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Azalea98 |
Listener - Proficient 6

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♥️I don't take new member chats sorry!♥️
🧡So please Click Here to find more wonderful listeners like me!🧡 
💛Please do not ignore this and message anyway💛

Hi! I'm Azalea also known as Aza and Azy🌺 I am a 17 year old girl from the UK 🇬🇧 

I am studying the A levels: English literature, Classical Civilisation, Biology, Maths.

I’m a sociable, bubbly and exitable girl who will always be up for a chat! Serious or fun, old friend or new, listener or member I'm always up for a chat!  

I have an open door policy so no need to by shy! 🙂 

If I haven't directly lived an experience I'm happy to talk and learn and discuss it with you. Ask my own questions and answer yours! 

I will never judge you for your story, backround, experiences, mental state or anything else you can name 

Breaks ups, being bullied, Family stress, Relationships stress, Panic Attacks, Sexual HealthSelf Harm, Student Life, Sleeping well, Social Anxiety

I have lots of experience supporting people with: Anxiety, Cancer, Disabilites, Work Stress, Eating Disorders, LGBTQ+, Psychosis,  OCD, Weight Management 


I do not take chats on depression, it is extremely triggering to me.

Please respect that, thank you!

🔮Chatroom Based Roles🔮

Teen Chatroom Star 
I am a mod and a Chat supporter in Listener Chatrooms! I am someone who has been trained to keep them Safe and supportive and make sure all the conversations are fun productive 

Chat Supporter 
I can help listeners if they are struggling with a live chat, I have lots of resources to help! 
If I am not available please fill in the chat support request form here 

Chatroom Moderator/ honorary Global Mod  
Click here to find the Newbie, Teen and Community projects and events Forums, I am a mod for these.
I am also lucky enough to hold Mod powers in all member chatrooms

Project Agent 
I am honoured to be the Co-project agent of the Teen Daily check-ins 
If you are a listener with questions about how to host a check in you can PM me 

Peer Supporter
This means if you are a listener and have had a difficult chat you can come and talk to me!

🧩Communtiy/ Forum Based Roles🧩

Teen community Star/ Forum Supporter 
Check out the Disability sub community by clicking here 
I mainly focus and create content for the learning disabilities sub forum! 

Support Team Leader/ Teen star 
I assist trainees of the Group Leadership and Development Program this is part of the 7 cups academy 

🎀Quality Based Roles🎀

Safety Patrol 
I am a member of the safety patrol team meaning I keep 7 cups a safe place by flagging any inappropriate profiles 

Listener Verifier /Verified Listener
I am part of the listener verifiers team meaning I can conduct mock chats to verify listeners. If you want to become one check the information here!
I have been Verified as a high quality listener, It means you can trust me!

Listener Coach/ Care team 
As a listener coach: I can help you learn more skills, gain resources, answer questions and build confidence as a listener!
If you are interested in getting a listener coach please click

⭐️Listener twins⭐️
@KateDoskocilova💜 My original twin 
@leafycup  💚 My mod twin
@EmmaE💕 My Teen Chatroom Star twin 
@kieran000💙 My Peer Support twin (and mentee)
@cuteOrange213🧡 My TCS and Project agent twin 
@mxmes 🖤 My forum supporter twin 
@enchantedlove💛 My 'we have too many roles' twin 
@bookworm274💖 Supportive Twin 

🦋Other Info🦋
I tend to always keep my status on offline so please if you wish to talk just drop me a message and I will normally respond within 24/48 hours 

Some other listeners that I love to chat to: 

