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Cadence |
Listener - Virtuoso 11

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5.0 star rating
I am on a break until further notice. I am not taking any new mentees, members or projects; thank you for understanding.
My name is Cadence, but you can call me Cadie if you'd like. I've been here for over two years, so I'd like to say I'm pretty well-versed on the ropes of 7Cups. If you have any questions at all, feel free to let me know.
Not one judgment will be passed here. This is a safe space, where you can free your mind, and let go of the things that may have been bothering you for a long while. I am a firm believer that every single person on this entire world deserves a voice, and deserves to be heard. While I can't solve every problem you're going through, I can be there for you. I won't make you feel unwanted. Please feel free to strike up a chat; I will reply as soon as I can. You've made a huge step by just coming here, and I'm proud of you for taking that initial leap. It's the hardest, and you've done it. It's an amazing feat.
My listening specialties:
♥ Depression
♥ Grief
 College Life
♥ Motivation
♥ Self Harm

My site Involvement:
 I am a community mentor leader, and a quality and forum mentor. I do different projects relating to these three leadership positions.

 Community Mentor Leader: I am the general leader of the Appreciation Team, along with the amazing @fluffyUnicorns84 and @Jack. If you would like to join, please click here. For all other questions relating to the team, please reach out via PM. I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

 Quality: I am the general leader (in-process) for the Listener Written Guides project. I also partake in the Anonymous Evaluation project, and will occasionally pick up a few Quality Coaching chats. 

 Forum: I adore the forums, so you will likely see me contributing to the conversation in some sort of way. I edit posts to ensure confidentiality, I remove posts and threads that could be considered harmful to the community, and I work with fellow forum mentors to ensure that the forums are the best place they can be.

