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BellaFreedom |
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7 cups intern graduate, verified listener, member of feed team and welcoming committee, forum supporter, peer supporter!

Compassionate. Introvert. Sapiosexual. 

I believe that GOODNESS is not just an outcome, it is a PROCESS!!! 

To all my member speakers I'd say, "The important thing in life is to believe that while you are alive, it's never too late!" Just have a little faith!! smiley

As a listener, I follow this quote from To Kill a Mocking Bird: "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." 

Also, I wouldn't forget to express regard, gratitude & respect to some of my initial speakers I have had memorable listening experiences with. They are Metalhead girl, hypnoticpoison & Brokensmilesheart

-I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity-

Number of Ratings: 149
Number of Reviews: 54
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 6, 2016
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 145
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People Helped 201
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distances apart, in a country at war,
you gave me a heart, which was left torn.

i hope to see you again, with another name,
till then I'm just insane, not bold - just lame.

Nice and caring listener.
BellaFreedom is one the best listeners i came across here on 7cups :)
I hope we get more listeners like her on this website :)
She is amazing! I am so proud and glad to have met her. She lifts you with her kind and warm heart and you go and wrap your arms around her like a child. She healed me!!! One of the best listeners at 7 cups. Stay blessed
She is really kind, empathetic, helping and fast :D...Thank you Bella !!
- World citizen
One of the most awesome, sweet and caring people I ever met, whether irl or in the site, am thankful for each second we talked, am blessed that I have you as my listener, people like you do make the world a better place to live in, may you always lead a happy life and fulfill your wishes, you deserve nothing less
She was of great help, I connected! I wish we meet again!
An amazingly open, passionate, and caring person. She brings life and hope to each encounter. Always learning and growing with me. I am grateful to God for the connection.
“I asked the universe for serendipity and FREEDOM walked through my door.”

I wasn't really sure what to expect here on 7cups. I discovered it serendipitously while browsing through the net n' followed my instincts. When u go out on a trip, u aren't really sure how it's going to enrich ur life- what all u'll experience. But then the mystery unfolds itself- the genie pops up unannounced n' grants u ur wish- a weird pure l'le smile :)
And anything that results in a smile on ur face, is a thing for beauty.

So thank you for elevating, enriching n' expanding my heart- for filling my cup.
I have only these heartfelt mute words for u but I do hope that u feel the warmth n' my humble appreciation for ur time.

Stay blessed, Freedom.
Stay true to yourself! :)
Awesome work, really made my day much better
Sometimes all u need is someone who listens to you without judging you!
She is a very sweet and patient listener and a very enthusiastic adviser. May god bless her.
Thank you
The best ever Listener!!!
She listens with true patience and deep understanding!
Her words are soothing to the soul!
She is like an angel from heaven!!! a truly wonderful person!!!
One of the greatest listeners on this site,She helped me with alot of my issues and listened to me with my whole heart,im grateful for being able to have person like that to listen to me.Definetively would reccomend
Good to get an external perspective. Thanks for the talk!
she might not be a professional but shes a great listener. and thats all I need. a listener.
she's a great listener :") also a good friend ^_^ thanks a million
Thanks a lot for your help! 😊
Sweet, friendly and helpful ☺ Helped me a ton! Thankyou so much. You're just awesome! Keep up the good work💖
good person to share something confedential
Awesome. Will talk again. MH girl
Always up for help ~ MH girl
I am already starting to like you
She is great ! MH girl
I have never talked to such an empathetic and truly caring listener. Thank you for being! I really felt understood.
I like, enjoy, cherish, adore, want, recommend, endorse talking to her! :) Best buddy! ~ Metalhead girl.
Thanks for being there in my difficult moments of my life :)
This is a nice person to talk to. Looks like this person has all the time in the world for you.
Fantastic listener, I felt like she/he really understodd what I was going through and offered advice, practical steps and a fantastic movie quote that I will be writing on my notice board at home!
A helpful and supportive chat in need of time! Thankyou for the help. Keep up the good work! 😄
Very friendly and helpful!
Caring, a lot caring ~ Metalhead girl :)
Thank you for listening . I am feeling better .
good suggestion, good listener, she's just great :)
Shes great a born listener and supporter
She is a very nice girl, and gave me insight into my behavior and the problem i am going through. moreover, she was frank and didnt judge me anytime. i recommend talking to her, and i will connect with her again ~ metalhead girl . stay blessed. :)
BellaFreedom.. she is kind, asked the right questions. She make me happy and help with my loneliness.
ok. you did a great job listening to me
Bella is a great listener and very engaged. She is quite thoughtful and intelligent. Thanks Bella!
Such a calm and kind person. Motivated me, heard and healed me. Thank you so much.
Very supportive, kind and attentive. very grateful for your help. Enjoy your summer holidays!
it was an absolute pleasure talking to bella. understood me and offered me great support. i feel really light talking to her and i have nothing but prayers going to her.highly recommend her.would love to talk to her again.
she's an empathetic, positive and uplifting listener.
she hears you, affirms you and maintains a positive spirit throughout the conversation.
The listener understood my problem well. Gave me proper time and attention. God bless them. :)
great! very helpful, would love to speak with this listener again.
Very nice
Hi SupportIveFreedom was very helpful. Helped all the way. Responded nicely. Made me know I can. Thank you. Recommend them to anyone else who needs support. Thanks supportiveFreedom.☺x
Very kind, empathic, professional and helpful. Responded very quickly and gave her undivided attention and unbiased response. Thank you! :)
Very quick to respond and very helpful
Nice talking tosupportivefreedom67
Great listener empathetic and understanding of my issues. Thank you so much!
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