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BlueHope909 |
Listener - Virtuoso 12

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Yo I am a friend with a heart, here to Walk with You.

Let me be your shoulder. I know how it's to need a shoulder.

Come on in 😊 !

You can also simply chat or share your joys, concerns. You can brainstorm new ideas, seek an opinion or share your excitements! 

Do you have any questions about anything you are itching to ask? Come let's discuss (within reasonable means).

This is your personal space with me as your friend, listener, facilitator whichever your need.

About our Conversation Styles

Once Introduced we can Chat in 2 ways: 
1. Synchronous: Live Chat when first meeting + when both are online.
2. Asysnchronous: Message (via 7 cups). If one of us is not online, we can still reply your message alerts.

A humble request on feedbacks:

If you have a positive experience and wish to review, please do it for the many new others who come here seeking hope and real need the confidence & trust from someone.

I know the feeling of desperation, you know the feeling of desperation and getting lost about who to talk or trust to give a view on issues.

I also know of the desperate desire to share your joys with the world, looking for some one scream in joy at !
So Come laughN !!!

Your review has the power to guide them here or to any other listener for a ear. With deepest thanks to you.
Feedback & Reviews
I felt genuinely cared about
Excellent, honest and reliable. He wanted to help truly! Merci!
Really knows how to emphasize
Trust me dr blue hope really knows what he talks about Always makes valid point and nothing hurts to have a third person's opinion to clear out your mind
lovely listener. Responds instantaneously.
Motivated me. Listens with care to my concerns and made me feel much better!
very receptive and communicative
Truly amazing person, amazing listener and just 100% genuine
A Calming listener
Very funny person, gave me a laugh
Doesn’t judge you and tries to understand your point of view
Great listener!
Thank you for being so friendly!
Very helpful. Enjoyed the humor. Nice to have someone to talk too.
Blue is really understanding and nice! Just boosted my mood while talking to her. I really love chatting with Blue!
Awesome! Fun! Great to chat with and care. Makes jokes and keep it simple.
Such a great listener
Have a good sense of humor, will make you laugh no matter how sad you are
Quite helpful. Had a good experience.
Great listener! Loved chatting
He is smart man with experiences! He knows how to talk and make you feel better within few minutes! I'm sure you'd love talking to this guy, just give it a try (:. He won't disappoint you buddy, unlike others he cares until you have some solutions with you. I really really recommend him. You would miss an angel if you don't talk to him here. Trust me, he has got solutions.
Bluehope is awesome and care about you. one of the good listener here.♥️♥️
Loved it awesome chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good listner, understands well give you time :)
Sweet person, really helpful
Friendly, welcoming and understanding. Thank you!! :-)
They were so fun and great to chat with!
Very kind and sweet!!!
Very helpful and paid attention to the details.
He is really respectful and kind. Great listener.
So helpful I cannot thank them enough, lovely to speak to, friendly and helps you to see things clearly. Recommend everyone to chat thank you so much :)
She is a great listenee
He is amazing!👍👌👌
Kind, caring and friendly. Thank you.
She was a great help!
He’s lovely! Helpful and funny.
She was really helpful and kind :)
It was quite helpful
Feel so comfortable!
It is very good, feel comfortable
Best Listener for me since I joined 7cups. Bluehopes909 serves as my mentor and a friend who listens to my issues in life. Thumbs-up! 👍👍👍
Fantastic insight
Great listener. A big fan of Lydian Nadaswaram. Heartwarming person.
Made me feel better and calmed me down by just listening to me and saying the right things. Amazing indivi
Great listener, really takes there time to explain everything in perfect detail
this person talks with his heart and is very nice
Bluehope909 is the best listener I have had on This app so far. He is so kind, empathetic. I am very grateful to be connected to him.
I appreciate her
Thanks for your help!
Helped me calm down when I was nervous about a counseling appointment
Helpful and generous. I needed you right now!
Good listening skills
Thanks Blue : )
awesome chat lovely
Amazing listener
great listener and gave me good advice
Love it.. Nice one n good sense of humour
Thankbyou for listening
A good listener who showed me empathy
I like to talk with a caring person like you
He is very helpful and informative.
Great Listener. Very Kind.
So far so good! I am happy I got someone sound to talk to. Thank you very much.
You are just awesome ... I loved it .. You are such a nice human being.. God bless you
Very understanding
They are brilliant
Great conversation for now we will cont
Amazing,Made me feel a lot better.
Thanks a lot for the help
Therapeutic massage
Good listening skills
Awesome listener. Funny. Shows that they care. Really enjoyed talking to them
listens, tries to understand. good listener.
Listened well, explained what to do. It really made my day better. Thank you
Really nice, funny, all as well as being helpful trying to help me through a tough time
Found a lifetime friend! Truly reliable, trustworthy and understanding, thank you for being here:)
Funny , made me laugh
Attentive and caring
He's a good listener. We all definitely need someone like Blue every now and then.
Very supportive and tactful and gave me some new thoughts, I'm grateful!
Short conversation but was all I needed to help put things in perspective to figure things out for myself. Helpful :)
really nice! uplifted my spirits
Dia memberi saya saran dengan sangat baik!
A great listener
He/She isn't judge trial. good consultation
Very kind and patient, as well as funny. Made me actually laugh out loud and finally calm down. I highly recommend chatting with them. A good soul
Still chatting, very informative!!
Amazing listener ,very helpful .
The listener was amazing, he was patient and really kind. He helped me through exam and relationship related stress. He even made an extra effort to check up on me and made sure I was alright. On top of that, he guided me through my problems and helped me find my own light. Thank you so much.
Kind and very understanding!
Love Amazing chat
they where honest non judgemental and took time to listen
Wise. lifts ur mood .fun to chat a good listener
Loved it awesome chat!
Gives good insight into what you are saying; is a good listener
Very nice and eager to help
BlueHope909 has been helpful with suggestions for how to deal with my situation. Thank you.
Listened without judgment, gave me options and ideas to better my situation. Thank You!
Very empathetic. She made me feel better and less stressed
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