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BooksHugsandTea6370 |
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Hi!  Hey.  Hello there!  

Welcome to 7 Cups!   

I'm so glad you've found us :)

This profile is currently under construction ...

Dear friends and future friends, (smile)

If you don't mind waiting, please do send me a message!  It may take longer than usual for me to get back to you (as I am not here every day); but please, do write to me if you'd like.  We also have many other wonderful listeners here at 7cups!  You may search for a listener at "Browse Listeners" ... by subject, language, country, "Verified Listeners," even age range! 

Until then, Dieu te bénisse! (oh, and also, I love French.) 

       ❤️  BooksHugs  <><

Some things about me: 

1 - I love music!  So much so that I majored in it as my second major in college. 

2 - I love animals, too!  I have one here at my home, a beautiful canine :)  She is my SST. 

3 - I love Jesus!  I am a Christian and I try to follow Jesus every day, in any way I can. 

4 - I am human.  Yes, I believe in God and I do my best to follow His way for me.  And I am human; as such I make mistakes and do not get everything right all the time.  Sometimes I even get things very wrong.  I am thankful for forgiveness! for God's forgiveness and for yours.  

5 - I have been here at 7cups for a rather long time :O  In a few days here, it will be ... y (EDIT)          ears since I found for the very first time!

6 - I love reading and I love to learn!  Especially new or interesting things. 

For me, this definitely includes languages.  Though I have a wide variety of vocabulary and level of understanding in these, here are the other languages that I know or know pieces of -----       

I have had formal training in: French, American Sign Language, and Spanish.

I know bits and pieces of: German and Italian (mostly by song), Greek and Hebrew (in parts of classes at university), and medical terminology and Pig Latin (ha!).  


still under construction ... 

(add Rom8:28) and (Evan Craft's song)

Note: This profile was most recently reviewed and edited on Oct 14, 2022.  Thank you for reading.  Have a super day!  :)

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One of the most awesome, down-to-earth ,likable ,easy to talk to listeners I have ever had! I will definitely chat with her again ❤️😊
During a very difficult time in my life when I was struggling for words to even convey how I am feeling, this person helped me feel so comfortable in conversation that I naturally developed a sense of serenity and security enough to find the words I needed. When I found the right words, this person easily provided a lot of encouragement and support, while also giving me opportunities to listen as a human being. This kind of conversation has been so helpful for me, just having a friend to speak with without a fear of judgment, that it has somewhat brought me out of a mental crisis situation which has lasted for several days. I want to offer my most sincere gratitude to this listener for displaying the genuine compassion and insight that builds empathy, empowerment, and understanding. I hope to speak more often.
So wonderful to chat with this truly special person
She is awesome...!!
Really helped me understand what I'm doing and why I'm taking my first steps into bettering myself.
Really understood me, thank you.
wonderful just like talking to a friend I. she was very professional no judgement and had a lot of empathy for my situation. I don't have an easy solution for my situation and I don't expect actual advice, but having someone listen like her was very nice and very helpful. God bless and hugs to you
Thank u
They reached out to me when I needed it, I could not be more thankful. Wonderfully helpful and empathetic! Thank you for all that you do! :)
A beautiful and amazing person to chat to
awesome listener
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