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My current availability is restricted to Friday/Saturday/Sunday overnight from 6p to 6a CST. ALL members looking for a support discussion are expected to review the content below and follow the instructions as given. I do not provide scheduled/reserved times.

If for some reason my status is green but I am not responding: It has been determined that there is a current problem with my status in the search results; it shows me as always available. Please refer to the chat window for my current status and understand that I am unable to control the errors that occur on the website.

Generally speaking, I do not provide support for relationship issues, domestic violence, sexual trauma, discussions of incest and/or other non-consensual sexual experiences. I do not provide detailed discussions of sexual desires, fetishes or sexual dysfunction in biological men; if you need help in these areas, I recommend working with a professional.
I cannot discuss self-harm, suicidal ideation/events, or abuse events. Please seek support from another listener if you need this kind of help, or reach out to

My name is Lynn, and I'm glad you've found me! I'm a trained listener with a degree in English and psychology as well as professional training in peer counseling. I am NOT a professional psychologist, and I cannot provide therapy services. My primary study in the psychology field focused on abnormal psychology and human sexuality; I am current working on a book addressing human memory. I am GLBTQ+ friendly. My professional training has focused mostly on sexuality, anxiety management, and autism spectrum disorder. In my free time, I enjoy writing, movies, and MUSIC!!! Feel free to reach out to me anytime I'm online. If I'm not currently available, you are free to write a detailed message discussing your concerns after you've completely reviewed this profile. I generally do not reply to messages that provide no detail and/or indicate that they didn't review my profile.

Please read previous member reviews before connecting with me. If you're a fellow listener, I appreciate your interest, but I will hold you accountable to the listener agreement and will not provide emotional wellness support outside the parameters of that agreement, no exceptions!

I am, in general, an acute situation listener. I focus on accountability support. This means I'm not likely to "just chat" with you. I am an active and engaged listener who will reply and ask challenging questions; if you're looking for a place to simply vent to someone and are not interested in a discussion regarding active choice and personal responsibility for your outcomes, I recommend you work with another listener first.
I do not have long-term relationship availability at this time. 

I am also a person living with ASD. My vocabulary and style of speech has been labeled as mean, harsh, aggressive, you name it, I've heard it. This is because I speak matter of factly, in detail. My messages will not have hidden meanings; I say what I mean. Sometimes this is difficult for members. However, I find that respectful communication can go a long way to resolving these difficulties.

My style is to talk about progressive approaches and necessary steps, whether or not they "feel good"... I'm not one to try and package up harsh realities in fuzzy packages. I firmly believe that every adult has the ultimate responsibility for their feelings and their response to those feelings, so a discussion with me will be about accountability, self-honesty and can sometimes be a "rude" reality check. My expectation for members that talk to me is that they have read this description and accept that this is what they will get from me; that I expect them to be a grown adult, able to speak about issues with maturity and a desire for affirmation and change, and will understand that it is up to them and them alone where the power lies. I am simply a facilitator in your own conversation with yourself; if something I say is sharp, hits home, there is a reason.

As any listener on here has the right to do, I reserve the right and ability to set conversational boundaries and protect myself as an emotional being. If at any time I feel that either involved party is at risk during our conversations, I will advise as much and do my best to direct the member to the best path.

While I have professional training and education, I cannot provide therapy services or fill in as a replacement for your mental health professional. 

Instructions for requesting a discussion:
Review the above content IN FULL *prior* to messaging me. I wrote it for a reason.
Take a few minutes to deeply consider what you're coming here to talk about today.

1. What is the primary goal for reaching out? The answer to this question requires a brief explanation (1-3 sentences) of the personal accountability topic/situation you are wantingt to discuss. After confirming that your topic is not one of the excluded pieces above, choose one of the following, providing details:  
a. Specific Event/Choice/Decision/Question, skill building, guidance, tutoring, etc.
b. Question regarding one of the areas of expertise listed above
c. A more casual style exchange, with the understanding that the chat will be lower priority with potentially slower response times.
d. I don't know, but this seems to be the most comfortable place to discuss my issue.

2. What kind of support style are you expecting from our interaction?
a. Constructive - I will provide the important details to my listener, and would like confirmation of understanding followed by questions
b. Challenging - I will provide some details, but want my listener to push me, using difficult questions and providing detailed educational info
c. Purely Educational - I want to ask a question, and have my listener explain what they know, allowing for me to ask questions and learn; I accept the information as given is not intended to be exclusive, and that it is up to me to confirm it with additional resources.
d. Just a chat - I understand that I still need to identify what I want to speak about, and that my listener prioritizes other chat types over casual chatting. I also confirm that I am not making contact for chat using my own listener account.

