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Hey! My name is Gabby! I've come realize that through all the pain and hardship I've experienced, I was able to gain a deep sense of empathy. And empathy is something I truly value. I want to be that person I wish I had when I was going through some rough patches for everyone here. I'm an intern here on 7 cups; and I generally support people struggling with anxiety, depression, managing emotions, panic attacks, and work stress, as I have endured/endure all of these as well. I love to goof off but I am enjoy making deep and serious conversation. So let me know what you need. If you need someone to make you laugh, to just be quiet and listen, to help you process your emotions...anything, I'm there for you. If I'm not online, you can set up a time for us to meet here: But if you would like to talk to someone immediately, you can always browse the other wonderful listeners on this site and send a personal request. Hope I can help and I hope that things get better soon.

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Feedback & Reviews
Caring, patient, kind. My recommendations.
helpful, awesome, patient chick
OMG what a cool woman. Helpful. Depression is gone.
Gabby was exceptional. We ended up having a lot of common experiences and this really helped her provide excellent advice, support and encouragement. I am so glad I reached out for help and found Gabby. I strongly encourage others to speak with her.
You're great!
Yayyyy Gabby is amazing. Easy to talk to and very understanding.
she great! always come to her when I'm feeling down.
Thank you love! omg. so patient and understanding. thank you.
Really nice and honest.
She really understood my problem it was so helpful because its a problem that has beem bugging me for a ling time. And she had thevsame one. Thanks so much that u can come herevand chat
thank you so, so much. i really felt like you listened to me and validated how i was feeling. you were quiet when i needed to talk, and then you gave a helpful summary. you put my feelings in a context which helped me see what they were about. i was able to process my feelings and then let them go. i'm in a totally different place than when we started chatting. thank you
This was my first time using 7 Cups and was pleasantly surprised to find Gabby and have a nice talk. She helped me calm my over active mind before bed so I can get a restful nights sleep and wake up with a good out look for tomorrow. Thanks Gabby!
So strong and awesome.
She's really helpful and a very nice person!
Really warm and compassionate
Very kind and helpful
Such a great listener, really sympathized, and great advice :)
Happy you were there to listen.
I can tell she is a very caring person. Even shared a bit of her own experience that resonated with me tremendously. Such a great listener!
Great listener. Good advice.
So compassionate
Awesome listener. Very helpful, very sweet, very understanding.
BookwormGabby is amazing. I was able to realize that what happened was not in my control to stop or change. Don't get me wrong, I still feel entirely screwed up, but now I know that I hadn't been the one to screw up.
Probably the best person I have ever talked to on this website. I just really feel so moved by our chat tonight and really grateful that out of all the listeners online, I ended up with her.
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