I am also always open to new projects and ideas, so if you ever need more manpower behind a project, or need someone to fill a leadership position/add contributions, let me know.
I love you, little flowers <3
Listener twin:
@Iara has been my sister from pretty much day one; she's one of the most amazingly spirited people I have ever met, and I love her dearly; if you speak with her you'll be in good hands.
Superhero twin:
@Jack is nothing short of a full-fledged superhero. His optimism, encouragement, love and enthusiasm are enough to make anyone smile for ages. Jack is a beautiful person who I wholeheartedly adore; I am forever indebted to him for his support, kindness and grace. I like him more than cake and naps. <3
Twin sister:
@ZaraSmiles is a beacon of light and peace for all who come her way. Her elegance and compassion alone are enough to humble anyone. She's insightful, intelligent, sweet as candy, and overall just someone I truly aspire to be like one day. <3
Forum Goddess Twin
@Rebecca is one of the most intelligent and wonderfully amazing people I've ever met. Her insight brings so much to the table, and she never ceases to amaze me with her grace and finesse. Anyone would be lucky to call her a friend!
Number of Ratings: 223
Number of Reviews: 79
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Apr 9, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 2,290
Cheers 207,898
People Helped 219
Chats 2,605
Group Support Chats 230
Listener Group Chats 258
Forum Posts 2,156
Forum Upvotes 7,077
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Feedback & Reviews
Caddie you are everly so special, your comforting energy really shines through thank you for giving me the chance to completely open up about everything I appreciate it your one of the best people I have ever spoken your caring and lovely personality shines through keep being you
My lack of eloquence aside - Cadence was very generous with her time, despite being incredibly busy in her own life. She was very supportive, helped me expand on my thoughts, and never made me feel like a burden. I would recommend her to anyone, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her.
Cadie, you're so incredibly lovely and understanding! I hope you know that and I hope everyone knows that too because it's truue. I was feeling really distraught when I started talking to you today and by the time we reached the end of our talk I felt so much more hopeful and peaceful. I didn't even think it was possible to be honest. I'm so very grateful for your insightful and empowering messages. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You're the best!
A really good listener who helped me talk things out and it felt like she really cared about me.
Cadence is an amazing and gentle listener. She listened to every word I said, let me speak my mind, cared about me, and helped me in more ways I can really express. I'm thankful for listeners like her on the site. There's true beauty in listening and being there for someone in their moments of vulnerability and uncertainty without judgement and Cadence was there for me at the right time. Thank you.
-Daisy xxx
Cadence, honestly I don't even know what to write about you because there's so much I want to say. You are truly one of the most amazing listeners I've ever talked to on 7 Cups! I feel that you really understand what I'm going through and care about me. You have no idea how much it means to me to have you in my corner. Your beautiful words give me strength to go on and try again. I wish you every happiness, lovely because you deserve it. If you've never spoken to her before then I have to warn you that she will send you wall of texts, but they will never be something that you'll say tl;dr to because they offer wealth of insight and kindness. I guarantee you'll feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside after you read them. I can't thank you enough for the time you spent talking to me Cadence. I hope we can talk again soon!
Good advice, kind, polite :)
a spectacular listener.
thank you so much for listening, you are a great person
SUPER SUPER AMAZING, there is No enough words to describe her
amazing listener. had a really heavy topic, and she was so amazing to talk to. very understanding and didn't make me feel worse than i was already feeling. took her time and clarified what she meant when i asked. thank you.
She is absolutely amazing. One of the best listeners on this site. Totally enjoyed talking to her.
She is such a wise, beautiful, and kind-hearted person. I am honored that I had her as a listener. She accepted what I said without judgment, made me feel safe, empathized with me, and helped me through things that I'm struggling with. She is an inspiration.
Cadence is truly the amazingest listener out there! Such a sweet little motivator with such a beautiful spirit...there's no one out there quite like her and I say that in a good way because she is so helpful and kind and will listen to you with genuine care and let me tell you, whatever you're going through, Cadence will be there for you! Out of all the words in the dictionary to describe I can't find one word to sum up: amazing, caring, empathetic, kind, considerate, warm, sweet, community builder, helpful - I could fill this whole box up with sweet loving words if I could that would still not be enough for you lovely Cadence
Amazing, just amazing, the way she makes u feel so comfortable and safe, I didn't know her, but I felt I left with a trusting friend, and I was really way way down and super nervous at first...she helped me more that I could have ever imagined!
Thank you so, so, so much!!
Cadence was my first listener upon visiting the site.
I was pleasantly surprised and really did stumble upon a great listener first time round!
Cadence has been extremely friendly and 100% understanding, making it really easy to feel comfortable.
Highly recommend cadence as a great listener. It's more like talking to a new and patient friend than a stranger!
Amazing. She helped me vent and just helped me feel good.
If I had to choose to know only one person for the rest of my life, it would be Cadence. I will never forget your warmth, your love, your words. She can make you smile with her compassion and laugh out loud with her cuteness. Such a lovely heart that gives and gives and never tires, you make me feel not so alone, you take care of me. Cadence, you're so great, anyone would be honored to have you as their Listener. Never ever change. When I saw her profile I thought, "This girl seems perfect" but talking to her made me realize she was more than that. I would highly recommend this Listener, she stands for everything 7cups is and tries to be. Thank you for the laughs and the love, you're the best Caddie!
I was feeling like everyone and everything in the world was against me, and then I talked to Cadence, and she made me realise that I had so much to be grateful for, and so many things to be cheerful about. You've turned my life around, you angel, and I will be eternally grateful for your compassion, your wisdom, your insight and your grace.
Love you so much, my magical Queenie
A gracious listener and it was highly appreciated
Cadence was really patient and helped me talk about my issues. Would seriously recommend for anyone who want a patient listener who cares about their issues
