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Someone once told me, “growing up is like watching your heroes turn human right in front of you.” 
Thank you to all the people who have been heroes to me here.
I’ve decided to move on from this site <3 
It's okay to say you're not okay.
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It's okay to cry.

And sometimes you think,

And you might say, 

But we all look like this:

You're not alone.
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Give me a moment and I'll be right there!
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How can I help you?


A little about me: Most people call me Azure or Azu~ I love anime, kpop, cpop, and netflix. I'm also a huge fan of Jackson Wang ^^ I'd love to have a casual chat on those topics as well as the topics listed on my page. :') I am working towards a degree in psychaitry. If you just need some positivity in your life, 98.5% of the time, I'll find some way to cheer you up! But know if you wanna change, I will guide you but you must take the steps yourself. If you fall, pick yourself up again. Send me a message and let's see if we click~
I will take any chats listed on my profile. The two topics that I am the best at are Self Harm(I have distractions and helpful exercises) and Student Support(High School and College related are both fine).
Please note I do not take chats on Innapropriate Topics or Domestic Abuse
If you ever need support and I'm not here, please contact one of my ever so wonderful twins and 7cups family(Now that 7cups has removed followers, writing ya'll down so I never forget because you were the ones that made my time here unforgettable!):
My lovely and supportive twinny: @sweetLily41
My kind and thoughtful twinny: @oceansand17
My encouraging and helpful twinny: @AnActiveListenerHere
My artistic and cheerful twinny: @kindSoul10 
My reliable and outstanding twinny: @TsukinoTheHag
My caring and beautiful sis: @onedirection1213
My fabulous and caring elfy:@CelegnirCuthalion
My favorite and lovely bro: @QP
My supportive and dedicated friend:@SpunkyMonkey100
For listeners:
Thank you all for everything you do!
Before you reach the very end, I'd like to share these 4 beautiful quotes:
"My dream isn't to become the 'best', it's to be someone who I'm not ashamed to be.'' -Key(SHINee)
"We don't look at a flower and think it will look prettier with a different colour or different height. We take it for what it is. Why can't we do the same for people?" -Mark Tuan(GOT7)
"Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." -Jackson Wang(GOT7)
"Even when I fall and hurt myself I keep running towards my dream." -Jin(BTS)
"The hardest choice in life is deciding between what you want and what you deserve."
You deserve to live a beautiful life!

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Feedback & Reviews
Most supportive and caring person I've ever met.
Really understanding and nice to talk to
They are really cool and helpful😎.
very helpfull
Azu is really patient with me and understand. just so u know its Shay
Azu is really understanding and patient
She’s really personable and makes you feel a hundred times better than you previously were!
I felt much more relaxed after our conversation and learned how to be less anxious.
He was really helpful and kind
Very caring and supportive
really helpful and understanding
great listener
A good listener❤️
He or her is very nice
They were super sweet at supportive every time I said something they listened and responded with something super sweet!
Makes me feel happy that i have someone to hear me out.
He is an awesome person. I feel very relaxed.
I didnt have much time but Azu is patient and helpful
Awesome listener. Made me smile even if I couldn't since years.
I'm glad I've met Azu.
Keep it up, dear.
Amazing... thank you.
Definitely recommended . Extremely professional, yet warm and inviting !!
A great listener
Good :)
They listened and it made me feel like I was okay. It is okay.
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