3. How will we measure the progress/success we make towards your stated goals?
a. Obvious - My goal has a distinct resolution that will be clearly identified, such as question/answer, obtaining a specific piece of information or knowledge, etc.
b. Discreet - My goal has a resolution that will be identified by me, and I commit to providing progress updates during the conversation so that my listener is aware of how successful we are.
c. Witnessed - My goal has a resolution that can only be identified through the witness of 3rd parties, such as my boss confirming an improvement in my workplace performance after I've implemented the work/information gained through my discussion with the listener.
d. Listener-Only - My goal has a resolution that can only be identified and confirmed by the listener. I trust them to provide feedback to me regarding how well I am doing, and accept that my perception of progress may differ from theirs.


If you have any questions regarding the contents of this profile, you are welcome to ask specific and direct questions. I will answer them at the earliest convenience.

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Feedback & Reviews
Very sincere and the chat was favourable to me
Shes cool I like her alot
Very kind. Got straight to the point. Helped me find a solution to my problem by walking me through the decisions I've already made. Helped me see that I still have options.
Very amazing and honest
She is the best listener ever she really knows what you mean❤
She was just fantastic
Gave perhaps the most fullest responses I have ever received on this site!
She is helpful and very nice
Thanks for your help
Super attentive and insightful.
Lynn is an awesome listener... She has deep understanding and helped me realize things I hadnt before. Made so much sense and was able to get to the root of several issues.
Awesome specificity.
Excellent and supportive
Lynn is truly a kind and amazing listener! She takes her role as a listener seriously and really wants to help. She was direct with me and helped me to better understand some very complicated feelings I was having. I would totally talk to her again! SO HELPFUL!!!
Lynn is a very approachable and kind person. She is very careful to explain things in a way that clears up misunderstanding. I think that anyone with an open mind approaching her will find her considerate, honest, and compassionate. For much of my life, I have been socially awkward and have not felt comfortable opening up to people. To encounter someone with such a keen sense of consideration is a rare find.
She’s kind understanding open minded
They are really the best. The things I wanted to hear from the beginning they said. I never thought it would be so helpful. I would not forget what you said. Thank you ~Naman
She was the BEST listener I've come across! She was the 3rd person I talked to about this situation, and she gave me a better perspective than anyone! Helpful, friendly, and as she says in her profile, blunt! And still always super respectful and polite. And she keeps things light-hearted, which makes her even easier to talk to. Would recommend! Would give 100 stars if possible!
As her profile says, she is blunt. In just a few minutes, she helped me gain the courage to sign up for counseling at my university. She's very logical.
Fantastic - no beating around the bush.
Helped realize what I needed to do.
They were very blunt and I needed that.
Very Helpful . Thanks
Thanks very much for your kind listen and attentiveness towards my worry!! Much appreciated.
Well informed and inspirational. A great teacher.
I feel she listens without judgement and gives complete answers.
An incredibly insightful lady. A huge help.
Super helpful, calming and fast responding
Simply the best!!!
Thank you
Great listener
Simply Wonderful
Lovely woman, great communication, will contact again
Offered me practical things to make my situation better, was very calm and reassuring to talk to! Thank you!!
Helpful, understanding, offered own views with discretion when they were relevant.
Very wise, clever and honest person. & lovely
Thanks for your time!
Very knowledgeable and insightful with a lot of expertise. Grateful for the opportunity to speak with her.
very helpful
Thanks :) A big help
A very kind person and really nice gave good feedback and a great friend
Very attentive and helpful
Amazing professionalism, Very smart, very helpful
Extremely helpful, Very professional, Understanding
Very educated listener!
Very serious girl
Very helpful
Very helpful. Please continue to spread positivity in this community.
Bit harsh at first but I soon started to understand why and she helped me feel a bit better
Of all of the people who I have spoken to on 7 Cups, Blynng was the most honest and inspirational. I think Blynng is one of the most important people you could speak to when times are tough. There is inspiration in this person and I would highly recommend Blynng to anyone going through a tough time.
Great, totally understands!
top listener! fast response, professional and great advice! thanks
straight foward and really has an ability to understand what you mean, thank you♥
Awesomely mature!
Lynn is a very helpful individual. Having spoken to her for a few hours we managed to cover a few areas I've been having problems with and now feel lighter and more hopeful about. Her approach to topics is somewhat blunt and brutally honest but none the less necessary in my opinion. Messages are usually backed with an explanation as to why it happens or an example of an experience she's had herself. She's open, honest and I felt genuinely comfortable sharing my problems and thoughts with her which is unusual for me. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I imagine Lynn would tell you to get a grip and stop blubbering. And that's because Lynn tells you what's best. Thanks gal! I look forward to speaking again soon. Adam.
Nice person. Very helpful and takes an intellectual approach to understanding the situation. Does not offer advice that she can't help with . Also very personable.
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