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Arkelight |
Listener - Scholar 7

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A post-grad psych student just hoping to give back. If you need to work anything out, feel free to throw me a message. I work on the premise of no judgements and I'm not easily shocked, most of what I do is pointed questions. I don't offer direct advice unless absolutely necessary as the helpfulness of this is ofen temporary. One-on-one chats guaranteed.

Sessions will last approximately one hour, long-term support is available.


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Listener Since Dec 16, 2014
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Feedback & Reviews
Solved my life 🌷
He was very understanding. He took the time to really listen and ask very helpful questions.
Arkelight is very helpful and patient . I feel a lot better after talking to him . He deserves the best award .
Arkelight is a very attentive listener. Responds timely and it is very encouraging to get into a deep and open conversation with him. I am a private person, but felt very at ease on my first talk to share a fair amount with him.
His responses were both professional and sympathetic.
Thank you for your time.
Great listener.
very helpful
I found very good friend in this person. Arkelight is very helpful and very patient listener. He tries to do his best,
Arkelight! thanks for being my friend :)
never gives up, quite a trait I must say, and I mean a good one.
Professional, Patient, and Helpful
Definatey recommended
Thank you
You helped me so much, thank you!
Really wonderful person,so caring
Excellent guy.
Very kind, attentive, and helpful. Hopefully will be talking to him again :)
Very attentive.
Amazing, really was helping me get to the root of my problems
A great listener, with patience and understanding. Very easy to talk to as well.
Awesome to talk to, really gets it, if you feel like no one understands, or alone, talk to Arkelight.
Very professional. Almost like a therapist.
I don't know what to type, but I did feel that through the entire conversation he was engaged and interested and responded relevantly. He seemed genuinely interested in helping and provided some resources based on the conversation.
So helpful and intellectual.
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Questions Answered
Should I quit my job or take leave (FMLA) because I'm having a difficult time trying to function normally.
December 27th, 2014 10:52pm
How can I stop being a control freak?
December 27th, 2014 10:07pm
How serious is my depression?
November 7th, 2017 9:08pm
Whats the best way to get over mood swings?
December 27th, 2014 10:18pm
How do I tell people I'm depressed?
December 27th, 2014 9:40pm
Why do I feel so unappreciated?
December 27th, 2014 9:57pm
What to do if you don't know what you want to do in your life anymore?
November 7th, 2017 8:41pm
Why do I get so depressed and what can I do to cope?
December 27th, 2014 10:05pm
What are healthy boundaries? What are boundaries in the first place?
December 27th, 2014 10:16pm
How do I deal with the emotional changes?
December 27th, 2014 10:40pm
How many emotions are there and what are they?
December 27th, 2014 10:19pm
I have a hard time seeing others' emotions and thoughts as valid when they differ from my own. How can I do that?
December 27th, 2014 10:12pm
How can I stop being so sensitive?
December 27th, 2014 10:29pm
How can I stop being a hoarder?
December 27th, 2014 10:03pm
How can I deal with constant disappointment?
December 27th, 2014 10:22pm
Why do I fall apart every time someone criticizes me? I should have more confidence to hear what they are saying, decide if I agree, and if so take the necessary steps to better myself.
November 7th, 2017 8:50pm
How do I tell my boss I'm leaving? (nicely)?
November 8th, 2017 5:01am
What's the difference between bullying and teasing?
November 8th, 2017 4:59am
How do you get over the feeling that people are laughing at you?
December 28th, 2014 3:00am
I'm being bullied at work, what should I do?
December 28th, 2014 3:01am
What can I do when the whole world seems to be against me?
December 27th, 2014 10:54pm
How do I deal with the feeling of alienation from others?
December 27th, 2014 9:35pm
