached out for help and the listener has tried to help with every question I've had. Thanks so much.
Incredible listener! Really communicates and provides a genuine conversation. My topic was quite taboo in nature, yet she made me feel so safe to share everything that was on my mind. Can't thank you enough :)
She is the best. Very helpful and loving. Patient with me and so much caring. Best listener I ever had. She is a wonderful friend.
AriadneLove! 💗 Definitely the best listener i ever had here. She has so many gifts 💖 She is supportive, patient, empathetic, warm, kind and she even has a great sense of humour. She made me feel safe to share my life-experiences openly with her. She validated all of my feelings and i never felt judged. Ariadne is so caring, she even provided useful resources and helped me lower my anxiety levels. I'm so impressed by her knowledge on anxiety, as i now see things from a different angle and have realised my inner power thanks to her. She is a blessing and if someone struggles, i definitely recommend talking to her about it. I cannot thank you enough, Ariadne! You are an angel. I'm sure that anyone who reaches out to you is gonna feel heard and seen, just like i did. ❣️
Thank you so much, truly helped me to feel better and offer me solutions. Also very supportive, hope you the best!
the best listener i have ever met.
Was very kind, understanding, and resourceful. I felt heard and a lot better after having a conversation with this listener!
Very kind and caring listener. I recommend to anyone.
Supportive and amazing 🌸🌸
Really kind and willing to go the extra mile to help you understand your conflicting feelings.
Aria is a professional listener, i would pay her if this is a service, because whatever shes doing, it works.
Felt comfortable and honest listener I'm feeling better after this chat thank you
She is very supportive and amazing.. She checks out on you to make sure you improved.. She breaks things into simple steps to help you understand better... I definitely like the conversation and get positive vibes that lift my spirit
A great listener who knows what she does and cares about you.
Great listener! So kind and helpful. Helped me to see things from a different perspective/analyze the situation productively.
She is amazing
She is very perceptive and helpful.
I am really glad that i talked tonher she is a very nice and kind person and very rational too 😉 talk to her trust me you will feel better
i loved it!!! i would like to talk to u again
Aria is a really good listener who really talks you through all options if you're in a confusing spot. She is patient, understanding and kind. :) Keep up you compassionate soul!
A wonderful kind person, a great listener and very supportive. Thanks so much for your help!
One of the best listeners! Very helpful and understanding. Kind and Compassionate. Empathetic and insightful. Helped me to understand what I was going through and also provided me with resources that would help me. Aria is just AMAZING!
I really needed to talk to someone like that! Amazing person! Thank you so much ❤
Really genuine listener... you're a GEM... and smart... thanks for genuinely solving my issues...I will always remember that I met you.... thank you...
One word: Awesome. Thanks for everything, you are a gem.
Very nice listener, highly recommended.
What an amazing, honest and caring listener! Thank you! :)
Wish I could more than 5 stars, what a great great listener. I am honestly glad that I found such a good person on 7 cups today.
Smart, easy going, lovely, knows how to talk and ask.
Great listener. Guides me through the very end
I really felt like I was understood!
good listener doesn't judge people :)
She said all the right things I needed to hear! Very uplifting and positive! Would recommend her defin
Lovely :) and so helpful !
good listener and friendly
Loved chatting with her. she honestly says the right things that i wanted to hear. really gave me good insight. Felt so much better after chatting and with my situation.
She is honestly the most amazing listener here - and in real life - i have ever had. She made me feel safe and i realized stuff about myself because of her. Very grateful that ive had the opportunity to talk to her!!!!
Awesome chat.. great listener. Definitely helped me calm down and regroup.
Great listener, helped me work out a plan to feeling better, great conversation.
Very patient and kind listener! Thank you
A very kind and receptive listener :)
Very helpful and supportive
Helped me through a bad panic attack and sent me so many good resources for the future. Probably the best person I’ve ver spoken to in here.
A great listener. His every reply made sense and made me feel much better about my situation and helped me calm down by talking to m
She listened to everything i said Couldnt need better
Very helpful, great conversation, felt very supported
I had a very honest and open-minded chat. Loved it
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