Cadence is a very sincere listner and very dedicated to "listening".
When I talked to her I felt she was more willing than me to find a solution for my problem.
You'd definetly feel better after talking to her, and you'll come to a conclusion that nice and honest people still exist.
What can I even say to do justice to the pure awesomeness of this listener. She is kind beyond words, there for me exactly when I needed her, and allowed me to tell her about some of the darkest moments of my life without a hint of awkwardness or pity. They say some people are angels in disguise if I hadn't known her for over a year, I would have every reason to think she was. Thank you :)
Great listener helped me through my issues and is very LGBT friendly
Cadence, I really have no words to thank you. I definitely feel more hopeful and inspired after our chat, you were so patient, asked good questions, and made me feel strong and willing to go on. I admire you a lot for everything you do, you truly care and you're absolutely funny as well! Again, thank you
Cadence is great! Impressive listening skills, she responds in a timely manner and gives astounding solutions, best listener I've talked to!
She is too good! She made me feel really understood and like I wasn't alone, thank you so much!
Okay let me just hug you forever, alright? No complaints because I love you way too much for that! Oh my gosh, where to begin, lovely Cadence? You're incredibly incredibly sweet, with a heart made of nothing less than the purest of goodness. A profile does not determine how wonderful you are, rather it just reinforces how amazing a spirit you have. Yours? It's just another further proof (mot that it's needed!) that your awesomeness rules all. You are, without a doubt, the Appreciation Queen who gives love and warmth to all who cross her path -- whether they be strangers or friends (or princesses c;). It's not easy to find a listener who actually listens, much less someone who cares and loves. And even though we haven't talked (or squealed?) for long, I love you with all my heart which is the understatement of the millennium. Sometimes, I think of you similar to the likes of a fairy queen. Gentle, compassionate, determined, sweet, loyal, loving, magical and above all, YOU. Your wings are the most gorgeous ones ever and they raise you to a status that no one can reach. You're a gift to this world, no doubt to show others how to be amazing and how to love. I cannot, for the life of me, think of what luck I must possess to have been able to meet you but I thank the very day I did. You won't ever ever realise just how much of an impact you've had on me... Life can suck badly sometimes but no matter the circumstance, you make me smile endlessly. That means so much to me, especially considering the situation right now. My heart is warmed by your very presence and my life enriched by your spirit. I totally sound like an obsessed fangirl right now lololol wow! If there was a Cadence fanclub, I'd be president of it for sure c; You are a beautiful soul like no other and the resident angel of my heart. Tightest of hugs and warmest of wishes!
She's absolutely wonderful! I'm honored to be your 50th reviewer. I'm gonna use this space well. I've been on this page for a while and found many good listeners, but this one takes the cake for me. She hasn't judged me at all, for my weird interests which I happened to share. When it was too difficult to talk about my problems we went on and talked about puppies until it felt better. We talked for hours, she gave me long replies and understood me very well. I feel like I've made a friend who I already like a lot and I will come back to talk to this listener when I feel like I need someone, because she truly made me happy. She's beautiful inside out and I'm sure you'll love to talk to this listener. Throws all them awards on you, you have only made me feel good and I've been smiling until my cheeks hurt from talking with you. You are amazing and you should know that. You have made me and many others feel so much better, you have so many reasons to love yourself. Lots of hugs, stay awesome, and thanks for chatting with me.
A very kind and understanding listener. When the lgbt group said she was amazing, I didn't know how amazing until tonight's one on one. I appreciate all of this Cadence and I looking forward to talking tomorrow. If any lgbtq or just anyone struggling with someone in your life, I highly recommend Cadence.
A caring and loving individual. Cadence is such a great listener and is always up for any kind of talk. I feel better after talking to her, Thank you.
Wonderful person. Genuine right, fully authentic yeah. Really awesome.
She was really, really the perfect listener. Cadence showed extreme empathy, and I immediately felt comfortable enough to open up and talk. She got my point of view at once, but never drew conclusions too fast. She let me speak and her words have really helped me in a day that seemed to be going totally wrong. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful or patient listeners!
Cadence is wise and helps to defend those who need it most - hello kitty
the best experience i had with a listener. im actually out of words. really really awesome. im so glad i chose to speak to u. please dont ever change.
Very nice and caring, truly supportive and not judging :) I mean for real :) I will surely talk to her many more times :)
Very open, honest and helpful.
Cadence is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has a huge heart and cares so much about others. I would recommend her to anyone
Cadence, is an amazing listener. Cadence has a unique way of helping people on this site. Not only will Cadence listen to what you need to say, but Cadence will really take the time to get to know you and to make you feel comfortable talking. Being on this site is not easy, but Cadence strives to make things better and to connect to you.
Cadence is an impeccable listener and friend. Finding someone that genuinely cares for you (no matter how bad your problems are) is a rarity. She has always influenced strong emotion. This is because her support and kindness isn't fake, it's genuine. Her kindness by itself is truly a virtue. She doesn't judge you or make you feel unwanted. She will always message you quickly when you're feeling down. On top of that, she's the type of friend that anybody would be honored to have. She sweats empathy and ambit
She was the most helpful listener i have ever found. was able to relate to my problems and help me overcome them. thank you Cadence.
Cadence has always been here for me.No matter what she is going through she cares for others and makes everyone feel so special.I wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the world.An amazing listener and friend.Thank you.
Cadence made me feel like she really wanted to help me take on my problem(s) and did so in a way that made me feel important and hopeful for the future of my depression and the large issues in my life. It is refreshing to know people like Cadence exist and are reaching out to help others.
The first time I talked to Cadence, I was in the middle of a very deep depression. Since our first meeting, I have talked with her twice.

