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heart Hello to the wonderful person reading this heart

I'm Brightheart, but you’re welcome to call me Bright or Kara

My Topics

Casual Chats
Friendly, safe place to laugh, have fun, and be supported.

Learning about different orientations, self-discovery, and feeling unsupported.

Student Life
Managing time, tips for success, and providing support for self care.

Exercise Motivation
Creating exercise plans, staying motivated, and learning about healthy choices.

Weight Management
Tailoring food plans, gaining knowledge, and providing tips for self care.

Members: Welcome to 7cups, I’m so glad you came across my page! It can be really challenging to open up to someone, but know that you’re not alone and that I will never judge you. I may not be able to fix what you’re going through, but I will support you and be a friend to you through it all. I’ll happily chat with you if you are just looking for someone to have a lighthearted chat with or are looking for a long-term listener. Feel free to message me anytime, I will respond as soon as possible.  heart

Listeners: This site is full of many wonderful listeners. Thank you all for your amazing efforts and time spent on this site helping create such an amazing and enjoyable environment for all! If have any questions, send me a message, I’d be happy to answer them. I love meeting new listeners, so feel free to message me anytime if you want a listener buddy. heart

Projects and Teams

Peer Supporter
Supporting listeners after a difficult or triggering chat with a member or guest.

New Listener Welcome
Supporting new listeners, providing assistance and resources, and answering questions.

New Member Welcome
Helping new members, answering questions, and providing resources and assistance.

Long Term Members
Connecting with members, building bonds, and providing continuing support.

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Number of Ratings: 377
Number of Reviews: 173
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Oct 14, 2015
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Gender Female
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Cheers 510,802
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Chats 7,888
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Feedback & Reviews
she knows what she’s doing
great listener!
She is a great listener. She is making me feel very welcomed
She made me feel a lot better but the comments were usually very broad
They were helpful and caring.
Awesome Person!
Really nice person., thank you.. 😘
I approached her about something I felt ashamed about and she made me feel so loved and welcomed. She is so warm and lovely.
Very lovely human being, very sensitive and considerate.
kind, caring, and just plainly amazing
They were honest and would give very good feedback. Loved it!
I really like her. She’s very understanding and super easy to talk to. She’s my favorite listener so far
Loved it! Super understanding and caring
nice it was a awesome chat
Really kind and understanding. You really feel like they care and want to listen to you. Super amazing listener!
it was nice, i liked it.. somehow helpful
She is a sweetheart!
Chatted at my pace, was understanding
Always fantastic, a breath of fresh air!
She's absolutely wonderful!! ❤️
they understood what i was saying. they are really fast at replying and are really helpfull
The loveliest person, super understanding and gentle
She was super willing to just talk about whatever I wanted. Super sweet.
Best listener ever!! ❤️
always a good listener
understanding and compassionate
She's wonderful!!
besttt listener everrrrr
Always a pleasure, she has a real gift!
Very good listener :)
Always a pleasure!
awesome listener
FANTASTIC, always a great listener :)!!!
Always a pleasure :)
she can help so much in a short amount of time
Good listener and helpful!
She did a great job.
Always fantastic :) !!!
Very kind
Kara has saved my life, several times. With many years on 7Cups both as a listener and member, I feel confident saying that Kara is truly one of a kind: an exceptional listener with unbelievable dedication, empathy, patience, and warmth. I cannot think of a name more fitting than Brightheart.
Very good at listening and feedback. A+
very helpful, FANTASTIC!!
Very nice
I felt really comfortable talking to this listener and was very helpful I really appreciated it
very sweet and understanding, but a lso seemed very real. 10/10 :)
she's amazing . I don't have words to explain. thank u so much friend !!!
So great, she really listened and understood what I had to talk about
Most lovely person i've ever met, such a kind soul
very good
very helpful
I’m trying to be very mindful with the words I choose to use, because it’s so important to me to properly express just how amazing Brightheart is. She truly is the kindest person I have ever met. The amount of time and effort she has put into helping others is beyond incredible. She is by far the most selfless person I’ve ever come across with the biggest possible heart. I hope I may speak for everyone that will ever get to talk to you: Thank you so much for being the way you are. You are the best.
Very sweet and very helpful
Today I did not only meet a beautiful, pure, kind hearted and likeminded person, but I met a new friend who is extraordinarily supportive and amazing to talk too. I will definitely be talking to her again as she is easily one of the nicest and most endearing people I have met not only on this site, but in my life. PAY THIS GIRL 7 CUPS, SHES AMAZING
FANTASTIC LISTENER!!! Highly Recommended!
Amazingly helpful!
very kind! definitely would recommend.
Very sweet
thanks for replying.
great at giving me the help i needed. really took the time to think about good answers to my questions. 10/10 would recommend.
She was amazing. Answered all my questions and gave me the info I needed.
FANTASTIC :) !!!! Listens,empathizes, does not judge, and encourages you :) !!
thanks for your help!
A wonderful, accepting and positive listener. Very helpful and uplifting. :)
Very kind!
top notch
Great person!
She is an incredible listener, she has so many good things to say and she is just amazing.
so great and supportive!
Kara is unbelievable. It's been nearly a year since we first spoke, and she's always been here, always supportive, never once has she got frustrated with me, never though "oh we had this chat before" she was so empathetic, kind and understanding of all the issues I suffer, she's just always that kind, polite, caring voice that keeps me going, she's saved my life a few times and helped me strive to be better
awesome! super awesome.
- alex
Kara is super kind, compassionate, friendly and sweet. She's provided so much support consistently despite her own life. She puts me first and makes sure I'm always feeling okay, and when I'm not she's always there until I do feel okay. Really has a heart of gold and a listening ear and helps you find a solution.
She is amazing, funny and energetic.... made my day!
went to them for a light hearted chat and they were very friendly and nice
Sweetest kindness person listens and interacts with you so you can feel better
Very nice
Helped with my lgbt issue
she is very compassionate.
you were just amazingggggg
one of the nicest and most caring people on here!!! Really sweet, and there for you no matter what, a true listener!!!! 10/10 :)
she's sweet and understanding, more so than I am.
she was very kind and knowledgeable in the field which i asked to help with
Quick responses
A truly wonderful listener! So kind and caring!
hahahha so cool
Very sweet and very helpful!
Very sweet
Thank you for taking your time with me. :)
She's wonderful!! ❤️
Kara is a lovely, sweet, down to earth listener and a really nice friend, really grateful to come across her. She has definitely put a smile on my face.
She is such a sweet, down to earth, lovely listener and a great friend, I'm really grateful to come across her. Brightheart993 is the listener to go to.
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