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Despite still having my listener title I’m currently not taking 1-1 chats with members due to some very important, slightly declining health issues on top of also wanting to take on some different roles here at 7 Cups! I’m still gonna be here I’m just gonna be hosting discussions (among other things also) instead. Members please know that even though I cannot be your listener, it doesn't mean that you’re being neglected as we have many sweet, kind, compassionate, active listeners here at 7 Cups who are way more than ready to support you through whatever struggle you're going through at the moment! You can find one of these amazing people that I mentioned that’ll fit your personal needs/preferences (especially when you use the filter option) here! Thank you so much for understanding, and I hope you all get the much needed/deserved support that you could ever possibly need!!! 😁💖

About Me:
Hi everyone I’m Arianna an 18 year old inactive ATL (Adult-Teen-Listener) who just earned her high school diploma while being devoted to both 7 Cups, and cousinhood every single day! I will also be a college student majoring in the topic of Child Development with the goal of earning my transfer appropriate associates degree at my local community college within 3 years at the most starting in the Fall semester of 2020! Furthermore even though my “legal” name is Arianna please feel free to call me Ari or Aria if you wish, heck at this point I'll even accept Pink as a nickname haha! Now to help get you guys accustomed to me here’s a few fun facts about me when I’m not here volunteering. #1. I’m the second to eldest cousin of about 12 children so when I’m not here I’m often watching, snuggling with, or reading a book to a child. #2. I take my education very seriously to the point where I’m often spending about 12 hours at a time on homework which knowing me I'll most likely be continuing in college. #3. Oftentimes when I’m free from all of my responsibilities you can find me curled up with some book in the corner because I love reading so much. And finally #4. I love to watch YouTube in my spare time especially family vlogs. Welp that’s just a little bit about me so thank you guys so much for checking out my profile, and I hope to see you all around either through my discussions, or even somewhere else around the site! I hope you guys have an amazing day/night, and I guess bye for now!!! 👋🏼💜

My Roles:
Listener (Inactive)
After 2 years of being an active listener both in the long/short term, along with important changes in my health heading towards the more negative side of things, I decided to step back in this role for at least right now, and let our other amazing listeners handle 1-1 chats for the time being. Now I apologize for any inconvenience that this may bring, but I hope you all can understand that this time my health truly has to come first, or I unfortunately may not be able to be around here at all if I were to get really sick due to self-neglect.
Safety & Knowledge Sub-Community Support Session Leader
I volunteer in this lovely community by hosting safety discussions on the teen side, while also sometimes training new potential Support Session Leaders for our Sub-Community! If you would like to learn more about safety please join my mostly solo (unless I'm training someone which I'll specify those changes down below when needed) weekly discussions every Sunday @ 10:30 P.M. ET within the Teen Side Safety & Knowledge room, or click
Teen Safety Team Leader
This is a newer role offered to teen listeners that I am very proud to run, and it's also offered from the Safety & Knowledge Sub-Community! What we basically do is create posts to provide our lovely teen community with up to date information on safety both online, and in general from a teenager’s perspective with the idea in mind that they'll hopefully listen better to these recommendations from someone around their own age versus just an adult. Once team members get their posts approved by either myself (AriannaPink), or our main 7 Cups manager @Heather225, they (TST team members) will then take turns every two weeks releasing our posts as threads to you guys over at the Teen Safety Subforum! If you are a teen listener with an interest in teen safety, and would like to look into joining our team please feel free to click here. Also if you are interested in joining in my latest thread post please feel free to click here as well! 😁

My Accomplishments:
Verified Listener
I completed a mock chat to ensure that I am a high quality listener, and am now formally recognized by this very lovely site for that fact!
Internship Graduate
I participated in the 7 Cups internship program for 10 weeks (Starting April of 2019 - Ending June of 2019), where I passed all the requirements that were set for interns at my time of internship in those weeks which in my case at least also included me providing at least 90 hours of Active Listening directly to the 7 Cups Community!

Continual & Upcoming Support Sessions:
Teen Safety Discussions - Every Sunday - @ 10:30 P.M. ET to 11:30 P.M. ET

(Teen Safety) Member Safety Scenarios *Part 2* Discussion with @sisterdj - Sunday, June 28th 2020 - @ 10:30 P.M. ET to 11:30 P.M. ET

My Listener Twins:

Number of Ratings: 30
Number of Reviews: 15
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since May 28, 2017
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 320
Cheers 66,362
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Chats 604
Group Support Chats 219
Listener Group Chats 52
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Feedback & Reviews
She is an amazing listener.
Great Job and a wonderful person
very helpful! Awesome, nice
Love her!!! Very helpful to a caregiver in a unique situation!!!!! Much love girl!!! -Jordan
Arianna is an amazing listener and very thoughtful ❤️
Omg I could not explain how amazing she is. She has a good sense of humor, but always knows what to say! I would always recomend her!
She was really connected and helping!
She was very friendly and compassionate. Highly recommended.
she is great and very helpful
Very sweet and nice Loved chatting with her. recommend her to anybody.
She is really helpful and good to talk to.
Very helpful thankyou
nice lady
really helpful
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