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Hola! My name is Bronagh, I'm Irish and I'm 16. I genuinely want to make your day better, I want to comfort you because I know how it feels when you need that but you don't have it xx

I don't believe in all that "I'm sorry I'm not allowed to offer advice" I'll actually give you some. I don't like feeling like I'm talking to a robot and neither should you xxx

Also I'm not going to be a complete sap so I will throw in my nerdy qualities whilst talking to you.

"if it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.." - prince EA

Now listen before I wrap this up, many people deal with the anxiety of what other think? Right?
I have one little line that has changed my perspective completely. That line is "They really DO NOT care as much as you think", hard cold truth now, get over yourself. I of course still have anxiety, I think up scenarios that will never happen but I have stopped caring as much after listening to that sentence. After really understanding that sentence. Imagine yourself in their place, watching you, would you blend in, in their heads? To others do you look normal? Most of the time yes. They are probably just as anxious as you. Now look at everyone around you, do you act/look even remotely like them? If so then the odds are they aren't noticing you in the slightest. That's the truth.

Its hard to word, but whenever you are in doubt about yourself, remember what I said to do.
Imagine yourself in their heads, would you really be out of place?

As you can see off to the side somewhere, I deal with anxiety, exercise motivation, family stress, LGBTQ+, loneliness, sleeping well, social anxiety and weight management. I advise you to only talk to me if you have these problems, I will happily listen if you have something different but I will want you to know I will probably be of no help xxx I just got to put it as it is heart

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