Cadence is the single most helpful person I have ever talked to, not only on 7cupsoftea, but anwhere, even offline. She is polite, gentle, compassionate, and empathetic as a rule. Simply talking to her has greatly improved my life. The way she talks to, listens to, and supports you is therapeutic in itself even when having only casual conversation or introdu
She's really kind and helpful. I hope there are more people like her.
Cadence was very helpful
Amazing person so glad I met her she's perfect
4 star Listener. :)
Candence is an excellent listener on multiple topics and really connects with you. She seems very open minded and does not judge you. She is there to help you, but more importantly to be a friend. Candence listens very well and takes into consideration each sentence and will always try to find a way to help you and lets you decide. She also allows you to take things slow instead of saying " no you can't do that". I loved talking to Candence and hope to continue!!
Cadence is a wonderful person, her spirit and soul is so caring. She will help one through any given situation and even though she may not understand what you are going through she will listen and care for your needs at all costs. Very much a awesome person.
Candence listened to my problems and was very encouraging that I would get through the issues I was facing. She was also very friendly and shared information about herself which made me think a bit differently about the situation. Thanks for listening !
Helpfull and she is really understanding about everything
She has been super helpful, and very understanding. Perfect listener for any situation. Provided me with a mass amount of relief. Five star rating for every category.
She was awesome
Cadence is a treasure. If you're looking for a receptive person, look to her. She will understand.
shes a good listener and very sweet :)
Really helped me a lot, good Attitude,
Keep doing, All the best
She was so so helpful, and lovely. She didn't judge me or say anything rude, she merely listened and helped me through things, evaluating situations, pros and cons etc. I will come back again and again to Cadence, best listener out there! :)
thankyou :)
Wonderfully supportive listener, a true asset to this site. Takes the time to show she really cares.
Cadence is super grrrrreat
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Cadence. She was very sweet and understanding and very caring and showed me nothing but respect and kindness. She is truly a wonderful and amazing soul and is very gentle and seems very loving and dedicated to helping others and I am so grateful for the time I have had with her and look forward to more.
This lady is amazing! I look forward to talking with her. She does a wonderful job at understanding, offering advice & just being there. Cadence is a very special woman & I deeply appreciate her.
She is great! Always knows just what to say.
great listener! very friendly and empathetic and helpful! thank you Cadence!
You are the best :)) You really can understand other people's problems and you are a good listener too
Wonderful. Listened to me and tried to help out with my medical problems. Really great listener.
you beautiful!
The support was amazing and i can't wait to speak again. very very helpful
Definitely recommend Cadence !
You're amazing thanks so much. I'm glad you're a part of my life now :)
She was an excellent listener and counsellor.
She was great
So very helpful and kind!
So great to talk to! (:
She's amazing
Fantastic listener, absolutely wonderful :3
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