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Unfortunately, I am not taking new member chats as I am unable to respond timely, consider connecting with a Trained Listener here

Hey there! looks like you found me. I am
Wings welcome to my listener profile.

My twin -

@DigitalKnight ;-; One of the wisest leaders. (Wise and the strong wolf will prevail) ;-;

Mentors Track I am part of

Quality Mentor Under quality mentorship, I can mentor you throughout your listener journey. Feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to mentor you.

Community Mentor As a community mentor I can provide you mentorship with Sub-communities and forums. Feel free to message me if you need any help/guidance/support with Sub-Communities or Forums. I will love to mentor you.

Some Teams or Sub-community I am part of

Student & Career Support Sub-Community

At Student and Career support we are all about providing support to Students and the Workforce worldwide.
Visit our supportive and amazing community here.
In case if you are interested in supporting Student and Career Support Sub-Community and Joining our team let us know here or feel free to message me, I will be more than happy to assist you!

Relationship & Friendship Support Sub-Comunity

At Relationship and Support Sub-Community, our focus is to cultivate a culture of sharing and discussing relationship struggles and challenges to provide support and learn some potential ways to deal with them.
Check out our amazing Sub-Community here.

* Scroll down to check out my Hosting Session Schedule. *

Listener Verifier Team

As part of the Listener verifier Team, I help, support, and guide my fellow listeners to go through the mock chat to get Verified Listener Badge.
You can message me if you are looking forward to getting verified.

Project Agent For Listener Check-in

As Project agent of Listener check-in, I am always here if you need any help or guidance in regards to Listener check-in sessions. Hosting listener check-in sessions is something that excites you? Then check this out.


I can open and close rooms, feel free to message me at any time, and if around I will do that.

Safety Patrol Team member

I can flag inappropriate profiles, feel free to message me if you found any inappropriate profiles. To know what an inappropriate profile is Click here.

My upcoming hosting Sessions

Nothing Scheduled :O

Thanks for visiting my profile

Keep Smiling 😁

All credit of my current profile pic goes to @

Number of Ratings: 47
Number of Reviews: 42
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Apr 5, 2021
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Group Support Chats 288
Listener Group Chats 914
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Feedback & Reviews
She is just amazing. Never fails in using her magic ingredient to lift up the moods of the members, she listens to.
You are a really kind-hearted person.
Bubblegum, you know how to be the backbone of a person who is in need of you. Thank you.
Extremely tolerant Listener. She tolerates THROUGH your rants which is the best thing about her.
If Kindness had a face, then it would have been you. Your care and concern has made me realize what am I, at the first place.
Thanks Bubblegum for being with me for so long and being my spirit guide.
Bubblegum Rocks. She knows how to be the balm over a sore wound.
My listener is best😁 They are awesome and you will surely second that. Very professional. Makes you feel comfortable and is friendly. Never judges or suggests anything that is really good. Purely listens and asks good questions. I love my listening sessions. Thankyou. I am happy 😊
Fabulous. She is just fabulous. She never fails to solve my problems. She is just ouystanding.
Thank you Bubblegum, you are really kind and wise enough to be at my side even on my dark days.
You are the kindest person I came across. I might have done something good previously, so you turned up to me.
You must know magic!! Or else it is impossible to help me heal my wounds manually. Your patience is of utmost I must say. Mere words fail to describe your help.
Great acknowledgment and understanding of me compassionate to my behavior and would love more active expression in sharing to connect !
Bubblegum is just outstanding. I sometimes wonder, how can she do it every time? Listening through the pains of the people and lifting them from their problems. Just fabulous!!
Great listener, encouraged me, and can be related. asks great questions. makes you feel understood, brings in a new perspective.
Thank you Bubblegum
Best listener asks great questions
Thank you Bubblegum.
Listens well and is engaging
She is so sweet. She is caring, loving and knows how to reduce the mental troubles.
Bubblegum is a sweet balm on the wounds.
Great Listener! Truly made me feel comfortable and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen
Awsome totally amazing . Very humble and honest.
Bubblegumwings is really an angel in disguise
Nice listener is there
He/she is know the limit, and know the boundaries of 7 cups, she/he is good in showing empathy and she is good in showing kindness and support, and she/he will try to be funny, and she/he was successful in this. She is good in support. - avinash
Kind person, good listener.
Smart, Cool and nice to talk to made me feel like i have a friend (i beated him in chess 😎)
amazing listener
Pretty cool person to talk to.... good listener...real and genuine
He is so good and caring.
Thank you for talking
She's so good person
Nice one out here... Gives honest replies and doesn't judge... Stays here for the needy ones❤️❤️
The listener encouraged me to find and see for myself what the cause of my issue is. With their encouragement I have been able to have a plan to solve my problems.
Kind open always there for you and so helpful
He is a sweetheart
Happy to get genuine response..
Good listener. Kind
Just what I needed and has given me a lot to think about going forward.
Thank you for chatting.
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