🌌 @shiningSky3745 💫 

🍒 @CateGrace 🍓




Number of Ratings: 56
Number of Reviews: 48
Listens to Teens
Languages English
Listener Since May 11, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 138
Cheers 106,433
People Helped 126
Chats 605
Group Support Chats 145
Listener Group Chats 351
Forum Posts 518
Forum Upvotes 864
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Feedback & Reviews
aza is great, she helped talk me through my situation and look at it more positively
She is so nice and helpful understanding and helped me a lot thank you so much 💚
very nice and kind i would recommend her to anyone
She is amazing!! Makes me feel comfortable and warm
loved it! awesome chat!
loved it! awesome chat!
she helped me with a few stuff and she seemed really nice
Very sweet, provided me with resources and listened
she is really open to talk to.. i just felt better by the amount of energy she had
She is so kind and considerate
Azalea is really nice, understanding, and amazing 😛
She was the best listener I've met. Really kind. The world needs more people like her 😊
great listener and very helpful
she is very kind and understanding.helps you and tries to help understand things
Azalea is a really understanding and active listener.
Patient and amazing
Great listener really helped me when I needed her. She seems like a kind and caring person and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you just want to make a friend 💖
she a good listener she will do anything to help you
She listens and tries to make you feel that she knows how you feel. She is rly supportive and did her best, I am glad for that!
a great listener, she really helped me
the person was kind
Thank you so much for listening to me today Azalea. You helped me understand that what I'm going through is just another step and that I can get through it, even though you couldn't relate you still helped me out. THANKS :)
Amazing Listener!!
Azal is beautiful human being... really loved talking to you...
She is a awesome person she makes me feel good inside
Amazing listener!
really kind and helped distract me from how i was feeling at the time :)
Very friendly as a listener and also a stranger!
Very nice and easy to talk to. Highly recommended (:
I love her soo much 💕 she helped soo much 💗 I defo recommend
amazing chat, made me feel as though i was in a safe space and felt as though she understood my problems. was very easy to talk to about everything and felt like a friend. i feel soo much better now x
They are a good listener
Wonderful person. So helpful
Azalea98 is a great listener, I loved talking to her!
She was amazing it felt like I was talking to a friend I have known for years
Very kind and helpful
totally amazing
Caring understanding and makes sure you are safe
This was really helpful and I didnt feel judged at all. really good person
Felt like I was talking with a really good friend. Loved talking with her!
loved it awesome chat
Amazing! it's nice to finally talk to someone
They’re a good listener and makes really good questions
she listened patiently
a very good listener. tries to help you in every way
A brilliant listener, I have a new friend
She is really nice and understanding
She was new and she knew how to listen it was really nice the way she understood
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Listening Ear Magnet Jester of Smiles Clerk of Bear Hugs Ellen Jump Start Anxiety Eating Disorders Panic Attacks Surviving Breakups Crisis Intervention Listener Oath Peer Support Work Related Stress Self Harm Alcohol & Drug Abuse Family Support Cultural Diversity Teen Chatroom Star Aristotle Verified Listener Bullying Chronic Pain Family Stress Sleeping Well Graduate Master Scholar Love Bug Forumpedia Refresher Light Chat Tiny Chat Small Chat Chit Chat Big Chat Voice Talker Communicator Speaker Ray of Hope Break-A-Leg College Guide Loneliness Guide Test Anxiety Exercise Motivation Affirmative Listening Ace Listen on the Go Group Mod Leader Guest Host Oprah Community Builder Startup Support Feedback Listener Verifier Team Schizophrenia Teen Quality Star People of Color Guide ADHD Social Anxiety OCD Boundaries Managing Bipolar Managing Finances Above & Beyond Soaring Project Agent Teen Chat Support 7Cups Guide Rocket Listener Quality Beam 12 Steps Community 101 7 Cups Intern Grad Twinning Icebreaker Champion Sparkler Training Badge Loyal Friend Tick Tock Fellow Friend Mod Star Mod Siren Mod Squad Steadfast Soul I Steadfast Soul II Meet & Greet Proudly Proactive I Reconnection Hero I First Community First Chat First Post Five Steps High 5 Hang 10 Open Door Safety Patrol Thankful Heart Gratitude Abound Hope Training Santa's Helper Kindness Challenge Peer Pro Peer Training 01 Peer Training 02 Peer Training 03 Peer Training 04 Peer Training 05 Peer Training 06 Peer Training 07 Peer Training 08 Peer Training 09 Peer Training 10 Peer Training 11 Peer Training 12 Teen Listener Coach Winter Events Sharing Circle Community Builder Pineapple Personal Leadership 101 Personal Leadership 102 Becoming a Leader Leadership Principles Leadership Graduate Soul Searcher Super Supporter Explorer GLDD Graduate Academy Mentor