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Listener - Intermediate 5

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Hey there I am Alex, I play music and fly drones. I am here to listen, I know how important talking to someone can be. I have made it my mission to better myself through meditation, exercise and giving back to people that need it. I have lived with social anxiety and feel I could be a help to people who are also in the same boat. Thank you for reading.
Number of Ratings: 16
Number of Reviews: 15
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 13, 2019
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 88
Cheers 18,334
People Helped 80
Chats 351
Group Support Chats 0
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Forum Posts 3
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Feedback & Reviews
It was good to know someone gets you
Listened for a long time. Good listener.
Helpful, caring and understanding
great listener i liked talking about whats bothering me
awesome and nice chat
nice person to talk with
So far so good!!!
an awesome dude, really patient and cool!! thanks alot man
Awesome listener
Really cool, wanted to just find someone to connect with on a human level and found it with Alex. First chat of many with him I hope :)
Great listener would gladly chat again
one of the best listeners i have encountered so far
When I first came here, I was in bad situation but Mr calm helped me to deal with what I've been through, he supports me and he tried to make things clear for me ,I'm thankful ^^ and he is such a pure soul cause he's doing everything to help the others.
Calm courage was very attentive. The chat was lovely.
Very polite and professional
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