What's the best way to stand up for someone that's getting bullied without becoming the target of it yourself?
November 7th, 2017 9:09pm
How common are panic attacks?
December 27th, 2014 10:41pm
How can I tell my friends and family to support me before, during, and after a panic attack?
December 28th, 2014 12:43am
Where is the borderline between panic attack and real physical issues? How to identify that I am having just panic attacks?
December 27th, 2014 9:55pm
I've heard the term anxiety attack, is that a special kind of panic attack?
December 27th, 2014 11:06pm
How can I get over my fear of having a panic attack on a plane?
December 27th, 2014 9:41pm
Can you die from a panic attack?
December 28th, 2014 12:41am
What happens in the brain during a panic attack?
December 27th, 2014 10:11pm
How can I calm down during a panic attack?
December 27th, 2014 10:45pm
What is the best way to calm down when having a panic attack?
December 27th, 2014 9:44pm
How can I learn to recognize the triggers of my panic attacks?
December 27th, 2014 10:39pm
How can you stop anxiety attacks?
November 7th, 2017 9:15pm
Is it safe to use beta blockers?
December 27th, 2014 10:56pm
How to develop emotional detachment and not be rude?
December 27th, 2014 9:51pm
Can I drink alcohol or use recreational drugs if I have anxiety?
November 7th, 2017 8:56pm
How do I know if I have social anxiety?
December 27th, 2014 11:04pm
How do I stop sweating so much?
December 28th, 2014 12:36am
What's the best way to get over negative automatic thoughts?
December 27th, 2014 10:57pm
How can I stop trembling when I'm anxious?
December 28th, 2014 2:59am
Am I a poser?
December 27th, 2014 9:56pm
How can I talk to my family about my anxiety without them getting mad?
December 28th, 2014 12:42am
What's the best tip to calm down?
December 27th, 2014 10:48pm
Why can't I just shake the anxiety off?
November 7th, 2017 8:53pm
Why is it that every time someone does/says something positive toward me, I fear that they have ulterior motives?
April 24th, 2015 10:04pm
How can I convince myself that my friends don't hate me? I have this irrational fear that they actually hate me.
November 8th, 2017 3:40am
Everything in my life is messed up. Motivation works temporarily and I'm not suicidal but feel it's pointless to live like this. What should I do to feel hopeful?
November 7th, 2017 8:48pm
What is sleep hygiene and how can it help me?
December 27th, 2014 10:37pm
I sleep for plenty of time but am exhausted in the morning, what can I do about that?
December 27th, 2014 9:46pm
How do I know how many hours of sleep is best for me?
December 27th, 2014 10:38pm
Are there any natural sleep aids I can take?
December 27th, 2014 10:20pm
How to deal with sleep paralysis?
December 27th, 2014 10:24pm
What should I do when I have a lot of nightmares?
December 27th, 2014 10:33pm
What is a good way to get over PTSD from a car wreck?
December 27th, 2014 9:49pm
How can you train your mind not to over-think?
December 27th, 2014 10:27pm
Why can't my mind stop thinking when I'm trying to sleep?
December 27th, 2014 10:28pm
Why do I wake up feeling very sore and achey?
December 27th, 2014 10:06pm
How many hours of sleep do I need in a night?
December 27th, 2014 10:01pm
What is the best way to get over Insomnia?
December 27th, 2014 10:21pm
Why do I struggle with falling asleep when I am tired all day?
November 7th, 2017 9:11pm
Is it normal for people to cheat with co-workers or someone at work?
December 27th, 2014 10:53pm
How can I end an unhealthy relationship?
December 27th, 2014 10:49pm
How should I know when I'm over someone?
December 27th, 2014 10:31pm
What is the best way to forget someone you love and think about everyday, which impacts your present life?
December 27th, 2014 10:34pm
I want to break up, but I'm scared that no one will ever love me again. What should I do?
December 27th, 2014 10:51pm
What do I do if I'm in love with my ex?
December 27th, 2014 9:38pm
Do rebound relationships ever work?
December 27th, 2014 10:00pm
How can I talk to my mother about my father cheating on her?
November 7th, 2017 8:51pm
What age is too young to leave home?
November 8th, 2017 3:39am
How do I get enough motivation to lose weight?
November 7th, 2017 8:43pm
How can I stop being insecure in my relationship?
December 27th, 2014 10:55pm