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Aventurina |
Listener - Virtuoso 7

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5.0 star rating

Everyone can do with a little less judgement.

Let's make that crazy diamond inside of you, shine once more!

Hug O' War

I will not play at tug o' war

I'd rather play at hug o' war,

Where everyone hugs

Instead of tugs

Where everyone giggles

And rolls on the rug,

Where everyone kisses

And everyone grins

And everyone cuddles

And everyone wins.

~ Shel Silverstein

Number of Ratings: 71
Number of Reviews: 31
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Apr 17, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 1,729
Cheers 200,352
People Helped 47
Chats 1,929
Group Support Chats 128
Listener Group Chats 909
Forum Posts 323
Forum Upvotes 843
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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you so much for your help!
Great listener and very helpful.
Thank you so much for your time listening to me. I love you
Amazing listener, great skills, I felt acknowledged and understood (: -I.
She is my unicorn. She has magical power to heal me which no one else can do that on me. She makes me happy only by hugging me and accompany me in my dark time. I wish she hugs me everyday. I wish we can meet again. But my dream is only a dream..
How refreshing to find someone somewhere in the world who just gets you. Someone who is everything a listener should be - empathic, patient, funny, kind, caring and supportive. And someone who will sit with you in those dark hours and hold your hand. That someone is Aventurina. Thank you Aven for giving me a great big shove from behind in the direction i knew I had to go but didn't have the courage to go alone. I feel stronger and more empowered because of you. Thanks for being awesome in every way :)
I don't know how. I don't know why. But Aventurina managed to bring out some of my deepest emotions and thoughts. I don't deserve her kindness but she still tolerated me. Oh, I'll not bother her anymore, but I want you all to know that she will take good care of you. Please know that she is one of the most skilled, most capable, most caring of all listeners on this site. I thank her for all the time and patience she showed me, and I hope for her to forgive me for all I said. //Aventurina.....this is for yo
Once you speak to Aventurina, you will know that she is unique. Her insights are treasures worth more than all the gold you could possibly find. Her honest and true answers are firm, yet kind. One could not find a better listener or friend such as her again in a life time. I genuinely thank her for all the patient efforts with my rants, my complaints, my insecurities. She is a gift, to be cherished and to be loved, though sometimes it's hard for her to see it so.
I reckon Aventurina is a blessing to meet, not that I believe in blessings. But that's the thing, she somehow gets deep, to the point were you are as raw as you can be(in a good way) and you just have to completely trust her. She won't tell you what to do or demand anything, she'll just be there and understand and somehow make it ok to not be in control. She'll see far beyond whatever you can see. I utterly believe she has a gift that only a few are lucky enough to encounter. Alrighty, thank you for everyth
yes the lady is a great lisiner and understand the problem very well..and giving quite good suggestions also..thx
If you connected with her, you will found that she is the most wonderful listener you ever chatted with. She has a complete high level of listening skills, no wonder she can be a mentor to other listeners as well. She can handle every situation comes to her. If you come to her with grief or anxiety issue, she knows how to reassures you. If you come to her with lack of self-esteem issue, she will support you.
Quite an amazing person who really knows how to help and make you feel better. Gives you hope and makes you want to keep going. She doesn't judge at all even when you tell her your deepest secrets and flaws, she looks at who you really are not what you've done. She makes you feel like you have a heart even when you thought you didn't. I cherish every chat we have and appreciate all her help and time.
One of the best listeners I've had the pleasure of speaking with!
Aventurina has different ways of getting what is bothering you out in the open, whether it's subconsciously or not she tends to make you feel comfortable to maybe help understand the route of your problem and possibly a route to the solution. I personally am very grateful to have had the chance to chat with her and am happy that our conversation had an end result to help with my future. I will most definitely message her again if need be.
Absolutely splendid company, wonderful person.
A fearless listener. She gave me wings!
she is the best and made me feel so much better ! give this girl a medal :D
Amazing, amazing lady. Sincere, honest and kind - totally pulled me out of an emotional hole. XO
Very helpful listener! Thank you
Good, sound, non-judgemental advice.Her caring and professionalism are well balanced. I would definitely recommend her to a friend.
Such an amazing and positive listener, a wonderful person.
insightful real person
She makes me feels so special! She's always there for me to gives me her support. She saved my life. I owed her a lot! :')
Thank you so much your a great listener and very knowledgable.
such a relief ..
She helped me alot! Truly understand me. All of her responses are pleasant to be hear. She knows how to make me calm down when I was extremely depressed. We were laughing together sharing our stories when I was in good mood. From the way she treats me I can feel that she is really want to help me, walking together with me. I'm glad i found her! For me she is not just a listener but also a true friend. From 50 listeners I ever chatted, she is the right one which I feel comfortable to talk to. Much appreciate
i must say Aven made my day ................. thank you .. very much .. for making me smile again ..
Thank you very much, I've been able to share something difficult with you. It felt right and I feel more whole, less broken up. :)
Absolutely non-judgmental, very professional and yet I felt like you were in the same room, just talking with me about my issues. Thank you.
She was very helpful in getting me to understand my own emotions and realize why am feeling the way that i am. She responds quickly and always knows exactly what to say, I definitely recommend talking to her if you're struggling
A Triage: The rainbow of her responses were rationed and distributed according to need. From anguish to whimsy, we walked, sat and laughed through a lot together, looking forward to more of this, and of life. :)
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